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Best University in Turkey
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Best University in Istanbul Turkey: Are you a candidate who wishes to study in Turkey and you are searching for the best university to study in Turkey? This post is made available for all students that are interested to study in Istanbul Turkey.

Traveling to study in Europe is a feeling of joy, and checking the condition and academic structure of some countries you will see the necessity to travel abroad to study. Acquiring a degree and new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these are very attractive to future employers.

About Universities In Istanbul Turkey

Language is not really a barrier because the courses Programs at some state universities are generally taught in English, German, French, and even Turkish. It is certain that so many students who are admitted into the school take one year of language training in the Turkish program before going for other courses.

For the benefit of international or foreign students, Their courses programs are taught in the English language but mainly at private universities which are also known as foundation universities.

Statistics have it currently that over 30,000 international students applied into the education programs in Turkey; however, expansion tends to occur with the current population of candidates that enrolled.

Major Courses studied by international students are

Business administration and hospitality.

International relations, studies of the Eastern Mediterranean

Multicultural affairs


Most Popular Universities In Istanbul Turkey

There are a large number of both public and private universities, which are good in research programs mainly for undergraduates and graduates and they specialize in subjects like education, health, and medicine, engineering, communications, and urban design.  Here are the most popular universities which are

  • Koç University,
  • Bahçesehir University ,
  • Istanbul Aydin University, 
  • Sabanci University. 

23 Best Private Universities In Istanbul

Istanbul is a place of attraction in which so many foreigners come in for vacation. Investment, Medication checkups, treatment, studies, tourism,  business e.t.c. have made so many foreigners come to Istanbul turkey. We are going to be listing the 23 best private universities in Istanbul which

  1. Koç University Istanbul
  2. Bilkent University Ankara
  3. Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul
  4. Baskent University Ankara
  5. Sabanci University Istanbul
  6. Yeditepe University Istanbul
  7. Bahçesehir University Istanbul
  8. Kadir Has University Istanbul
  9. Cankaya University Ankara
  10. Istanbul Kültür University Istanbul
  11. Istanbul Aydin University Istanbul
  12. Beykent University Istanbul
  13. Yasar University Izmir
  14. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Istanbul
  15. Acibadem University Istanbul
  16. Beykoz University Istanbul
  17. Piri Reis University Istanbul
  18. Bezmiâlem Vakif University Istanbul
  19. Istinye University Istanbul
  20. Istanbul Gedik University Istanbul
  21. Turkish Aeronautical Association University Ankara
  22. Avrasya University Trabzon
  23. Antalya Science University Antalya

Top 10 Best Public Universities in Istanbul

The high reputable excellent standard of education in Turkish has made so many foreigners come far and near to study in Turkish. The public universities make it a way to favour every candidate who wishes to apply by accepting affordable school fees which are really considerable to so many international students

The 10 public universities in Istanbul are listed below which are:

  1. University of Ankara, Ankara
  2. Universities in Istanbul for international students
  3. University of Dokuz, Ellis Izmir
  4. Marmara University Istanbul
  5. Izmir Izmir University
  6. University of Bogazici Istanbul
  7. Istanbul University Istanbul
  8. Gazi University Ankara
  9. Ankara Middle Eastern Technical University
  10. Istanbul Technical University of Istanbul

Best University In Turkey To Study Medicine In Istanbul For International Students

For all the medical students who wish to enroll in medicine and are searching for the best universities that offer medicine in Turkey with English lectures. Kindly check here below to see the best universities that are accredited in turkey that offer medicine.

  •  Lokman Hekim University
  •  Istinye University
  •  Istanbul Medipol University
  •  Bahcesehir University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Istanbul Atlas University
  • Altinbas University

Best University In Turkey To Study Engineering In Istanbul For International Students

For all the Engineering students who wish to enroll in medicine and are searching for the best universities that offer engineering courses in Turkey with English lectures. Kindly check here below to see the best universities that are accredited in turkey that offer engineer.

  • Gazi University
  • Gaziantep University
  • Cukurova University
  • Karadeniz Teknik University’
  • Yildiz Teknik University
  • Firat University
  • Dokuz Eylul University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Ege University

Istanbul University Acceptance Rate

The Istanbul University acceptance rate is 35% reason because admission requirements are very easy and not highly competitive for an applicant to meet admission shortlisted names.

Istanbul University Admissions

Istanbul University Admission Requirements: Secondary school certificate or recognized foreign equivalent and entrance examination.

When do Istanbul University give Admission: Starting from October to June (October – February; March-June)

Istanbul University Institution Fees & Cost

Is Istanbul university expensive? The Fee is not expensive compared to other Europa or Asia countries the approximate costs of studying medicine, engineering, mass communication for international students in Turkey. Listed above are the yearly fees of various foundation (private) Universities.

It can be said that the prices vary from around 48,600₺ (VAT Included) per year for international students from both Turkey and all over the world. while 14,000$ – 27,500$ for private universities in Turkey for Medicine.

Note that: When filling out the application form you can be lucky to have a discount from the yearly fees and scholarships.

How To Applying For An Undergraduate Degree In Turkey

If you wish to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Turkey, you will need to have graduated from high school or be about to graduate. The next documents should be on your list:

Fill out the application form now and receive your admission letter within 3 days (with scholarship) from universities to your E-Mail! Check here to apply

Istanbul University Application Form 2022/2023

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