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ASUU Latest News, Do you think it will be possible to create new universities in Nigeria?  The latest news is that ASUU does not support the federal government of the new bills of creating more universities in Nigeria.

ASUU Latest News Today is the motive behind the creation of new universities by the federal government is what Asuu is asking. Creating more universities whereas the old universities that will have in Nigeria have been neglected and destroyed.

The statistics of existing universities as of today report by the NUC (National Universities Commission) is We have 49 federal Universities In Nigeria, We have 55 State-owned universities Universities In Nigeria, We have 99 private-owned universities, In Nigeria.

How Many Universities Is In Nigeria? We have a total number of two hundred and three (203) Universities in Nigeria both federal, state, and privates universities.  or How Many Universities Does Nigeria? Nigeria has 203 Universities.

Though the NUC had earlier argued that the number of universities and lecturers in the country might not be enough to cater to the academic needs of Nigerians, ASUU told the government to focus on fixing the existing universities and the entire university system.

The report stated that ever since 2019, when the National Assembly takes overpower,  it is only 186 bills have been initiated for the start-up of new universities but the reverse is the case ever since the bill was established. The bills were not carried out into action.

In 2019 for instance, a total of 48 bills were initiated for the creation of new universities; there was a drop in 2020 when only 43 bills for new universities were pushed. Further analysis of total bills passed in 2021, however, revealed that no fewer than 80 bills were pushed for the establishment of new universities.

These are the statistics of bills that were carried out in 2019 the total of 48 bills was initiated for the creation of new universities and in 2020 it was only 43 bills for new universities were pushed.

From 2020 up till now it is less than 80 bills that were pushed for the establishment of new universities, in 2022 it was only 15 bills were initiated, which make it so hard for the new universities to meet up to the standard.

ASUU Latest News. The question ASUU National President, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke is asking the federal government is why the government would abandon existing universities and lecturers while focusing on new establishments. This does not improve the standard of universities by creating more universities.

It is among one of the issues that will want to dialogue with the federal government. If you can take a good look at our Universities today you will notice that the buildings are crumbling and old, the so-called lecturers are not even valued or treated in high esteem.  Why the creation of New Universities? statement by ASUU National President, Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke.

Day by day some lecturers have been leaving to engage in business looking for the source of income to cater for their own families, because of the partial treatment of the federal government. The number of lecturers available in Nigerian universities can be counted because of the reduction of lecturers.

When lecturers leave and there is no replacement a gap is linked which makes it worst for the fear of the unknown towards the student’s future. The federal government should do the right thing by making funds to be available for the universities structure.

Questions For the day on ASUU Latest News… Nkedugists asked.

Do you think Asuu is fighting the federal government for their selfish reasons or for the future of the universities in Nigeria?

Do you support Asuu or the federal government on this Asuu strike? or it should be called off? If yes what word can you give to make it happen?

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