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Should E-Learning In African Be Put into Consideration For 2022/2023

e-learning in african
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e-learning in Africans

It is right time we face the truth, Education has become so intensively demanding in such a way many students are having issues about this online learning in education stuff, Nkedugist is not here to criticize the platform or the New model which has been pretty started.

Education is costly yes we accept the fact but not extending it to become harder to the poor students, imagining a situation whereby in a classroom of students with no teacher who led the process of teaching and what you have with is your Laptop, my question is how will the students cope with it?. Physical presence tends to make Education so real and fun.

Some Students say that e-learning has many reasons why online study is the best form of distance learning in higher education today. Although the online environment offers different opportunities for people who would otherwise have limited access to education, as well as a new paradigm for educators in which dynamic courses of the highest quality can be developed. Here is a list of some of the major benefits of online programs which are:

Advantage of eLearning

  1. Online Learning Accommodates Everyone’s Needs
  2. Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number Of Times
  3. Offers Access To Updated Content
  4. Quick Delivery Of Lessons
  5. Scalability

Disadvantage of eLearning

  1. Unseriousness
  2. High Costly Maintenance Rate
  3. Massive failure
  4. Network Failure
  5. Sociality
  6. Manipulation of Result

Should E-Learning In African Be Put into Consideration For 2022/2023

E-Learning In African: Africans still have some developing countries who have not yet grown to the extent of using the Education eLearning Platform to study, is it the country you are expecting the good network to solve their assignment and submit it? or is it their electricity that you think is stable to power their Laptop or phones before they study? what about the expenses of subscribing for assignment or update about the next class tutorial online?

I am talking about the Africa countries that are trying to enforce e-Learning to the students because they see the Europe and Abroad countries are into it does not mean that them to can afford it talk more to maintain it. If actually there want to implement it at least they should try to give long time planning and preparation and especially exposing the student to online work done or project.

The issue at hand is that Online education has come a long way in a short time but that does mean we should rapidly grow rapidly fast to evolution. If we can continue to improve quality and do a better job of fitting education of e-learning into the way people actually can learn how to adapt to it, we’ll be a lot closer to sustaining the original vision of effectively bringing high-quality education to scale.

As you can see above base on the advantage and disadvantages listed, you can basely make your conclusion about e-learning if it should be put into consideration with immediate effect or it’s should be given time with proper planning and preparation in African.

If you are reading this article right now we will really appreciate it, if you can drop your own view or comment about e-learning enforcement in African or better still your own intake about e-learning.

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