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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Assistance Needed For An Urgent Case

18-wheeler accident today
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18-wheeler accident today: Every driver that drives 18 wheelers truck has a great possibility of high risks. The way the truck turns its wheel and the speed at which this truck runs on the highway can lead to road destruction.

The Federal Vehicle Security Management gives a report of how so many trucks are involved in different kinds of deadly crashes, four thousand eight hundred and sixty-two were reported in the statistics of 2018 and it was recorded that 55%  are 18-wheelers truck vehicles was among the deadly crashes.

AS long as there is a truck accident on the road or highway, It is certain that different complaints and stories flame up. If it occurs you are advised to consult an 18 wheeler accident lawyer as soon as the accident or event happened. Having this lawyer beside you, there are kinds of claims you can get from them which are Insurance and injuries claims as long as it is 18 wheeler accident lawyer. This lawyer will prepare you for the lawful process.

An Wheeler Accident lawyer

A Wheeler Accident lawyer

If You are Asking Why Do I Need an 18 Wheeler Accident lawyer or Attorney?

The reason why you need an 18 wheeler accident lawyer is to help victims of all types of truck accidents mainly 18-wheeled truck vehicles. This lawyer helps you win your case against the truck companies because they have what it takes to win them.


Yes, it can kill and the chances of survival are 25/100 based on how dangerous the 18 wheelers truck is built. See why survival is rare when hit by an 18 wheelers truck

Body Size Structure and Speed Velocity: It is said 40-ton truck is what makes a truck, while a normal commercial car weighs about 1.54tons, with the heavy load on the truck the rate at which the speed runs traveling is 65 mph against a small car. Which means it can terminate or crush anything on the road while at high speed.

Distance Stoppage at Moment: The way the trucks are programme to stop is just like a stopping train, the comparisons are not much different. The commercial vehicle takes 316 feet to stop while it takes 525 feet for a large truck to stop talk more of (18 wheelers truck) to stop at the same speed. The break when match and applied is all a process before it can stop.

Blindspot: The 18  wheelers truck is like a chain step-down in the sense that, the front, the two sides, and the back of the truck and located at a 45-degree angle which means the driver will have difficulties seeing other smaller vehicles coming from the back in the side-view mirrors.

Carelessness In carrying Containers:  Some drivers are too careless when loading cargo or containers. The nature in which some 18 wheelers trucks are built is different some have an open flatbed, which needed to be used to secure the loaded container properly. If the driver fails to tighten the cargo and it gets loose or off from the 18 wheel truck vehicle are several casualties and death.

What Do 18 wheelers Trucks Carry At The Back?

What 18 wheelers trucks carry are called cargo 0r containers and inside the cargo or container, you can see raw materials, industrial tools, car spare parts, even complete vehicles, and more.


It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do after an 18 wheeler crash. Here are some basic steps to take following your accident.

1. Change your position by moving out from there to a Safe place that the truck is a bit far from you in other to avoid second collisions

2. Make sure you collect detailed data from the driver such as their real name, company name, phone number license,  Insurance information, and be wise when doing so, in other not to give you fake details.

3. Take photos, if possible video the scene and it should be clear. Make sure the destruction of a car or life or injuries and the environment it happens is covered on the camera or photos.

4. Go for a Medical check-up in other to be sure you are alright, and if you don’t have injury or pain still visit the doctor for a medical report.

5. Visit an experienced 18 Wheeler Lawyer Chamber and make a statement, from there the 18-wheeler lawyer will take it. Don’t go directly to the truck insurance company asking for compensation for damages because you might lose it all.

18-Wheeler Accident Today Happen I Need Help

Are you involved in an 18-wheeler accident today? or Your friend was involved or loves one? Searching for help for an 18-wheeler accident today that happens, you are on the right page. An 18 wheeler accident Attorney firm will take up the case and help you out during your recovery from injuries or damage to properties.

Questions You will be asked by an 18-wheeler accident Lawyer are:

Who was at fault?
How much compensation do you want to get?
Did someone die and were their casualties?
What method do you want to negotiate with insurance 18-wheeler accident companies?

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a truck accident?

You can file a sue at any time you think you are ready, do not prolong the file for a long duration of time. Your case can be easily won because of the fresh evidence and the details provided. If years were spent before filing the case, evidence might get missing or be destroyed. You can handicap the trucking film by giving them no time or balance to get facts for defense which by so doing what you ask for might be given to you immediately.

How Will Cost Me To Hire an 18-wheeler Accident Today?

To hire an 18 wheeler accident lawyer is not costly, what they do is that you won’t be charged unless the case is been won. an experience 18 wheel accident lawyer works in return for a percentage of a settlement, verdict, or a jury award not for an hourly charge.

How To Hire An Wheeler Accident lawyer? If you are searching for where to get yourself or hire an experience Wheeler Accident lawyer click here For a live chat with an 18-wheeler accident consultant

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