FREE FUNAAB Post Utme Exam Questions And Answers For 2022/2023

FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions and Answers
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FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions and Answers for 2022/2023 can now be downloaded here, for all candidates who applied for FUNAAB Post Utme 2022.

How does FUNAAB Post Utme Post Utme Question Look Like? FUNAAB Post Utme Post Utme question always comprises of Maths, English and any two subject Papers For Science while English and any other three subjects for Art.

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FUNAAB Post Utme  Post Utme Past Questions and Answers/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

Funaab post Utme portal is now available online for all candidates who wish to apply for the Utme 2022, you can also check the online portal for Funaab post Utme form for 2022/2023 and funaab Post Utme closing date.

How Many Minutes Is Funaab Post Utme

The format of the FUNAAB exam is 10 Maths, 10 English, and 30 general paper questions(all courses) making 50 questions in all for 45 minutes. (If there will be any change in this format I will let you guys know before the exam just make sure you are subscribed to our updates here.)

FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions and Answers/preparation material is structured in such a way that if you go through it thoroughly, there is no way you won’t pass the exam….. Yes, that’s the fact.

FREE FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions And Answers Pdf 2022/2023

Are you searching for the official FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions and answers? If so the FUNAAB Post Utme questions are released here, and candidates can study the Post-UTME in the Faculties of Social And Management Sciences.

FUNNAAB Utme Current Affairs Questions

Free education was introduced in the West region by which of these premiers?

A) Chief S.L. Akintola
B) Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin
C) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
D) Chief Bola Ige

The government of one of the following countries operates an unwritten constitution

A) The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
B) The United Kingdom
C) The United States
D) Post-Apartheid South Africa

Which of these was the main organ of the defunct OAU?

A) The Assembly of Heads of State and Government
B) The Council of Ministers
C) The Liberation Committee
D) The Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration

A Nigerian who has been the secretary of the Commonwealth of Nations organization is

A) Dr. Ibrahim Gambiri
B) Chief Jaja Nwachukwu
C) Chief Emeka Anyaoku
D) Professor Adebayo Adedeji

What was the name of the highest ruling body during General Babangida’s rule?

A) The federal executive council
B) The presidency
C) The National council of states
D) Armed forces ruling council

The European Union (EU) is an

A) Economic organization
B) Union of European organization
C) Organization of European states
D) Association of former British colonies

Which of the following is NOT an acceptable means of achieving democracy?

A) Riots
B) Recall
C) Referendum
D) Initiative

A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the

A) Law review commission
B) Judicial service commission
C) The 1979 constitution
D) Civil service commission

A capitalist state is based on

A) Creating job opportunities
B) Free trade
C) Religion
D) Dictatorship

what was the primary purpose of the Sir Henry Willinks Commission of Inquiry?

A) To make lagos a british colony
B) To amalgamate Northern and Southern Nigeria
C) To allay the fears of minorities in Nigeria
D) To approve the independence of Nigeria

A major issue that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is

A) ideology
B) voting patterns
C) membership
D) objective

In the process of implementing laws, the executive sometimes performs

A) oversight functions
B) legislative functions
C) bureaucratic functions
D) judicial functions

In the Igbo political system, the most senior member of the council of elders is the

A) Okpara
B) Eze
C) Obi
D) Ofo

The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate and the colony of Lagos was in

A) 1960
B) 1957
C) 1966
D) 1914

The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the

A) judiciary
B) legislature
C) executive
D) police

The legislature performs the following functions except

A) determines the general direction of public policy
B) enforcing the law
C) exercises power of appointment of government officials
D) investigating and monitoring the activities of the officials of government

The EFCC was established to

A) arrest, detain and prosecute corrupt state governors and legislators
B) arrest and trial corrupt politicians
C) assist the world bank in monitoring economic projects in Nigeria
D) combat economic and financial crimes in Nigeria

Free education was introduced in west region by which of these premiers?

