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Free Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions
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Free Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions is available online for all candidates who aspire to go for the school of nursing entrance examination in Abia state can kindly check here for the latest past questions and answers pdf.

If you have been searching for Free Abia state nursing school entrance examination past questions and answers? You’re on the right page. For you can get a copy of the nursing school entrance exam past questions in Nigeria.

2022 Abia state school of nursing entrance exam past questions in Nigeria PDF for students is available online for free, and you can get yours by downloading the pdf.

Getting the real materials for studies is the best principle you can use to gain admission into the school of nursing Abia state. you need the right materials such as past questions paper and to know how many hours you will need to finish your school of nursing aptitude test during exam day.

Nkedugists always published questions you are to expect during your school of nursing exam day, which makes us the best when it comes to offering past questions. The past questions are collected from great scholars and examiners who school there.

Free Abia State School of Nursing Past Questions 2022/2023

. Simplify √27 + 3/√3
A. 4√3 B. 4/√3 C. 3√3 D. 3√/4

. When a yellow card is observed through blue glass, the card would appear as

A. Black

B. Green

C. Red

D. White

. In a nuclear plant, the final mass of the products is 6.32×10^-27kg, while the initial mass of the reactant is 6.30×10^-27kg, the energy released in the process is (speed of light in vacuum 3.0×10^8m/s, 1eV = 1.6×10^-19J)

A. 11.25meV

B. 11.25 MJ

C. 12.25MJ

D. 12.25meV

. Simplify 3Log69 + Log612 + Log664 – Log672
A. 5 B. 7776 C. Log631 D. (7776)6

. Find the sum of the first 18 terms of the progression 3, 6, 12………..
A. 3(217 – 1)
B. 3(218) – 1)
C. 3(218 + 1)
D. 3(218 – 1)

. The angle of a sector of a circle, radius 10.5cm, is 480. calculate the perimeter of the sector
A. 8.8cm
B. 25.4cm
C. 25.6cm
D. 29.8cm

The following statements were made by some students describing what happened during the determination of the melting point of solids

I. The temperature of the solid was constant until melting started

II. The temperature of the solid rose until melting started

II. During melting, the temperature was rising

IV. During melting, the temperature was constant

V. The temperature continued to rise after all the solid had melted.

VI. The temperature stopped rising after all the solid had melted. Which of the following gives correct statements in the right order?

A. II, IV and V

B. II, III and VI

C. I, III and VI

D. I, III and V

. A 1.5kg stone was thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 42m/s, What is the potential energy of the stone at the highest point reached.

A. 3.15J

B. 13.23J

C. 26.46J

D. 63.00J

. A silver spoon and a wooden spoon are both at room temperature. The silver spoon is cooler to touch because silver

A. has a greater density
B. can be polished
C. is a less absorbent material than wood
D. is a better conductor of heat

. Find the length of a side of a rhombus whose diagonals are 6cm and 8cm.
A. 8cm
B. 5cm
C. 4cm
D. 3cm

. If 21g of alcohol of density 0.7gcm^-3 is mixed with 10g of water, what would be the density of the resulting mixture?

A. 780gcm^-3
B. 0.78gcm^-3
C. 30gcm^-3
D. 10gcm^-3

. The ratio of the initial to the final pressure of a given mass of gas is 1:1:5. Calculate the final volume of the gas if the initial volume was 300cm3 at the same temperature.

A. 120 cm3
B. 200 cm3
C. 450 cm3
D. 750 cm3

. The partial pressure of oxygen in a sample of air is 452mm Hg and the total pressure is 780mmHg. What is the mole fraction of oxygen?

A. 0.203
B. 0.579
C. 2.030
D. 5.790

. The fundamental difference between the three states of matter is the

A. shape of their particles
B. the number of particles in each state
C. shape of the container they occupy
D. degree of movement of their particles

. Which of the following statements is correct about the periodic table?

A. Element in the same period have the same number of valence electrons
B. The valence electrons of the elements in the same period increase progressively across
the period
C. Elements in the same group have the number of electron shells
D. The non-metallic properties of the elements tent to decrease across each period

. Two numbers are removed at random from the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. what is the probability that the sum of the numbers removed is even?
A. 2/3
B. ½
C. 1/3
D. ¼

. Find the probability that a number selected at random from 41 to 56 is a multiple of 9
A. 1/9
B. 2/15
C. 3/16
D. 7/8

. The electron configuration of 22X2+ ion is
A. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d2
B. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d1
C. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6
D. ls2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4p2

. Which of the following types of bonding does not involves the formation of new substance?
A. Metallic
B. Covalent
C. Co-ordinate
D. Electrovalent

. The knowledge of half-life can be used to
A. create an element
B. detect an element
C. split an element
D. irradiate an element

. A side effect of soft water is that
A. it gives an offensive taste
B. excess calciums precipitate
C. it attacks lead contained in pipes
D. it encourages the growth of bacteria

. Water molecules can be ligands especially when they are bonded to.
A. alkaline earth metals
B. alkali metals
C. transition metals
D. group V11 elements

Question three In bryophytes, sex organs are produced in the
A. protonema
B. sporophyte
C. gametophyte
D. rhizoid

Question four Seed plants are the most dominant vegetation on land because of
A. their motile gametes
B. their ability to photosynthesize
C. efficient seed dispersal
D. availability of water

. Question five Which of the following is an arboreal organism?
A. Elephant
B. Fish
C. Antelope
D. Bird

. Question six In vascular plants, the sieve tubes and companion cells are present in the
A. cambium
B. cortex
C. xylem
D. phloem

. The stomata of leaves are similar in function to the
A. pharynx of humans
B. scales of fish
C. spiracle of insects
D. trachea of toads

. Which of the above correctly describes the growth pattern in plants?
A. I, II, and III only
B. II and III only
C. I and II only
D. I and III only

. The lowest level of organization in living organisms is
A. organ
B. cell
C. system
D. tissue

. Which of the following is the most complex according to their cellular level of organization?
A. Heart
B. Hair
C. Euglena
D. Hydra

Interested candidates who wish to buy Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions and get a copy of Abia state school of nursing exam past questions paper and answers can get a copy of it here, we have successfully compiled the complete Nursing Schools Past Questions and Answers in PDF.

Any of the Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions and answers you get from us are all updated which we are sure, that will help you during your examination. The Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions is compiled from previous years’ examination and it is 4 – 6years past question with common repeated asked questions.

The big question is this, Are Abia State school of Nursing Past Questions questions and answers often repeated? the big answer as well is yes. Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Nigeria do repeat their questions and answers during the Nursing School entrance examination.

How Many Hours or minutes do Abia State School Of Nursing Gives During Examination Day? The duration of time that is given to candidates who applied for the school of nursing exam varies, but the highest time duration is 1 hour 30min while the lowest time is 45 minutes 35 seconds.

Each School of nursing have their own time duration given to the candidates, and is not all school of nursing gives the same time, that is why you need the nursing school entrance exam past questions in Nigeria for your school, which tells you the time duration for your exam.

How to Purchase The Complete Abia State School Of Nursing Past Question Paper

Make a payment of #3000 to the following account number, The past question is from the school source direct which will guide and direct you how many hours you are to spend in the exam hall

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