2023 Waec Chemistry Practical Answers
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2023 Waec Chemistry Practical Answers

2023 Waec Chemistry Practical Answers

Burette ReadingsRough1st Titration2nd Titration3rd Titration
Final burette readings (cm³)25.6048.1024.6024.80
Initial burette readings(cm³)1.0023.600.100.30
Volume of Acid used (cm³)24.6024.5024.5024.50

Volume of A used = 1st + 2nd + 3rd/3

Average Volume of A used = 24.50+24.50+24.50/3

Average volume of A used = 73.50cm³/3   =  24.50cm3

Write the Equation of the reaction

Na2CO3•xH2O + 2HCl → 2NaCl + H2O + CO2

Mole ratio of base to acid = 1 : 2

500cm3 of Na2CO3 XH2O Contain 5.0g

1000cm3 will contain 5/500 x 100/1 = 12gdm3

therefore Mass Concentrated of Na2CO3 XH2O = 12gdm3

2023 Waec Chemistry practical Answers

2023 Waec Chemistry practical Answers

b) Molar Concentration of anhydrous Na2CO3  in solution B

Cb = CaVaNb/VbNa

Cb = 0.086 x 24.50 x 1/25 x 2

Cb = 0.0421m

c) Find the Value of X

Na2CO3•xH2O = 12.0g/dm3

Molar Concentration = 0.0421mol/dm3

Molar Mass = Mass Concentration/Molar Conc.

Molar Mass = 12.0g/dm3/0.042mol/dm3

Molar Mass = 285.7g/mol

Value of X

Na2CO3•xH2O = 285.7g/mol

Na2CO3 = 106g/mol

H20 = 18g/mol

106 + (X *18) = 285.7g/mol

18x = 285.7g/mol – 106g/mol

x = 285.7 – 106/18

x = 179.7/18

x = 9.9 approximately 10 ( since x must be whole number)

Percentage of Water of Crystallization.

Mass of water/Mass of hydrated salt x 100%

= 179.7/285 x 100%

= 62.8%

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