DELSU Post Utme Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers For 2022/2023

DELSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers
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 DELSU Post Utme Past question and Answer 2022/2023 If actually, you want to download or have access to DELSU Post Utme Past question then you are at the right place because this post is about how to get DELSU post UTME past questions and answers. 

DELSU Post Utme How Many Questions

Structure of How DELSU Post Utme Question Look Like. The Obafemi Awolowo University Post Utme question always comprises of Maths, English and any two subject Papers For Science while  English and any other three subjects.

The format of the DELSU exam is 20 Maths, 20 English, and 40 general paper questions(all courses) making 80 questions in all for 30 minutes. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

Our DELSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

FREE DELSU Post Utme Past Questions And Answers Pdf 2022/2023

The head of the Commonwealth of Nations is

A) Queen Elizabeth 11
B) Don McKinnon
C) Tony Blair
D) Margaret Thatcher

The main focus of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) is the
A) maintenance of peace in troubled sports of West Africa
B) installation of unpopular governments in West Africa
C) protection of oil pipelines along the coast of West Africa
D) promotion of the military rule

The political parties that were established in West Africa between 1945 and 1965 fought for
A) national conferences
B) political independence
C) supremacy among themselves
D) regional integration

The first military d’etat in West Africa was staged in

A) Niger
B) Guinea
C) Togo
D) Ghana

One of the defect of military government is

A) freedom of expression
B) registration of parties
C) abuse of Human Rights
D) promotion of military officers

The major defect of foreign policy in West Africa is

A) public opinion and pressure groups
B) military power
C) good economy
D) poor leadership

The type of government where the central authority is superior to the component authorities is a

A) parliamentary system of government
B) representative system of government
C) confederal system of government
D) federal system of government

The Exclusive List in a federal system state includes

A) education
B) market
C) defence
D) transportation

Devolution of power is associated with a

A) decentralized political system
B) feudal political system
C) totalitarian political system
D) centralized political system

The degree of centralization is high in a

A) unitary system of government
B) federal system of government
C) confederal system of government
D) representative government

One of the techniques of monetary control used by the central bank of Nigeria is

A)selective credit control
B)budget deficit
C)foreign exchange control
D)monitoring the general price level

Crude petroleum is a good example of a

A)lasting asset
B)wasting asset
C)synthetic product
D)costless resources

A major effect of a long distribution chain is

A)scarcity of commodities
B)high retail
C)low retail prices
D)low producer earnings

One of the major criticism of the 1962 -1968 National Development Plan was that?

A)it failed to incorporate lessons gained from earlier plans to enhance its efficiency
B)it came too quickly after the country’s independence
C)planned expenditure was based too heavily on expected earnings from crude oil
D)its execution was based largely on foreign-sourced financial resources

The utility is the satisfaction derived from?


Economic growth is different from economic development because economic growth

A)describes expansion and changes
B)is measurable but not objective
C)describes expansion and not change
D)is not measurable but objective

One feature of a Unitary State is

A) the large size of the country
B) high level of economic development
C) absence of constitutional division of power to the units
D) presence of heterogeneous groups

A type of government which allows co-ordinate units to make law is

A) federal
B) monarchical
C) unitary
D) presidential

A characteristic of the parliamentary system is that

A) separation of power is not strictly observed
B) the prime minister combines the executive and ceremonial functions
C) the president can dismiss any minister without much hindrance
D) the ministers are responsible individually to the president

The political way of life which is developed by the society is referred to as

A) communalism
B) political culture
C) agency of socialization
D) political socialization

Fundamental Human rights can be defined as

A) freedoms enshrined in the constitution
B) the provisions of the constitution of the ruling political party
C) the provisions of the local government constitution
D) regulations about works welfare

A system of government that is made up of elected people is referred to as

A) representatative government
B) Socialist Government
C) capitalist government
D) feudalist government

The Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) is made up of

A) Justice Ministers
B) Foreign Affairs Ministers
C) Education Ministers
D) Defence Ministers

A government that is constituted by several parties after a general election is referred to as

A) elite government
B) fascist government
C) illegitimate government
D) national government

Disenfranchisement means

A) right to vote and be voted for
B) right to from government
C) to be disqualified from voting
D) disallowing free elections

Which of the following is a major feature of an Electoral Commission?

