[Updated] Immigration Past Question and Answer For All NIS Applicants 2024/2025

immigration past questions and answers
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Updated Immigration past questions and answers for all the NIS applicants are available here, you can easily download the past questions and answers pdf for free. All Applicants who wish to pass the NIS aptitude test can use the past question for immigration service that is available here.

Nigerian Immigration Past Question and Answer guide makes applicants pass the Nigeria Immigration exam which is an easy exam to pass irrespective of the questions. All information concerning easy steps on how to pass NIS Exams, what are some immigration questions? how many questions you will see during NIS Exams are all explained on this page.

The Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS Exams past CBT aptitude test questions and answers are available. on this page. will guide you on how you can easily download the NIS recruitment past questions without stress.

When preparing for the NIS Exams past the CBT aptitude test, always have it in mind that many applicants like you apply for this Nigeria immigration exam, which means there’s a price you will pay to be accepted and the price is to make sure you get the right material to study (Nigerian immigration past question and answer PDF)

Nkedugists always publish questions you are to expect during your exam day, which makes us the best when it comes to offering past questions. The past questions are collected from great scholars and examiners.

Free Nigeria Immigration Past Questions and Answers PDF Samples For 2024/2025

Which of the following is not a political party in Nigeria?

A. Accord Party
B. Republican Party
C. Peoples Democratic Party
D. Action Congress of Nigeria
E. Labour Party

The second military coup d’etat in Nigeria took place on

A) July 29, 1975
B) October 1, 1996
C) July 29, 1966
D) January 15, 1966
E) February 13, 1976

The total number of votes scored by the winner of the 2011 Presidential election in Nigeria was

A. 12,214,853
B. 22,495,187
C. 30,379,159
D. 12,495,187
E. 15,379,159

The Economic Community of West African States was established in

A) May 1966
B) May 1975
C) May 1963
D) May 1996
E) May 1958

“Red tape” can be explained as:

A. The decentralized way of taking a decision
B. A flexible way by which government decisions are taken
C. The rigid adherence to routines by civil servants
D. Management by objectives
E. Self Decision

Before the 1976 local government reforms, one of the defective features of the local governments in Nigeria was that:

A. They had no functions to perform
B. They had no legal personality
C. They had no chairmen to pilot their affairs
D. They had no political aspiration

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Any of the Immigration Past Question papers and answers you get from us are all updated which we are sure, will help you during your examination. The Immigration Past Question paper and answers are compiled from previous years’ examinations and it is 4 – 8 years past questions with common repeated asked questions.

The big question is this, are NIS questions and answers often repeated? the big answer as well is yes. NIS exam in Nigeria does repeat their questions and answers during the Nigeria immigration entrance examination.

How Many Hours or minutes does NIS During Examination take? The duration of time that is given to candidates who applied for the school of nursing exam varies, but the highest time duration is 1 hour 30min while the lowest time is 45 minutes 35 seconds.

NIS has its time duration given to the applicants, which is why you need the NIS exam past questions in Nigeria which tells you the time duration for your exam.

How to Purchase The Complete NIS Past Question Paper

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