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2024 Jamb Registration complains
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2024 Jamb Registration complains. Numerous Jamb candidates are currently expressing concerns about the ongoing Jamb registrations. Amidst this, Jamb has responded to some of the complaints, and we have decided to share their responses on our website to assist others facing similar issues.

Here are some of the 2024 Jamb Registration complains and reply

Can 17 years Jamb Candidates Register For Jamb?

An intending UTME candidate is unable to register for the exam because of the inability to purchase a new SIM card. According to the network operator, the age factor is the reason. She is 17 years old. What can be done in this regard?

Reply by Jamb:

  • The father’s or the mother’s sim card could be used peradventure none of the siblings had previously used it on the JAMB portal

Jamb Complain 2 : Jamb Correction of NIN

On behalf of we that made correction on NIN and still pulling out the old data, we want to plead with JAMB about the NIN on our behalf to try and update our information even after sendig REQUERY and emails,no response and JAMB reg is closing very soon

Reply by Jamb

  • You cannot use REQUERY command until you have visited the NIMC to effect the changes. Once you have confirmed that the changes have been corrected, you can then send REQUERY NIN eg REQUERY 12345678910 to 55019 or 66019 depending of the one used earlier.

Jamb Complain 3 : Reactivate of  Jamb Profile

Good day @JAMBHQ yesterday I tried to reactivate my profile code of 2022, after sending the command to 66019 , I didn’t receive a confirmation. I tried so many times but still no avail. I then followed your instructions by sending my NIN as an email to nimc-jamb2024@nimc.gov.ng.

Reply by Jamb

  • You can as well send RESEND to the earlier used USSD code using the same phone number used to register in 2022

Additional complaints regarding the 2024 Jamb Registration and Jamb’s responses will be posted as soon as they are addressed. Keep visiting and refreshing the page for the latest updates on Jamb info updates.

If you’re experiencing any problems with the 2024 Jamb Registration, feel free to share your issue in the comments. Nkedugists is using this platform to offer solutions and support to all our 2024 Jamb registered candidates.

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