A) Chief Bola Ige
B) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
C) Chief S.L. Akintola
D) Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin

A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the

A) 1979 constitution
B) Judicial Service Commission
C) Civil Service Commission
D) Law Review Commission

Nigeria became a republic in

A) 1914
B) 1961
C) 1960
D) 1963

FUNNAAB Utme Mathematics Questions

In a town of 6250 inhabitants, there were 62 births during 1984. Find the percentage birth rate.

A) 3%
B) 1.0%
C) 2.5%
D) 5.40%

Simplify 1¼ ÷ (2 ÷ ¼ of 28)

A) 1 3/8
B) 2 3/4
C) 4 3/8
D) 3 1/5

Factorize x2 + 9x + 20

A) (x − 5) 2
B) (x + 5)(x + 4)
C) (x – 5)(x + 3)
D) (x + 3) 2

If three staff of Chukwudi and Sons Ltd. agreed to share their salary arrears in the ration of their ages, which are 18 years, 20 years, 22 years respectively. If the sum of the money collected is ₦120,000.00K, How much does the second staff receive?

A) ₦36,000
B) ₦44,000
C) ₦40,000
D) ₦15,000

X and Y are two sets such that nX = 15, nY = 12 and n{X ∩ Y} = 7. Find n{X ∪ Y}.

A) 21
B) 225
C) 15
D) 20

Find the x and y intercepts of the graph of 3x – z ≤ 9

A) (3, -9)
B) (-3, 9)
C) (-3, -9)
D) (-3, 0)

Simplify log101.5 + 3 log102 − log100.3

A) log104
B) log1040
C) log10-40
D) log104-

Find the total surface area of a cylinder of base radius 5cm and length 7cm (π = 3.14)

A) 219.9cm2
B) 157.1cm2
C) 377.0cm2
D) 298.7cm2

If x + y = 90, simplify (sinx + siny)2−2sinxsiny

A) 1
B) 0
C) 2
D) -1

A man with an annual salary of ₦2000, has allowances of ₦600. If Income Tax is 5%, how much tax does he pay each year?
A) 15
B) 20
C) 30
D) 25

Solve x2 − 2x − 3 = 0
A) x = 2 or 1
B) x = 3 or -1
C) x = 1 or 0
D) x = 1 or 2

The volume of a cylinder whose height is 4cm and whose radius 5cm is equal to (π = 3.14)

A) 313cm2
B) 145cm2
C) 314cm2
D) 214cm2



A) −Cos x + 2xSin x + C
B) −Cos x + 2
C) x2Cos x + 2xSin x + 2Cos x+ C
D) −x2Cos x + 2xSinx + 2Cos x + C

The probability of an event A is 1/5. The probability of B is 1/3 . The probability both A and B is 1/15. What is the probability of either event A or B or both?

A) 2/15
B) 3/4
C) 7/15
D) 1/15

Simplify 4 √[(390695T− 8)½)]

A) 1/T
B) 2/T
C) 5/T
D) T/5

If (159.75)10 = (y)6. Find x

A) x6 = 123.346
B) x6 = 424.56
C) x6 = 122.436
D) x6 = 124.456

A man bought a car for ₦800 and sold it for ₦520. Find his loss per cent

A) 15%
B) 25%
C) 35%
D) 10%

Simplify 6112−2¾+1½

A) 3/56
B) 4/56
C) 2/16
D) 1/3

Find the distance between the points (-2,-3) and (-2,4)

A) 3m
B) 2.4m
C) 3.2m
D) 5.1m

Determine the third term of a geometrical progression whose first and second term are 2 and 14 respectively
A) 1458
B) 1485
C) 1345
D) 1258

How To Pass FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions and Answers

  • Candidates should make sure they have the right Materials such as the Legit FUNAAB Post Utme Past Questions of Your course and study the Utme Past Questions.
  • Understand The Method How FUNAAB Operates their Post Utme Exam, you can easily ask those who are in FUNAAB
  • Get Your textbook to study, especially this textbook known as Exam Focus Textbook.
  • Work On Your Speed and Accuracy
  • Have A Relatively Good O/level Result
  • Kill That Anxiousness of you getting scared or wanting to finish early
  • Don’t be Late to your exam Venue, instead, be 30min early
  • Have the Confidence in God and Believe in your Ability To Come Out in Flying Colours

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