2022 Waec Physics Practical Specimen: Many WAEC candidates who are searching for the current WAEC Physics Practical specimen should have in mind that is officially released you can now check for your 2022 Waec Physics practical specimen here.

On this page, the Waec practical specimens of questions and answers are dropped here. We released the best way to answer WAEC Practical questions with a good reliable source in your Waec Physics Practical examination.

Is the 2022 Waec Physics practical specimen released? Yes, the 2022 Waec Physics Practical Specimen For all Waec Candidates has been officially released kindly check it here to confirm it yourself.

The Physics Practical Specimen for 2022 is now officially released for all Waec candidates. All Waec candidates can now Check the official Waec 2022 Physics practical specimen which is released today below.

2022 Waec Physics Practical

2022 Waec Physics Practical

Question 1

  • Metre rule
  • Set of masses ( 20g, 40g, 60g, 80g and 100g)
  • Thread ( about 250 cm long)
  • Knife-edge
  • Five pieces of thread each of length about 50cm;
  • Weighing balance.

Question 2

  • Laboratory thermometer
  • 600ml supply of water.
  • Resort stand and clamp
  • One copper calorimeter, 150ml capacity; unlagged;
  • Glass rod stirrer
  • Non-coducting pad for calorimeter(e.g Cardboard)
  • Measuring Cylinder (200ml)
  • Stopwatch/clock
  • Bunsen burner/source of heat

Question 3

  • Voltmeter  (0-2V)
  • Two dry cells (1.5V each) connected in series(connecting leads should be provided for the battery)
  • Potentiometer
  • Key/switch
  • Jockey
  • Metre bridge
  • Connecting wires
  • Ammeter (0 – 2A)

You check for the 2021 Waec Physics Practical Specimen For All Waec Candidates

Question 1

Two metre rule
Retort stand and clamp
Thread ( about 250 cm long)
A weighing balance;
Split cork.

Question 2

(1) Ray box with illuminated objects (cross wire)
(2) Convex lens(f = 15cm)
(3) Screen
(4) Metre rule.
(5) Lens Holder.

Question 3
Accumulator (2×1.5v)
Ammeter (0 – 1A)
Crocodile clip
A 2 ohms Q resistor
Constantan wire (about 1m long)
Connecting wires

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