Cheapest Schools of Nursing In Nigeria For All Candidates 2023/2024

Cheapest Schools of Nursing in Nigeria
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Cheapest School of Nursing in Nigeria and is competitive for all applicants who wish to apply can check the lists here. Nursing is a highly rewarding and in-demand profession, but it can also be expensive to get started.

Many reasons why candidates ask for the cheapest schools of nursing in Nigeria are because they want to know if it’s possible for them to afford the tuition and other costs.

There are a number of nursing schools in Nigeria that offer affordable tuition and other costs, making it possible for more students to enter the field without dropping out.

Official List of Cheapest School of Nursing In Nigeria For 2023/2024

Abia State School Of Nursing
Department Of Nursing, Abia State University, Uturu School FeesProvisional, Sept. 2015 ₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Abia State University Teaching
Hospital (ABSUTH), Aba School Fees
Provisional, November, 2016 ₦56,000
School Of Nursing, Umuahia School FeesProvisional, April, 2018 ₦45,000
School Of Nursing, Amachara School FeesFull, April 2018 ₦150,000
SOPBM, UmuahiaFull, April 2018 ₦150,000
SOPBM, Abia State University TeachingHospital (ABSUTH), AbaProvisional, November, 2016₦200,000
SOPBM, AbiribaProvisional, February, 2016 ₦150,000
SOBM, AmacharaProvisional, April, 2018 ₦150,000
School of Mental Health Nursing, Aba.Withdrawn and embargo placed on admission.₦60,000
Adamawa State – Yola School Of Nursing
College of Nursing & Midwifery Yola School feesFull, October, 2018
Provisional, October, 2018
School of Peri-operative Nursing, FederalMedical Center, Yola,Provisional, October, 2018₦150,000
Akwa Ibom – Uyo School Of Nursing
School Of Nursing, Anua-Uyo.Full, January, 2018₦200,000
School Of Nursing, EketProvisional, January, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Ikot-EkpeneFull, January, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Ituk-Mbang.Withdrawn, October, 2014₦150,000
SOPBM, Anua-UyoProvisional, January, 2018₦150,000
SOPBM, Iquita-OronProvisional, April, 2018₦200,000
SOPBM, Ituk-MbangProvisional, April, 2018₦150,000
SOPBM, Urua-AkpanWithdrawn, September, 2012₦150,000
School of Mental Health Nursing, EketWithdrawn, January, 2013₦60,000
Anambra State – Akwa School Of Nursing
Department Of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi.Full, September 2015₦200,000
School Of Nursing, IhialaFull, November, 2017₦200,000
School Of Nursing, Iyi-EnuProvisional, December, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Nnamdi Azikiwe University TeachingHospital, NnewiFull Accreditation, January, 2018₦200,000
School Of Nursing, COOUTH, NkporProvisional, December, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Adazi-NnukwuProvisional, October, 2018₦200,000
College of Nursing, Diocesan Hospital,Provisional, November, 2017₦200,000
College of Nursing, St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, OnitshaProvisional, November, 2017₦200,000
SOBM, AdaziProvisional, March, 2016₦120,000
SOBM, COOUTH, NkporProvisional, December, 2018₦120,000
SOPBM, Ihiala.Full, November, 2017₦120,000
SOBM Iyi-Enu.Provisional, December, 2018₦120,000
SOPBM, Waterside, OnitshaFull, November, 2017₦150,000
Bauchi State School of Nursing
School Of Nursing, ATBUTH, BauchiFull, December, 2018₦200,000
College of Nursing and Midwifery, SON,BauchiProvisional, April, 2017₦200,000
SOBM ATBUTH, BauchiFull, December, 2018₦200,000
Community Midwifery Programme-SOBM,ATBUTH, BauchiProvisional, September, 2015.₦120,000
College of Nursing and Midwifery, SON,
Provisional, November, 2017₦150,000
College of Nursing and Midwifery, School
of Midwifery, Bauchi
Provisional, March, 2017₦150,000
Bayelsa School Of Nursing
Department Of Nursing, Niger Delta University, WilberforceIslandFull, April. 2018.₦200,000
School Of Nursing, TombiaFull, October, 2018₦200,000
SOBM, TombiaProvisional, October, 2018₦150,000
Benue State – Makurdi School Of Nursing
