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Akwa Ibom School of Nursing Entrance Exam
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Free ABSUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers 2022/2023

Banana, plantain, and pineapple can be grouped
together because they

A.producesmallseeds B. are multiple fruits
C. produce suckers D. have runners E. have bulbils.

One disease NOT caused directly by bacteria is
A.malaria B. tuberculosis C. pneumonia D.tetanus
E. cholera.

In what order do the following structures develop
during the metamorphosis of the toad? 1.External gills
2.Internalgills3.Forelimbs4.Hindlimbs 5. Mouth.

A.12345 B.15243 C.13 45 D.534 12
E. 54 32 1.

The dental formula I 3/3: c 1/1: pm4/4:m2/3 = 42
represents that of a
A. rabbit B. full-grown man C. young child
D. dog E. sheep.

Which of the following statements is NOT true of
insectivorous plants?
A. They obtain part of their food by trapping and
feeding on insects
B. They attract insects simply
because of pollination.
C. They can grow in soils poor
in nitrogenous salts.
D. They can supplement the
nitrogen supply by feeding on insects
E. Examples include butterworts, sundews, and pitcher plants.

Which of these worms is beneficial to man?
A. Hookworm B. Tapeworm C. Roundworm
D.Earthworm E. Gunieaworm.

Starting from the skull end, the vertebrae are
arranged in the following order:
A. axis, atlas, cervical, thoracic and lumbar
B. atlas, cervical, axis, thoracic and lumbar
C. atlas, axis, thoracic, cervical, and lumbar
D. atlas, axis, cervical, thoracic and lumbar
E. atlas, thoracic, cervical axis, and lumbar.

Which of the following diseases could be
exclusively associated with a river basin?
A. Malaria B. Syphilis C. Onchocerciasis
D. Cholera E. Poliomyelitis.

Which of the following represents the evolutionary
the sequence in these plants? 1. Flowering plants, 2.
Ferns, 3. Mosses, 4. Algae, 5. Conifers.
A.21435 B.54321
C.24513 D.
32451 E.

Which of the following will NOT allow osmosis to
take place?
A. pig’s bladder B. Cellophane C. Parchment paper
D. Transparent polythene E. Cow’s bladder.

Which of the following statements on the
the mammalian circulatory system is Not true?
A.Blood in the pulmonary artery is richer in
oxygen content than blood in the pulmonary vein
B.The bloodin the hepatic portal vein is the richest in
food substance.
C. Blood flow is controlled by
valves in the veins
D. Arteries are generally
thicker and largert han veins.
E.Fibrin helps in the formation of blood clot.

In a positive phototropic response of a coleoptile, the
region of greatest curvature is brought about by the
A. movement of auxins away from the region of
B. even distribution of auxins in all
parts of the coleoptile, C.inhibitionofgrowth
by auxins in the region of smaller curvature
D. concentration of auxins in the region of curvature E.
absence of auxins in the coleoptile.

The tuber of cassava is NOT a stem tuber because it
A. is distended with food reserve B. has an aerial
shoot portion C. has other structures that
could be called roots D. lacks axillary buds
E. has a bark over its stored food.

The function of the ossicles (malleus, incus and
stapes) in the mammalian ear is the
A. transmission of vibrations B. regulation of
pressures C.supportofthe inner ear
D. maintenance of balance during motion
E. secretion of oil.

Which of the following instruments is used for
determining turbidity of water?
A. Thermometer B. Secchi Disc C. Rain gauge
D. Hygrometer E. Wind vane.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of monocot plants?
A. occurrence of secondary thickening B. Parallel
venation C. Scattered vascular bundles
D. Floral parts arranged in threes, E. Periath is
usually in significant

X is crystalline salt of sodium. Solution of X in water
turns litmus red produces a gas which turns lime water
milky when added to sodium carbonate. With barium
chloride solution, X gives a white precipitate which is
insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid. X is
A. Na2CO3 B. NaHCO3
C NaHSO4 D Na2SO3 E. Na2SO4

The alkanol obtained from the production of soap is

sweet taste and melts on heating. In the presence of
yeast and in the absence of air X is converted to
compound Y in the absence of air, X is converted to
compound Y and colorless gas.
Compound Y reacts with sodium metal to produce a
gas Z which gives a ‘pop’ sound with a glowing splint.
Y also reacts with ethanoic acid to give a sweetsmelling
compound W.

Compound W is

A. ethanol B. glycerol A. a soap B. an oil
C. methanol D. propanol C. an alkane D. an ester
E. glycol E. sucrose

The flame used by welders in cotton metals is 9. The molecular formula of X is
A. butane gas flame A. C H O B. C H O 12 22 11 6 12 6
B. acetylene flame C. C H O D. C H O 3 6 3 7 14 7
C. kerosene flame E. C H3O

Consecutive members of an alkane homologous series
differ by
A. CH B. CH2
C. CH3 D. CnHn
E. CnH2n+2

If an element has the electronic configuration 1s22s2 2p
3s2 3p2
, it is
A. a metal
B. an alkaline earth metal
C. an s-block element
D. a p-block element
E. a transition element

6. Some copper (11) sulphate pentahydrate (CuSO4
was heated at 120oC with the following results: Wt of
crucible= 10.00 g; Wt of crucible + CuSO4 5H2O=14.98g;
Wt of crucible + residue = 13.54g. How many molecules
of water of crystallization were lost? [H=1, Cu =63.5,
O=16, S=32] A. 1 B. 2
C. 3 D. 4
E. 5

The three-dimensional shape of methane is
A. hexagonal B. tigonal
C. linear D. tertrahedral
E. cubical

Question 8-10 are based on the following
An unknown organic compound X has a relative
molecular mass of 180. It is a colourless crystalline solid,
readily soluble in water. X contains the element C, H,
and O in the atomic ratio 1:2:1. The compound has a

10. the reaction of X with yeast forms the basis of the
A. plastic industry
B. textile industry
C. brewing industry
D. soap industry
E. dyeing industry.

A mixture of common salt, ammonium chloride and
barium sulphate can best be separated by
A. addition of water followed by filtration then
B. addition of water followed by sublimation then
C. sublimation followed by addition of water then
D. fractional distillation
E. fractional crystallization.

Which of the following relationships between the
pressure P, the volume V and the temperature T,
represents and ideal gas behaviors?
A. P&VT B. P& T/V
E. P & V/T

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