Army recruitment Past Questions And Answers For 2022/2023 Is Available Online

Army recruitment past questions and answer
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The free Army recruitment past questions and answer pdf is now available online, and if you have been searching for Army recruitment entrance examination past questions and answers? You’re on the right page. For you can get a copy of the Army recruitment past questions and answer in Nigeria.

2022 Army entrance exam past questions in Nigeria PDF for interested candidates is available online for free, and you can get yours by downloading the army pdf. Army entrance examination past questions and answers

Whenever it comes to closing time for an external exam such as the Army entrance examination, you need the right materials such as past questions paper and to know how many hours you will need to finish your army aptitude test during exam day.

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Free Army Recruitment Past Questions And Answer Pdf Samples For 2022/2023

1. Authority refers to the
A might to secure compliance from others within a given social setting
B power to exercise might over others’ behaviour
C mandate to exercise power over others
D Ability to compel others to act in a particular way

Correct Answer C

2. Government is different from other political organizations because
A it has legitimate power over citizens
B its officials have fixed terms of office
C it can punish those who violate its rules
D it is made up of elected officials

Correct Answer A

3. Judicial independence in a modern democracy can be ensured by
A The confirmation of the appointment of judges by the legislature
B the provision that judges can only be removed from office by the president – in – councl
C making judges independent of the ministry of justice
D safeguarding the security of tenure of judges

Correct Answer D

4. The official report of proceeding in parliament is known as the
A Hansard
B diary of events
C gazette
D summary of proceedings

Correct Answer A

5. An important feature of the federal system of government is the existence of a

A strong national legislature
B president with veto power
C court system with impartial judges
D multiple tiers of government

Correct Answer D

6. An important aspect of an unwritten constitution is that it

A is easy to understand by everybody
B safeguards the monarchy
C contains customary laws and conventions
D is not easily amended

Correct Answer C

7. The ideology that advocates the complete control of the sources of power is

A totalitarianism
B socialism
C liberalism
D democracy

Correct Answer A

8. Shadow Cabinet is associated with the

A communist system
B fascist system
C parliamentary system
D fascist system

Correct Answer C

9. One basic characteristic of the parliamentary system of government is that the
A Upper and lower houses of the legislature have equal powers
B cabinet is part of the legislature
C prime minister is usually a member of the upper house
D opposition party members are also included in the cabinet

Correct Answer B

10. In a presidential system, the theory of separation of powers is not absolute because the president
A can declare a state of emergency
B can be impeached by the court
C assents to bills
D can declare laws null and void

Correct Answer C

11. Nigeria’s major export commodities in the early years of her independence were

A cocoa, groundnut and ginger
B cocoa , rubber and benniseed
C cocoa, palm oil and groundnut
D rubber, kolanut and cotton

Correct Answer C

12. The foreign affairs minister who introduced economic diplomacy as a foreign policy initiative was

A Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi
B Major – General Ike Nwachukwu
C Prof Ibrahim Gambari
D Major -General Joseph Garba

Correct Answer B

13. Non – alignment is no longer relevant in Nigerian foreign policy because
A she is seen as the leader of Africa
B her focus is now on Africa
C of the formation of the ECOWAS
D the cold war has ended

Correct Answer C

14. In 1978, the Obasanjo Administration nationalized the assets of the British Petroleum and Barclays Bank in Nigeria in reaction to the British
A monopoly of Nigeria;s oil market
B Occupation of the Falkland Islands
C continued trade links with South Africa
D reluctance to write off Nigeria’s debts

Correct Answer C

15. Nigeria broke diplomatic relations with France in 1961 because of
A France’s atomic test in the Sahara Desert
B the poor relations of the Franco phone countries with her
C General de-Gaulle’s negative attitude towards her
D France’s diplomatic relations with Israel

Correct Answer A

16. Nigeria established a trust fund for other African countries with the
A An International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
B Nigeran Industrial Development Bank
C African Development Bank
D Economic Commision for Africa

Correct Answer C

17. Nations join international organizations so that they could
A An advance their interests
B get foreign aid
C form alliances
D becomes more developed

Correct Answer A

18. The organ of the UNO with full representation is the
A Security Council
B General Assembly
C Trusteeship Council
D International Court of Justice

Correct Answer B

19. Which of the following was the last to win Independence from colonial rule?

A Cote d’lovire
B Algeria
C Tanzania
D Angola

Correct Answer D


Find (1012)2, expressing the answer in base 2.

A 10101
B 11001
C 10010
D 11101

Correct Answer B

You can convert it to base 10 and square, then re-convert it after the operation.


You can multiply it straight by applying the rules of binary multiplication.

