BECE Subjects Syllabus
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BECE Subjects Syllabus or Junior WAEC up-to-date syllabus for all subjects, Check 2023/2024 JUNIOR WAEC syllabus and compulsory subject for all candidates. See full details below;

BECE Subjects Syllabus 2023/2024 and Compulsory Subjects For Candidates.

It is sure in western Africa, Candidates who anticipate the BECE exam are students who are in JSS3. Many candidates develop fear and anxiety about the JUNIOR Waec exam which makes them seek the comprehensive 2023 BECE EXAM SYLLABUS. So many questions have been asked which include;

  • What Is The BECE Syllabus For Mathematics 2023?
  • What Is The BECE Syllabus For English Language 2023?
  • BECE Syllabus For Basic Technology
  • BECE Syllabus For Basic Science
  • BECE Syllabus For Social Studies
  • BECE Syllabus PDF
  • BECE Syllabus For Civic Education
  • BECE Syllabus For Home Economics
  • Is the BECE Syllabus For Literature in English Out?

Agricultural Science Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers

Importance and Forms of Agriculture

Classes and Uses of Crops

Classes and Uses of Farm Animals

Methods of Weed and Pests Control

Factors of Agricultural Production

Farm Structures and Buildings

Crop Propagation and Cultural Practices

Agricultural Practices

Animal Feeds and Feeding

Animal Pests and Disease Control


Forests and Forest Uses

Packaging Criteria

Pricing and Advertising

Records and Book Keeping

Agriculture in Stock Exchange

Export Promotion in Agriculture

BECE Subjects Syllabus For English Language Syllabus For Candidates and Teachers

Lexis and Structure



Conditional Sentence

Vocabulary e.g. Phrasal Verbs, General Vocabulary

Passive and Active forms

Direct and Reported Speech

Question and Answer Tags

Phrases and Clauses

Idiomatic Expressions

Parts of speech


Types of Passages: Concepts to be taught

the use/meaning of certain words and expressions in relation to their context;

the understanding of the whole or part of the passage.

Types of Passages

Dialogue or conversation



Essay Writing

Letters – formal and informal


exposition(describing processes)




BECE Mathematics Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers


Operations on Sets

Properties of Natural Numbers

Numeration System

Operations on Whole Numbers

Positive and negative Integers, Rational Numbers

Common Fractions and Decimal Fractions

Ratio and Proportion

Percentages, Rates and Taxes

Exponents (Indices)

Collecting and Handling Data (Statistics)


Algebraic Expressions

Linear Equations in One Variable

Linear Inequalities in One Variable


Number Plane

Basic Solids

Length and Area of Plan Figures

Volume of Basic Solids


Right-Angled Triangle (Properties)

Measurement of Capacity, Mass, Time and Money

Rigid Motion

Enlargement and Similar figures

Constructions, Loci


Investigation with Numbers

BECE Basic Technology Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers

Ferrous and non-ferrous


Building materials





Safety precautions

Measuring tools

Setting-out and marking out tools

Cutting tools


Removing and driving tools

Striking tools

Digging tools

Laying tools

Moulding bricks



Sheet metal work

Basic Electrical circuits

Basic Electronics circuits

Isometric Drawing

Oblique Drawing

Perspective Drawing

Orthographic Projections

Development of Prisms

BECE Basic Science Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers

General characteristics of matter

Plants and Animals





Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

Chemical compounds

Metals and Non-Metals

Acids, Bases and Salts



Flowering Plants

Vegetative Crop Production

Animal Production

Fish Culture

Carbon Cycle


Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Respiratory Systems of Humans

Farming Systems

Reproduction and Growth In Humans


Diffusion and Osmosis

Circulatory System in Humans

The Solar System

Dentition in Humans

Digestion in Animals

Sources and Forms of Energy

Basic Electronics


Electrical Energy



Food and Nutrition


Physical and Chemical changes

Infections and Diseases

Pests and Parasites

Force and Pressure



Technology and Development



BECE Social Studies Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers

Meaning, Scope and Nature of Social Studies.

Objectives & Importance of Social Studies.

Physical Environment: Meaning, Types and Features.

Resources in Our Environment and their Uses.

Environmental Problem, Causes, Effects and Solutions.

Social Environment: Meaning and Types

Measures of Solving Contemporary Social Problems.

National Unity and Integration: Meaning, Needs and Importance.

National Unity and Integration; Meaning, Needs and Importance.

BECE Civic Education Syllabus For BECE Candidates and Teachers

Election and electoral bodies in Nigeria

Meaning of election, Electoral malpractices

Democratic process

Meaning of voting

Meaning of drug/substance abuse- Ways by which people abuse drugs.

Individual, Community, Nation and International community

Constructive use of time

Sports, religious activities etc.

Meaning of drug trafficking-concepts of drug trafficking

List of all the Subjects To Register In Junior Waec

Eighteen subjects are administered at the BECE level. A candidate is expected to sit for a maximum of ten (10) subjects is expected to cover the BECE Subjects Syllabus. A candidate is deemed to have passed the BECE if he/she passes in six subjects including English and Mathematics.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Basic/Integrated Science
  4. Agricultural Science
  5. Physical Education
  6. Introductory Technology/Basic Technology
  7. Social Studies
  8. Religious Studies
  9. Business Studies
  10. Local Language
  11. Computer
  12. French
  13. Civic Education
  14. Home Economics
  15. Cultural & Creative Arts

Important Notice

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For your preparation, the junior Waec syllabus topics are likely topics your exam question will be asked. Before that, BECE is taken to transit you from the ninth year of the basic education class to the senior secondary i.e. the BECE is conducted for candidates in their third year of Junior Secondary School (JSS3). You don’t need to take the BECE or Junior Waec exam for granted.

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