Federal Fire Service Recruitment Exam Past Questions And Answers 2023

Federal Fire Service Exam Past Questions and Answers
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Federal Fire Service Exam past questions and answers For all applicants who wish to sit for the upcoming Federal Fire Service Examination can now download the past questions.

The complete and updated Federal Fire Service Examination Past Questions and Answers are available for free here.

The Federal Fire Service (FFS) is a federal agency responsible for preventing and managing fire outbreaks in Nigeria. The agency regularly recruits new personnel to fill vacant positions within its ranks.

Federal Fire Service Examination Past Question and Answer

Which of these is not a road classification in Nigeria

a) Trunk A
b) Trunk B
c) Trunk C
d) Trunk D

The acronym for the equipment worn by an individual to prevent risk to health and safety is

a) PHE
b) PPE
d) PSE

Safety helmets are worn to protect against

a) Extremes of temperatures
b) Falling objects
c) Impacts with fixed objects
d) A, B & C

The color Blue in safety means

a) Prohibited action
b) Mandatory action
c) Safe action
d) Warning notice

The color Green safety can be used in

a) Escape routes
b) Emergency showers
c) Low passages
d) Emergency stops

The chemistry of fire includes

a) Heat
b) Oxygen
c) Combustible Materials
d) A & B

Freely burning fires fuelled by wood can be extinguished by

a) Application of water
b) Application of foam
c) Application of C02 extinguisher
d) C & D

Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire

a) Class A-ordinary combustibles
b) Class B-flammable and combustible liquids
c) Class C-electrical
d) Class D-combustible metals

The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:

a) Limiting the quantity
b) Segregation
c) Containment
d) Concentration

When was the Federal Fire Service Established?

a) 1901
b) 1991
c) 1998
d) 2001

What was the then fire service unit incorporated alongside the Lagos police called?

a) Lagos Police force Firemen
b) Lagos Police Fire Brigade
c) Lagos Firemen Controler
d) Lagos Police Firemen

When was the Lagos police fire brigade became Federal Fire Service by a act of Parliament?

a) 1999
b) 1965
c) 1968
d) 1963

What is the title of the Head of Federal Fire Service Called?

a) The General
b) The Connell General
c) The Controller General
d) The Commander General

The Federal Fire Service fall under which government ministry?

a) Ministry of Agenda
b) Ministry of Health
c) Ministry of Finance
d) Ministry of Interior

Which regime established the federal fire service?

a) British Colonial Regime
b) Surrogate British Colonial Regime
c) British condominium Regime
d) British Neocolonialism Colonial Regime

Important Notice;

If you are able to attempt a minimum of six questions, you should feel confident in sitting for the exam. However, if you attempted eight questions, don’t become complacent. The questions you’ve seen thus far are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast number of Federal Fire Service Exam past questions that are included in the question paper.

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Is the Federal Fire Service Examination Past Questions PDF accurate and up-to-date?

The accuracy and currency of Federal Fire Service Examination Past Questions and Answers PDFs can differ depending on the source and the year of the exam. Nkedugists update their materials frequently to ensure that they align with the latest changes and trends in the exam format, while others may not.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the past questions and answers for the Federal Fire Service Examination, rest assured that we have thoroughly verified them. Our sources for verification include a Qualified Federal Fire Service Consultant Instructor and Top Official Fire Recruitment Officers, who are highly trustworthy.

How to Purchase the Federal Fire Service Examination Past Questions and Answers

Make a payment of #3000 to the following account number, The past question is from the source directly which will guide you on how many hours you are to spend in the exam hall

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