Basic Technology Scheme Of Work For JSS1-3 – First Second and Third-term can be accessed by school teachers, directors, and students. The Nigerian Ministry of Education has recently introduced a unified scheme of work for Basic technology in Junior Secondary Schools 1 (JSS 1).

This scheme of work has been approved for use in all schools, whether government or privately owned, to prepare students for the West African Junior Secondary Certificate Examination.

Given that the government has approved this scheme of work for all Junior Secondary schools in Nigeria, it is essential for schools to adopt it.

The scheme of work for JSS 1 Basic Technology that has been approved by the federal government is being uniformly used across all states in Nigeria, including the southern, eastern, and northern regions. This means that the same scheme of work is being implemented throughout the country for the benefit of all students.

The scheme of work for junior secondary schools in Nigeria, covering JSS1 to JSS3 for subjects such as

The Federal scheme of work follows a uniform structure across various states and major cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Edo, Enugu  Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Kano State, Cross River, Imo, Delta State, Anambra, River State, and others.

On this page, we are going to be giving out the Federal Government scheme of work for JSS 1 Basic Technology only. You can check out the Jss 2 and Jss3 Basic Technology scheme on our page.



  • Introduction to technology
  • Meaning, types, and importance
  • Technology workshop and safety
  • Wood as technological material
  • Classification and properties
  • Metals as technological materials
  • Identification and properties
  • Ceramics, cement, and glass as technological materials
  • Properties and sources
  • Rubber and plastics as technological materials
  • Classification and properties


  • Drawing Instruments
  • Board practice and uses of lines in technical drawing
  • Free-hand sketching and scale drawing
  • Woodwork tools I
  • Tools, measuring, marking out, and driving tools
  • Woodwork tools II
  • Tools for boring, work holding, cutting, and planning


  • Concept of energy and power
  • Introduction to electronics (electron emission theory)
  • Electronic circuit components
  • Building materials and types of
  • Components of simple domestic buildings and building blueprint
  • Introduction to maintenance
  • Introduction to ICT (The Computer)

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