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*1a). Identify Specimen A, B and C*

*A–* Fresh centrosema plant
*B–* Fresh guinea grass
*C–* Palm oil

*1b). Method of disposal of A and B*

*A–* Man, animal
*B–* Animal, wind, water

*1c). The botanical names of A, B, and C*

*A–* Centrosema maximum
*B–* Elacis Guineans
*C–* Elacis Guineans

*1d). Method of propagation*

*A–* Seed
*B–* Seed

*1e). Method of preserving specimen B (fresh guinea grass)*

*i* Silage
*ii* Hag

*1f). Characteristics of specimen A*

*i* Vigorous and aggressive growing legumes.
*ii* Creeping and twinning plant
*iii* Leafy prennial and shade tolerant

*1g). Management practices to improve a posture*

*–* Reseeding
*–* Irrigation
*–* Weed control
*–* Fertilizer application


*2a). Identify Specimen D, E and F*

*2b). Which animal can D, E and F be gotten from respectively answer to 2a*

*D–* Hoof
*E–* Horn
*F–* Feather

*2b) i–* D– hoof can be gotten from house, goat, sheep e.t.c
*ii–* E– Horn can be gotten from goat, cow, ram, e.t.c
*iii–* feather cam be gotten from broilers, guineas fowl, guail, duck e.t.c

*2c) Economic importance of D, E and F to man.*

*D [Hoof]*
*i–* Manufacture of pet food
*ii–* Production of glue, lubricants
*iii–* Production of buttons and hands

*E [Horn]*
*i–* Raw materials for making knives
*ii–* Production of fertilizer (rich in calcium)
*iii–* Manufacturer of belt heads

*F [Feather]*
*i–* for decorative purposes such as feather fans
*ii–* Production of pillow and bed
*iii–* Furniture and toys production

*2d) Economic importance/uses of D, E and F to the Animal*

*i–* Supports the weight of the animal
*ii–* Protecting the tissue and bond
*iii–* Providing traction for the animal

*i–* Defence from predators
*ii–* Tools in fighting other members of the species for territory or mating, feeding e.t.c

*i–* Regulation or maintenance of body temperature
*ii–* Defence and protection from bruises
*iii–* For communication and maturity
*iv–* For flight and movement


*3a) Identify Specimen G, H, I and J*

*G–* Common salt
*H–* Maize grain’s
*I–* Powdered milk
*J–* Groundnut cake

*3b). Uses of Specimen G (common salt)*
*i–* Maintain the mineral balance of the animal at the right level
*ii–* Keeps your livestock healthy
*iii–* Contains trace elements

*3c). Animal that feed on H (maize grain’s)*
*i–* Chicken (fowl)
*ii–* Cattle
*iii–* Pig
*iv–* Guinea fowl

*3d). Product of (Milk) Specimen I*
*i–* Yogurt
*ii–* Cheese
*iii–* Ice-cream
*iv–* Butter

*3e). Ways of preserving Specimen I form*
*i–* Proper storage of milk
*ii–* Good hygiene
*iii–* Keep container air tight

*3f). Sources of contamination of Specimen I (powdered milk)*
*i–* Animal
*Ii–* Physical (dust,flies, e.t.c)
*iii–* Milking utensils


*4a). Identify Specimen K and L*
*K–* Water
*L–* Restraining rope

*4b). Importance of K to the animal*
*i–* K is important for the body functions
*ii–* Regulation of body temperature
*iii–* Nutrient uptake

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