A) Support for the ruling party
B) Control by government
C) Privately funded
D) Political neutrality

If X represents the factors of production and Y represents the factor price, which of the following sets of association is correct?

A)(land, rent) (capital, wage), (labour, profit)
B)(land, interest) (capital,profit), (labour, wage)
C)(land, wage), (capital, interest), (labour, rent)
D)(land,rent), (capital, interest), (labour, wage)

If the cost of production for a firm continues to increase as it output rises, the firm is said to be experiencing?

A)large-scale production
B)profit maximization
C)economies of scale
D)diseconomies of scale

Given the perfect competition in the capital market, the opportunity cost of capital is adequately reflected by the?

A)interest rate
B)returns on capital
C)alternative capital foregone
D)shadow price of foreign exchange

If 10k per kg, 1000kg of yam were purchased and at 5k per kg, 1,500kg were purchased, the resultant point elasticity of demand is?


If, as the price of a commodity rises, the quantity demanded of the commodity remains the same, then the demand for the commodity is?

B)infinitely elastic
C)externally determined
D)perfectly inelastic

Which of the following factors is an important determinant of the magnitude of price elasticity of demand?

A)The production period
B)Cost of storage
C)Durability of the product
D)Availability of factors of production

The marginal theory of distribution makes an assertion that the price of any factor depends upon its marginal.

C)rate of substitution

In order to increase its profit margin, the monopolist can manipulate

A)both price and output
B)either price or output
C)only its price
D)only its output

For a purely competitive industry, a fundamental requirement of the demand curve faced by individual firms is that it should be.

A)downward sloping and price inelastic
B)perfectly price elastic
C)downward sloping but price inelastic
D)perfectly price inelastic

The merging of firms engage in different stages of production and marketing is called?

A)external economies of scale
B)vertical integration
C)horizontal intergration
D)economic union

Which of the following groups fall into the Civil Service?

A)The police, the army, and the air force
B)Employees of NEPA, NNPC and NRC
C)Employees of ministries of finance, education and transportation
D)All of the above

The recruitment or appointment of the permanent secretary is one of the duties of:

A) The federal public service commission
B) The state civil service commission
C) The executive
D) The National Assembly

In the organizational structure of the ministry or government department, offices and positions are:

A) Hierarchically arranged
B) Diagonally arranged
C) Secretly arranged
D) Haphazardly arranged

The government maintains monopoly over certain services for:

A) Selfish reasons
B) Security and strategic reasons
C) Undisclosed reasons
D) All of the above

Ministers of local government and chieftancy affairs were abolished in Nigeria by:

A) General Yakubu Gowon
B) General Murtala Mohammed
C) President Ibrahim Babangida
D) General Olusegun Obasanjo

Policy analysis, policy implementation and plan setting are some of the functions of:

A) The legislature
B) The executive
C) The local government
D) The civil service

Public corporations can be controlled through:

A) Riots
B) Public opinion
C) Civil disobedience
D) None of the above

The general supervision of a public corporation is carried out by the

A) Board of directors
B) Board of trustees
C) Managing director
D) Secretary of the board

The local government in Nigeria is created to:

A) Create more civil service jobs
B) Encourage competition and rivalry among communities
C) Bring the government nearer to the people
D) Prevent the creation of more states

The Civil Service embraces all workers in:

A) All private corporations
B) Public and private companies
C) Government ministries
D) Public corporations

The soft copy has been the Handout which is a much better version because it’s actually packaged for a self-tutor. (I personally Recommend this) 2007-till date (Highly comprehensive and will be sent to your email(it’s in PDF format which makes it easily accessible on phones and mobile devices. you can also print them out to form a hard copy).

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How To Pass DELSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers

  • Candidates should make sure they have the right Materials such as the Legit DELSU Post Utme Past Questions of Your course and study the Utme Past Questions.
  • Understand The Method How DELSU Operates their Post Utme Exam, you can easily ask those who are in Unilag
  • Get Your textbook to study, especially this textbook known as Exam Focus Textbook.
  • Work On Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Have A Relatively Good O/level Result
  • Kill That Anxiousness of you getting scared or wanting to finish early
  • Don’t be Late to your exam Venue, instead be 30min early
  • Have the Confidence in God and Believe in your Ability To Come Out in Flying Colours

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