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NOUN: Faculty Closing Dates For Application Virtual Examinations Dates

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If you are a student of NOUN then kindly know that the Vice-Chancellor has directed the commencement of on-demand virtual examination dates for all Noun students. For you to have access to virtual examination on-demand application you can kindly visit https://dea.nou.edu.ng to process it.

To all Postgraduate students have it in mind that the examinations will start soon, Nkedugists advise postgraduate and Undergraduate students who have apply for it by midnight 13th of June, 2020,  from 15th to 20th of June, 2020. let check the dates for undergraduate/postgraduates students’ virtual examinations is as follows:


Arts, Education, Agriculture, and Health Sciences19th of June, 2020.22nd – 28th of June, 2020
Social Sciences1st of July, 2020.1st – 11th of July, 2020
Management Sciences11th of July, 202013th – 17th of July 2020
Sciences and Law18th of July, 202020th –  25th of July, 2020

All candidates should please note that once a course is selected for virtual examination, it cannot be made available to the student for physical examination at the Study Centre (after lockdown order is lifted).

Emperor Advises to All Postgraduate and Undergraduate Noun Student

commencement of on-demand virtual examination dates for all Noun students

commencement of on-demand virtual examination dates for all Noun students

Please this exam is optional you have the right to choose either the usually physical exam or this new online examination. People are asking me to choose for them this my reply.

1. If you are good with computers or can operate the android phone very well I think this online examination will grade you more because you will feel relax at home or office writing them but note it will be timed, the time might be shorter than those writing physical examination.

2. If you have no idea of a computer or how to access the internet better write your exam the normal way or seek for help( we might help teach you)

3. From what I am seeing this exam might be monitored very well than you expected, don’t put your hope in malpractice you might end up failing yourself.

Keep reading and studying your books because it is online don’t make it easy for you to write the exam with your textbook in front of you. The noun is not stupid.

If you need more assistance on anything base on NOUN always contact Emperor via chat or call on 07057267650 or 08090617486. Thanks, Emperor. 

In Conclusion

Online Virtual exam registration closes in 6 days’ time being 13th June 2020 (for postgraduates) while the exam starts next week Monday for postgraduates students.

Undergraduate registration closes on 19th-18th July 2020 while their exams start on 22nd June 20th July. Failure to register before the closure means you have automatically signed up for the physical examination which will commence after lockdown has been lifted.

If you looking for someone who wants to do your assignments, write a project, and Exam kindly contacts us but a fee is involved in it. Nkedugists assure you the best results even if you contact us to assist you.

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