2. If three children shares N10.50 among themselves in ratio 6:7:8, how much is the largest share?
A N3.00
B N3.50
C N4.00
D N4.50

Correct Answer C

Ratio = 6 + 7 + 8 = 21
21 = N10.50
1 = 1050K/21 = 50K
6 = 6 x 50K = N3.00
7 = 7 x 50K = N3.50
8 = 8 x 50K = N4.00
the Largest share = N4.00

3.Express 0.000834 in standard form

A 8.34 x 10-4
B 8.34 x 10-3
C 8.34 x 103
D 8.34 x 104

Correct Answer A

4. Given that log2a = log84, find a
A 21/3
B 42/3
C 42/3
D 22/3

Correct Answer D

Log2a = Log84
Log2a = Log882/3 → 2/3Log88 → 2/3 x 1
Log2a = 2/3
Recall; If Logax = y ∴ ay = x
Log2a = 2/3
22/3 = a

5. By selling some crates of soft drinks for N600.00, a dealer makes a profit of 50%. How much did the dealer pay for the drinks?
A N1,200.00
B N900.00
C N450.00
D N400.00

Correct Answer D

S.P = N600.00

(100 + 50)% = N600

150% = N600

1% =


100% =


= N400

6. Find the nth term Un of the A.P., 11, 4, -3,……. .

A Un=19+7n
B Un=19-7n
C Un=18+7n
D Un= 18-7n

Correct Answer D

A.P 11, 4, -3
1st term = 11
A.P = a, a + d, a + 2d …… a + (n – 1)d
If a = 11
a + d = 4
d = 4 – 11 = -7
nth term = a + (n-1)d
= 11 + (n-1)(-7)
= 11 – 7n + 7
= 18 – 7n

7. lf 16/9 , x, 1, y are in Geometric Progression (GP), find the product of x and y.

A 9/16
B 3/4
C 1
D 4/3

Correct Answer C

16/9, x, 1, y => a, ar, ar2, ar3
ar2 = 1 => 16r2/9 = 1 => 16r2
9 => r2 = 9/16 => r = 3/4
ar2 = y = ar2 x r = 1 x 3/4 = 3/4
x xy = 4/3 x 3/4 = 1

8. If R = [2, 4, 6, 7] and S = [1, 2, 4, 8], then R∪S equal
A [1,2,4,6,7,8] B [1,2,4,7,8] C [1,4.7,8] D [2.6.7]

Correct Answer A

R = {2, 4, 6, 7}; S = {1, 2, 4, 8}

R ∪ S = {1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8}

9. Find the value(s) of x for which the expression is undefined:


A +4 or+1
B -5 or +1
C -5 or -1
D +5 or -1

Correct Answer B



The expression is undefined when x2+4x−5=0




The expression is undefined when x = 1 or -5.

10. Which of the following could be the inequality illustrated in the sketch graph above?

A y≥2x+3
B y≤-3x+3
C y < 3x+2
D y≤x +3

Correct Answer B

Gradient of the line =


= -3

y = -3x + b.

Using (1,0), we have

0 = -3(1) + b

0 = -3 + b

b = 3

y = -3x + 3

∴ The graph illustrates y ≤ -3x + 3.

Fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided.

He put ………. in a basket?
A white dozen eggs
B a dozen white eggs
C a white dozen eggs
D dozen white eggs

Correct Answer B

2. Course ……… writers are to reflect local colour?
A material’s
B materials’
C materials
D material

Correct Answer B

3. The reason why he was not offered admission was …… his results could not be found?
A that
B when
C owing to
D because

Correct Answer A

4. If you saw the photograph of the man ……. you be able to identify him?
A could
B would
C can
D will

Correct Answer B

5. As Obande does not know anyone in this city, he hopes that some kind …….. will put him up for the night?
A man
B men
C inhabitants
D individuals

Correct Answer A

6. The doctor asked the patient what …….?
A The problem is
B is your problem
C the problem was
D is the problem

Correct Answer C

7. The woman is one of the …….. of the society?

A elitist
B elite
C elites
D elitists

Correct Answer C

8. Three quarters of the people in the village ……. killed but only half of their huts ……… affected?
A were / were
B was / was
C were/ was
D was /were

Correct Answer C

9. The armed robbers went into the house and robbed the three …….?

A woman occupants
B women’s occupants
C woman’s occupants
D women occupants

Correct Answer D

10. It was a free-for-all and the students were blamed for taking the law ……. ?
A in their own hands
B into their own hands
C into their hands
D in their hands

Correct Answer B

Interested candidates who wish to buy a copy of any of the Army recruitment past questions and answers paper can get a copy of it here, we have successfully compiled the complete Army recruitment past questions and answers in PDF.

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The big question is this, are Army recruitment past questions and answers often repeated? the big answer is yes.  Army recruitment past questions in Nigeria do repeat their questions and answers during the Nursing School entrance examination.

How Many Hours or minutes do Army recruitment questions Gives During Examination Day? The duration of time that is given to candidates who applied for the school of nursing exam varies, but the highest time duration is 1 hour 30min while the lowest time is 30 minutes 35 seconds.

Each Army school have its own time duration given to the candidates, and not all Army school gives the same time, that is why you need the Army entrance exam past questions in Nigeria for your school, which tells you the time duration for your exam.

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