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Opay Agent in Nigeria and South Africa Opportunity

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About OPAY: is the right time most people make use of the opportunity that is available even thou what they plan is not working well as for the moment, why can’t you try new things than being idle. Nkedugist have brought to your notice about What they call “OPAY ” you might have heard about this and you want to get full info about it, then you are at the right place. If you actually want to learn how to become an Agent here in Nigeria then there are questions that may be ringing in your mind;
Do I need to register a company or business name? what is commission chat? how much capital needed to an Opay Agent in Nigeria or South Africa? if this is the question you need an answer, then we are here because all these are very important questions that require well-explained answers to enable you to get started to become an Opay agent.
Like I already said, this page has explained some trending questions regarding getting started with Opay, but if eventually, we didn’t answer the question on your mind, then use the comment box below – we will respond sharply.
About OPAY

About OPAY

What is Opay All About?

is a payment platform developed and managed by Opera Mini Software, designed to enable its users Pay bills, transfer and receive payment, do shopping, pay for other products and services through the app or mobile web browser called Opera.

These are a day to day activities which has been making the rounds in and outside Nigeria’s tech echo chamber. From providing mobile payment to offering bike-, tricycle- and bus-hailing services, quick loans, and food delivery, OPay has become a super app in Nigeria and this is why Opay now provides even more secured and fasted way of provided those features.

The Standard that they have built as draw close partnership with most top banks and credit card companies “MasterCard” – to build stronger confidence and well-secured services.

After operating for seven years, Opera indicated interest in acquiring PayCom in 2017. They put pen to paper in 2018 and was birthed in August of the same year. So, the company that has been blitzing every startup and sector in Nigeria is barely a year

Is OPAY registration for free and OPAY POS? to become an agent with OPay no money is required from your company “Operapay” and Its well stated on the official website that registration is free. And, nothing could be more affordable than “FREE”. been that you can also get the POS for free once you have completed the registration and you are accepted your application to become its credible Agent.


  • Visit the official website  https://operapay.com/agent-signup
  • Enter the first is to confirm whether you’re an existing mobile money agent? You have either YES or NO to select from. Please select No
  • Other information on the Opera Opay Agent registration form is your personal details; Name, phone number, email address, and location. Make sure to be using a working phone number and a valid email address that you can be reached with.
  • Click the Sign-Up button that you see below.

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