INSTRUCTION: Correction of Change of Jamb Utme Subject After Registration

Change of Jamb subject

Change of Jamb subject

Correction of Change of Jamb Utme Subject: If you are a candidate who is in search of changing your Jamb subject then you are on the right page because we try to make sure we satisfy our audience with proper information and guidelines.

The truth is, we are not perfect as a human which means that mistake is bound to occur in our life. Most at times the mistake happened when we are at our peak to greatness, and when we are been more careful not to make mistakes, or in an important event. There is a reason that makes so many candidates intend to change their Jamb subject  Utme which are;

Sometimes after choosing and registering the course and Utme subject properly, the candidate may have a rethink of changing the course by so doing the subject might not be corresponding with the new course in mind.

Wrong subjects combination of course. This is a serious issue that warrants the replacement Jamb Utme Subject.

As many candidates who participated in the Jamb registration and you have issues with your Jamb Utme Subject during the Jamb process of registration, or after. Don’t get yourself stress out because Nkedugists are here for you.

If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about the LATEST NEWS ON JAMB 2020, kindly subscribe or bookmark our website. Now let get started with the Correction of Change of Jamb Subject.


Nkedugists are going to be giving you different ways you can change your Jamb Utme subject without stress. Now let get started with the Correction of Change of Jamb Subject.

Quickly Change the Utme Subjects before UTME Closure

If you detect that you have the wrong subjects before the date of your exam, kindly return to the Jamb CBT centre for correction. Only CBT and JAMB office is given the right to do correction of subjects and you can use any centre around you (not necessary to go back to where you registered in the first place)

To justify your claim, you can go to the CBT centre with the page of the JAMB brochure that details what your subjects should be. I think that will convince them.

Consider Change of Course to the Relevant One

If UTME was over before you realized the wrong subjects had been done, visit your JAMB brochure again to see the list of courses that are suitable for your subject combination.

The truth always hurt, kindly do the JAMB change of course to that, because we think it’s better than wasting extra year just to study your own course.


  • You may not be able to change the subjects combination if it has been long that the registration closed. In order words, to take advantage of this, candidates had better returned to the CBT centre a few days after he registered not when the date of the exams is fast approaching. By that time, JAMB must already complete the exams schedule arrangement.
  • Kindly go through the JAMB Brochure to ensure the course you want to change to match the subject combination you have already to avoid making the same mistake twice.
  • You can also leave it like that because sometimes Universities may change your course to the one your subject combination is suitable for during the Utme admission process. But this may or may not happen.

In case you are having an issue in changing your jamb Utme Subject, you can easily tell us. Nkedugists is your nearest closer friend you can think of right now, be free to talk to us.

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  • Dear sir/ma,when going to the registration centre or cyber cafe to correct mistakes,are we expected to pay some amount of money

  • Sir I made a mistake during registration. I put physics biology, chemistry and english instead of mathematics, physics, chemistry and english for mechanical engineering. So please what can I do sir?

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    Predegree is to get admission into 100level while JUPEB is to get admission to 200level with you desire course.

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  • Please sir answer me I included economics In my jamb when I don’t have it in my waec results an I have already written the exam what can I do

    • Actually, what you have to do is to check for what course you are going for that does not really need economics as a major course but can use your three- course subject? What subject did you selected? let guide you through.

  • Pls sir i included government in my jamb which I did not have it in my WAEC result and I want to study public administration in can I be admitted,or which course can I change to to study with eco,commerc,eng in jamb

  • Good day sir,
    Please I need your help
    The registrar mistakenly put physical and health education instead of physics. I registered yesterday

    Can it still be changed?

    • Sir, I want to change my course and the subject I have choosing with the school, how much will it cost me to do that. Can I do that at any center

  • Sir plss I mistakenly put mathematics, English,biology, chemistry…instead of physics, English,biology and chemistry…plss wat can I do…am still at d registration center but dey have already printed out my registration slip

  • Please sir
    I registered Maths, English, economics and accounting
    I want to change the accounting to Government

    • You can easily change you subject from MATHS to Biology, What you have to do is change of subjects before the closing of Jamb registration.

  • Hello! I just discovered that I made a mistake in my subject combination. Fortunately for me, I registered on Tuesday so I hope it’s not too late. I picked Mathematics instead of biology. How can I change it. Pls help!!

  • please sir, i made a mistake in my subject combination i registed use of english, mathematic, physics, biology instead of use of english physics ,chemistry, biology can i change it even when the registration is over?

    • Sir l mistakenly choose commerce instead of government in my utme subject, I wish you can assist me for it to be changed to government.

  • Please sir can I go to the cbt center for change of subject I just realized that the person that did my jamb form put the wrong subject combination for me any hope

  • I actually wrote English literature government and crs and now I want to change it to a social science course can I

    • Pls sir, I made a serious mistake in my registration.
      First I registered with awaiting resulterorneously.
      Two I selected wrong subjects that I did not even passed
      I also chose a course that did not match my selected subject.
      What do I do now?

  • Sir when I go and do jamb registration I put English literature in the English economic government they now go and help me put Hausa in it instead of the government

    • This is serious. Which course are you applying for? and if the course doesn’t need Government then it will be considered. All art courses need government as a compulsory Art subject in Jamb.

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