BGSU General Scholarship Eligibility and How To Apply For 2024

BGSU General Scholarship
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BGSU General Scholarship is now open for students to apply. BGSU assures all the students that the investment in college education in the school is a wise one. BGSU’s commitment includes providing you with a valuable education while also assisting you in managing your student debt.

It’s important to note that over 90% of incoming BGSU students receive some form of financial assistance. This financial aid is versatile and can be used to cover expenses such as tuition, general fees, non-resident fees (if applicable), housing, dining, textbooks, transportation, and personal costs.

The path to receiving a scholarship offer at BGSU is straightforward: just apply! Once you’re admitted, BGSU will evaluate your credentials and extend scholarship offers accordingly. Additionally, we’ll actively engage with you to explore additional scholarship opportunities

BGSU Scholarship Program Deadline

Complete your BGSU General Scholarship Application through the Searchable Scholarship Guide, which will allow you to investigate and apply for any scholarships (Opens every October).

Eligibility Criteria for BGSU Scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

Everyone is eligible to apply for some form of financial aid! The type of aid you may receive depends on a variety of factors, including your academic and service achievements, personal circumstances, and intended field of study, among others.

How Do I Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid?

Step 1: Apply to BGSU and be accepted!

Step 2: You will automatically be considered for the University Freshman Academic Scholarship and other scholarships based on a comprehensive review of your BGSU application. No essays, recommendation letters, or interviews are required.

Step 3: File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and be sure to list BGSU’s school code: 003018. Need help? Check out our step-by-step instructions for completing the FAFSAThe U.S. Department of Education has tentatively announced the 2024/2025 FAFSA will open in December.

Step 4: Complete your BGSU General Scholarship Application through the Searchable Scholarship Guide, which will allow you to investigate and apply for any scholarships (Opens every October).

Related Scholarship Available To Apply

Certainly, at BGSU, they offer a variety of scholarships to help support your educational journey. Here are some related scholarships you can apply for:

University Freshman Academic Scholarship

The University Freshman Academic Scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $9,500 and is renewable for all four years based on a comprehensive review of your application. No essay, no recommendation letter, and no interview.

Falcon Achievement Award

  • $1,000 to $3,000 renewable scholarship
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Out-of-state students are encouraged to apply; the award is based on a commitment to diversity
  • Must complete application, file FAFSA, and be admitted to BGSU by February 15, 2024.

Honors College Scholarship

Want an honors experience and a chance to earn Honors scholarships? BGSU Honors College offers an array of benefits – small class sizes, research opportunities, travel, a residence dedicated just to Honors as well as scholarships.

Thompson Working Families Scholarship

The Thompson Working Families Scholarship, generously funded by Robert and Ellen Thompson in partnership with Bowling Green State University, provides an annual award of $11,000.

This scholarship is available to incoming first-year students who maintain good academic standing throughout their BGSU education. Over the duration of their time at BGSU, eligible students have the potential to receive up to $44,000 in scholarship funds.

In addition to financial support, Thompson Scholars benefit from comprehensive advising, personal and professional development opportunities, and the chance to cultivate the same commitment to community service that characterizes the remarkable legacy of the Thompson family.

This scholarship not only eases the financial burden of education but also encourages and nurtures a spirit of service and personal growth among its recipients.

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