As we all know, Everything is changing so likewise many people adapt to the changes. Many candidates have been writing to us and asking us questions such as Can I write Waec in SS2? Can Ss2 students write Waec? is it good to write Waec in Ss2?

The world is revolving which makes it so surprising seeing things that are not normal to become normal. Although Time waits for no man rather we try to meet up with the time.  Many students no longer want to wait for their own time to come. So if you are asking if writing Waec in Ss2 is good? then you have to know that writing Waec in ss2 is not bad.

The truth is that many parents are the ones who are majorly pushing their children to write Waec in ss2 and Jamb. The fact remains that you should be able know your child’s capability and performance in the class, before allowing your child to write Waec. There are some students who are very smart but not intelligent.

Can I Write Waec In SS2

Can I Write Waec In SS2

Nkedugists team, we guide you through some tips in other to know students who are ready to write Waec in Ss2.To stand a chance to gain admission into any of the tertiary institutions you need to make your 9 passes in your WASSCE result, which does not really show if is Ss2 or SS3 you write the Waec.

Which Students Are Ready To Write Waec In SS2?

  • Students who have high level of assimilation while studying.
  • Students who are exposed to standard of competition Quiz from various sources.
  • Student who is intelligent and brilliant.
  • A student who has really come up of age can sit for the Waec in SS2.
  • Students who believe in themselves and see the purpose of writing Waec in SS2
  • A student who accept responsibility can sit for the Waec in SS2.
  • Students who are master self-management can sit for the Waec in SS2.
  • Students who have Self-Awareness can sit for the Waec in ss2
  • Students who are not afraid of results and consequences

With these tips you can see students who can sit for Waec in SS2, Writing Waec in ss2 is not bad just kindly go and get the Waec form and register for it.

The truth is that when a student try to attempt writing Waec/Neco/Gce or Jamb before SS3, is not bad because it help the student to gather a whole lot of experience that will help him/her improve. Luckily, you could pass your Waec, Jamb, Post UTME and gain admission right from SS 2.

What Nkedugists Discourage is students writing Waec in SS1, We plead all the parents,  teachers, and Students who is having this mentality of student writing waec in ss1.

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