Top 12 Reasons Why You Can Lose Your Admission Easily For 2023/2024

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Asking a question such as can I lose my admission? Losing your admission in Nigeria is not a recommended course of action. Admission to educational institutions is typically a valuable opportunity, and it’s important to make the most of it.

Numerous factors contribute to students failing to secure admission each year or even losing admission.

While some individuals may question the fairness and transparency of university admissions procedures, it is important to acknowledge that each institution has its own set of admission requirements and criteria, but we are going to generalize all factors that are common with all universities.

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Let’s get started with the question of whether can I lose my admission.

  • If your passport photo is missing from your application slip, you will not be granted admission. Faceless applicants will not even receive an invitation to the examination.
  • Failing to upload your SSCE results on the JAMB portal will result in a denial of admission on JAMB CAPS. Even if the university has your name on its list, JAMB will reject it.
  • If you don’t upload a passport photo with a red background, your admission consideration and clearance will be affected.
  • Any errors in your name or age can lead to non-clearance, even if you are admitted.
  • Utilizing the original past questions and answers I offer to aspirants is crucial. These past questions provide insights into the exam pattern and serve as a valuable guide for aspirants preparing for the Uniben Post-UTME.
  • A JAMB score below 180 will disqualify you from registering for the Post-UTME depending on your choice of University.
  • Having a knowledgeable mentor is essential. Without one, you may make mistakes that jeopardize your admission prospects.
  • Adequate preparation in English, including practicing with “Exam focus English Language,” is vital for success in the English section of the Post-UTME. Feel free to send me a direct message to acquire your copy at a very affordable price.
  • Prayer can play a significant role in your success, especially given the intense competition for admission into Uniben. While it’s crucial to study, those who have prepared themselves should also seek divine guidance. Remember, God does not work like a magician; He helps those who have put in the effort.
  • If you have previously been expelled from the school, you are not eligible to reapply.
  • Incorrect O-level subject combinations have been recognized as a prevalent cause of denied admissions. When aiming to pursue a program like Biochemistry at the university level, it is essential to attain a minimum of five credits in your O-level results. These credits must encompass English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. Depending on the institution, the fifth subject may need to be Physics, while in some cases, any other science subject is acceptable as the fifth subject. Understanding the specific O-level subject combination requirements of your chosen university is crucial.
  • False Information or Forgery: Providing false information or fraudulent documents during the admission process can lead to immediate dismissal if discovered.

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In Conclusion

Nevertheless, various other elements, such as age, the proper submission of O’level results, and the selection of the appropriate subject combination, have thwarted the aspirations of numerous candidates, preventing them from securing a spot.

Securing admission into universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education in Nigeria involves the consideration of multiple aspects. Foremost among these are the UTME score, post-UTME results, and SSCE grades.

If you encounter any students on campus today, rest assured they have successfully navigated these challenges and have avoided the pitfalls posed by such factors.

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