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Top 5 Car Accident Lawyers In Dallas You Need For 2023

latest Car Accident Lawyers In Dallas
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latest Car Accident Lawyers In Dallas, The reason for having a car accident lawyer is not only for settling cases rather there is more to it. You have a chance to get insurance that will settle all your medical bills, things, or property damages that were related to the accident.

There is a tendency of you winning the case, even if they neglect to sign. As long you file a case on a car accident lawsuit it is 70/30 you will get and recover all your damages and money you lost since the day of the accidents which make you not get a job or handicap.

Getting the right lawyer when it comes to car accident lawyers is not as easy as you think, because not all lawyers are professional when it comes to filing truck accident companies.

So if you can get the best car accident lawyers, you will be able to get compensation for all damages even in the future. The worst is, if the accident disables or handicaps you and enables you to go back to your normal Job, it is certain you get the money that will cater to your family and your children.

It is better for a tricycle to hit a person and will call it a norm or common accident, but when a car hit a person the reaction of the people around shows that the car accident is fearful. The weight of the car, the tires, and the high speed of the car is something that is scaring. That is why you need a Dallas accident lawyer or car accidents lawyers.



Depending on the type of car, whether it is a BEDOUIN CARAVAN or a Dodge Power Wagon car that hit a victim the high rate of Injuries the victim will sustain can leads to death because is somehow bigger than a car. A car company’s insurance has the money.

There are many reasons why you need Dallas accident lawyers which will are going to be listed below which are

Car Companies Will Fail To Take Responsibilities For The Accident

Little Compensation For The Damages From The Car Insurance Company

Coverage or Changing Of Story Accident Caused By The  Driver

Dallas Accident Lawyers Can Help You Get All Non-Economic Damages

If you have any friends,  family members, or relatives that are victims of this car accident, then will advise you to get a good and professional lawyer. Car insurance or a company has a lot of money to compensate the victim person. Have it in mind as you are preparing to sue them, they are also preparing to defend themselves by getting their own professional lawyer.

Top 5 Best Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas

Bober Law Firm

Bober Law Firm, PLLC is a Dallas law firm that focuses on car accidents and personal injury cases. Colin B. Bober is the firm’s principal attorney.

He provides one-on-one services to his clients and assists them in every step taken. He has represented over 1,000 clients in his career, with a gross settlement recovery of more than 20 million dollars. He is a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and a certified Attorney Ad Litem.

Address of Bober Law Firm
10440 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231
Official Website Of Bober Law Firm

Rasansky Law Firm

Rasansky Law Firm is a Dallas-based personal injury law firm that provides legal representation for car accident victims in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.

The firm’s car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis and help clients understand their rights and options regarding their injuries.

They also liaison with medical providers and insurance companies and help their clients secure maximum financial compensation for their injuries. Founding attorney Jeff Rasansky is an AV top-rated lawyer specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Address of Rasanky Law Firm
2525 McKinnon Street #550
Dallas, TX 75201
Official Website of Ransanky Law Firm

Cole Law

Cole Law is an accident and personal injury law firm that provides legal representation for car accident victims in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Attorney Michael Cole served as a combat medic before becoming a lawyer and uses his personal experience with trauma to assist victims of car accidents and other personal injuries in obtaining their rightful financial compensation from the negligent party.

The firm also handles other personal injury cases such as slip and fall accidents, defective products, and animal incident cases.

Address Of Cole Law
3090 Nowitzki Way Ste 300
Dallas, TX 75219
Official Website Of Cole Law

 Greening Law PC’s

Founded by Robert Greening, Greening Law PC’s vehicle accident attorneys in Dallas, Texas represent clients involved in automobile accidents. Robert Greening has been practicing law since 1992. He received his law degree from the University of Houston, and lectures on personal injury trial law.

Greening Law PC has a network of medical professionals that will treat clients with no out-of-pocket expense. It deals directly with insurance companies and bill collectors. In addition to personal injury cases, it also takes medical malpractice cases.

Address Of Greening Law PC’s
12900 Preston Rd Ste 600
Dallas, TX 75230
Official Website of Greening Law PC’s

Hernandez Law Group

Hernandez Law Group is a midsize firm representing personal injury clients in the Dallas, Texas, area. The firm handles auto accidents, including motorcycles and trucks, and has experience with head-on collisions, sideswipes, and multi-car pileups.

The staff of vehicle accident attorneys in Dallas also represents clients in personal injury and accident liability cases. Founding partner Juan Hernandez is a member of the American Trial Lawyer Association and the Texas Trial Lawyer Association. The firm offers services in Spanish.

Address Of Hernandez Law
16850 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, TX 75248
Official Website of Hernandez Law

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