Correction of Change of Jamb Phone Number Guideline In 2022/2023

Change of Jamb Phone Number

Change of Jamb Phone Number

Change of Jamb Phone Number: If you are a candidate who is in search of changing your Jamb Phone Number then you are on the right website because we try to make sure we satisfy our audience with proper information and guidelines.

The truth is, we are not perfect as a human which means that mistake is bound to occur in our life. There are some reasons that make so many candidates intend to change their Jamb Phone number which are.

Candidates may lost his/her Mobile Phones and Sim Card after JAMB registration and the concluded Jamb Utme, before their phone and sim card might got missing or stolen. This is a very issue that warrants the replacement of the new Phone number to Jamb.

Sometimes wrong filling of Phone number during Jamb UTME registration is really common either from the candidates or computer operator who is registering the candidates. This is one mistake one can avoid early time to Jamb registration.

As many candidates who participated in the Jamb registration and you have issues with your Phone number during the Jamb process of registration, don’t get yourself stress out because Nkedugists are here for you.

If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about the latest news on JAMB 2020, kindly subscribe or bookmark our website for us to provide you with it. Now let get started with the correction of change of Jamb Phone number.


There is only one way to replace the new Phone number to JAMB because after the applicant has filled and submitted his/her application JAMB Team receives it and does other things that are need for them to do.

Please have this in mind because there are many fraudsters. Anyone who tells you to bring money to do the Change of Jamb Phone Number for you is a criminal just reports him/her, it is only JAMB that can do that for you at this moment what you have to do is kindly visit JAMB Office around your area.

In case you are having an issue in changing your jamb name, you can easily tell us. Nkedugists is your nearest closer friend you can think of right now be free to talk to us.

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