Do Noun Students Receive Lectures And How Does Noun Exam Look Like?

Do Noun Students Receive Lecture
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Do Noun Students Receive Lecture: Since is an ODL University, No lecturer teaches you as other Nigeria universities do. It is by one self-decision of a lecturer to teach and some study centers. So it is not compulsory that a lecturer will teach you always in a lecture hall. It is rare to see lecturers teach in Noun Unversity.

Do Noun Students Go For Lectures: Although, some study centers provide lectures to some crucial Courses such as Health and Law courses to under-graduate students with appropriate course materials given to all students after making payment of school fees.

Are NOUN Courses Accredited? Yes, Noun courses are all accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). That is to say, you can study any courses outlines in NOUN Portal or check here to see all the Noun accredited courses offered

Do Noun Students Receive Lecture? Noun students don’t receive lectures, you the lecture teaching or instructions is through CD-ROMS, Printed Materials, internet, (be it Noun website or Noun forum group), Audio/Video tapes e.t.c. That is how they received lectures.

Do Noun Student Write Exam? Yes, all registered students who choose Noun University as their institution write their exam, either by PEN ON PAPER (POP).  You are advised to take your tutor-marked assignments and other teaching materials very seriously in order to pass your exams.

How Does Noun Exam Look Like? The Noun Exam is not hard. All the students in the exam hall present will be given the same set of questions to answer but the position of each question will be scattered, just like Jamb questions and if you do not read very well, you fail out.

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