School Of Nursing Makurdi.Provisional, June, 2019₦200,000
School Of Nursing MkarProvisional, October, 2016₦150,000
SOBM, MakurdiProvisional, June 2019₦200,000
SOBM, Mkar.November, 2017₦120,000
Borno State
Department Of Nursing, University of Maiduguri.Full Accreditation, April. 2017₦200,000
School Of Nursing MaiduguriProvisional, Nov. 2017₦200,000
School Of Nursing, UMTH, MaiduguriProvisional February, 2016₦200,000
a. SOBM, Maiduguri.Provisional, November 2017₦150,000
b. Community Midwifery Programme-
SOBM, Maiduguri
Provisional, November 2017₦150,000
SOPBN Peri-Operative, UMTH, MaiduguriProvisional, February, 2016₦150,000
School of Mental Health Nursing, FNH,MaiduguriProvisional, October, 2018₦150,000
SOPB Critical Care Nursing, UMTH,MaiduguriProvisional, November, 2017.₦150,000
Calabar School Of Nursing
Department Of Nursing, University Of Calabar
SON, St. Margaret’s Hospital, Calabar.
Provisional, September, 2015.
Provisional October, 2018
School Of Nursing, UCTH, CalabarFull, June, 2018.₦200,000
School Of Nursing, Itigidi.Full, June, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, Ogoja.Provisional June 2018₦120,000
SOPBM CalabarFull, June, 2018.₦150,000
SOPBM, Obudu.Provisional June 2018₦120,000
SOPBM Ogoja, MoniayaFull, January, 2018.₦120,000
SOPB Otorhinolaryngology NursingUCTH, CalabarEmbargo June, 2012.₦200,000
School of Mental Health Nursing, Fed.Neuro Psy. Hosp., CalabarProvisional, April, 2018.₦200,000
Department Of Nursing, Delta State University, AbrakaFull, January, 2018.₦200,000
School Of Nursing, AgborFull, August, 2017₦150,000
School Of Nursing, EkuFull, April, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing, WarriFull, April, 2018₦200,000
SOPBM, Asaba.
SOPBM, Sapele
Provisional, April, 2018.
Provisional, April, 2018.
Ebonyi State School Of Nursing
DON, Ebonyi State University EBSU,Full, January, 2018₦200,000
School Of Nursing, MMH, AfikpoFull, June, 2018₦150,000
School Of Nursing FETHA, Abakaliki
SOPBM Afikpo
Provisional, June, 2018
Full, September, 2015.
SOBM, FETHA, AbakalikiProvisional, June, 2018₦150,000
College of Nursing Sciences, UburuProvisional, October 2018₦150,000
Edo State School Of Nursing
Department Of Nursing, University of Benin, Benin-CityFull, January, 2018₦200,000
Department Of Nursing, Igbinedion University, OkadaFull, January, 2018₦350,000
Department Of Nursing, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma
School Of Nursing, Benin City.
Provisional, September, 2017
Withdrawn, January, 2013
School Of Nursing, UBTH, BeninFull, January, 2018.₦200,000
School Of Nursing, Igbinedion University Teaching
Hospital, Okada
Provisional, December, 2016₦200,000
SOPBM U.B.T.H. Benin-City.Full, January, 2018.₦200,000
SOBM, Benin-CityWithdrawn, Embargo on admission, January,2013.₦200,000
SOBM, St. Philo’s Hosp. Benin-City.Full, November, 2017₦150,000
SOBM, St. Camillus Hosp. UromiFull, January, 2018₦150,000
SOBM. Zuma Memorial Hosp. Irrua.Withdrawn, January, 2018₦150,000
SOPB Paediatric Nursing, UBTH, BeninProvisional, June, 2018.₦150,000
SOPB Ophthalmic Nursing, UBTH, BeninFull, June, 2018.

The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council and we will update it ASAP.

The fact that these prestigious nursing schools have received accreditation and that their tuition rates are competitive is one of the many benefits they provide. They also offer the best nursing education possible, these nursing schools have a lot of prospective students that are interested in enrolling there.

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Conclusion on The”Cheapest School of Nursing In Nigeria”

Dear prospective nursing and midwifery candidates, are you currently planning to study at any of the schools of nursing, be it private, state, or federal school of nursing? If yes, then you need to download the school of nursing’s past questions and answers for free in order to prepare for the school entrance examination. If you have any questions kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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