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How Do I Get My Original Waec GCE Certificate: If you are a students who is searching for how to get your original GCE Certificate then you should be considering the importance of the GCE results. Don’t get yourself stress out because Nkedugists know how you feel on getting your original GCE certificate.

The truth is that many students who sat for the Gce Exam have been asking about how they can collect their own certificate, where can they collect there original Gce result and the requirements for collecting it too. Actually, Nkedugists have done basic enquiries about GCE results from Waec Official twitter Page and on how to get WAEC GCE certificate. let get started.

How Do I Get My Original Waec GCE Certificate?

The issue about this is that anything GCE RESULT you are on your own unlike WAEC Private which make provision for your WAEC certificate to be sent to the school where you registered for the examination. Those who sat for WAEC external (GCE).

How Do I Get My Original Waec GCE Certificate

How Do I Get My Original Waec GCE Certificate

Where Can I Get My WAEC GCE Certificate? 

To get your WAEC GCE certificate you have to go to the nearest WAEC office to house. It is advisable to search on Google or ask people around if you do not know the WAEC office that is nearest to you. Also know that you can only get your GCE certificates from WAEC Zonal and Branch offices in charge of the state where they sat for the examination.

Do they Have Expiring Date of Issuing WAEC GCE Certificate?

Mind you, there is a fix day for collecting GCE Certificate depending on the year you wrote the GCE examination. This date can be seen on the noticed board. The required document which you must present before you can get your GCE Certificate is also on the noticed board.

For example, if you wrote the GCE exam in 2019, and 2019 set falls on Tuesday, you will have to go on that day. If you go on a different day, the officials might not attend to you. When you go for collection, at a specified hour, an official will come out and address you on the process. Depending on the population, you might spend the whole day there.

What is the Requirements for Collecting My WAEC GCE Certificate?

  • One passport photograph: To get your original GCE certificate you need your recent passport in a red background. This passport will be on the certificate that will be issued to you.
  • Photo card: Also, you are expected to come with your photo card. For those that don’t know what WAEC GCE photo card is, note that it is the card that you used when taking GCE examination.
  • Print out of your GCE result: More so, you need your GCE result. This will prove that you actually took the GCE examination.

Can I Get Another WAEC GCE Certificate If Misplaced or Lost?

The truth is No you can’t get another original Waec gce certificate if misplaced or lost. Instead, WAEC will issues statements of result to the owners of lost certificates or, when necessary, confirms their results for a fee.

How much will it cost Me to get My original WAEC GCE certificate?

The Official West African Examination Council (WAEC), stated that the price for getting WAEC GCE cartificate is just N3,550.00. This fee must be paid in full to WAEC before the certificate will be issued to you. So many students fall victim of not collecting there result at the year that their result was issue.

If you are among them, kindly see the amount you will have to pay to collect your original Waec gce certificate.

  • 1-4 years: N3,500
  • 5-9 years: N8,500
  • 10-14 years: N13,500
  • 15-19 years: N18,500
  • 20 years and above: N23,500

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Can I Send Someone to Get My original WAEC GCE CERTIFICATE?

Actually, base on some of our correspondence we spoke with they said sending someone is like you pouring water to the stone. What it means is that is not advisable to send someone to collect your original result on your behalf no matter the reason. But you know Nigeria anything can happen when you have the money but is not advisable.

In conclusion

Nkedugists advise students to try to get there Original Waec Gce result he moment the result is been issue to the public. Nonetheless, if you encounter any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us  your questions using the comment section below this post.

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  • Thanks so much for the information but is there no way I can get the specific day for 2011 & 2012, like you said they wouldn’t attend to us unless we go on the specific days

    So how does one know our specific day because going to and fro to realize that day is not for one is heartbreaking

    • What you have to do is to go to the office and book your day… You might be lucky to be attended to or maybe giving a date to come back.

  • Thanks for the information but the problem I have is that, I went to the place I registered for the exam and the person today me that you can no longer go to waec office for your result that you will have to order it online and it will take at least 30 days so I paid for it but its been 2 months and I haven’t seen my result pls I need immediate response, I really need it in school for clearance.

    • Good morning sir/ma
      I’m shoetan memunat labake. I wrote Gce in year 2015.please I need the original certificate for my school purpose.

  • Good evening please I need my original waec gce result because I’m not in the state I wrote d exam. I’m currently in Ebonyi and I wrote d exam in ogunstate and I need to get the original result before Monday please 🙏 how will I do it dis one you said we can’t send another person to get it for us

  • Good day sir ma how things be you over here. I’m Akinola Omowale Idris. I wrote GCE year 2021. Please forsake i need original certificate I need it in institute. You can contact 07081691805

  • Sir, I wrote my 2016, which date or day can I get it? I need it urgently for my admission approval by open University this week.

  • Good day Sir/ma

    Am Edward Glory pls how can I get my original certificate I wrote my in 2011 and I need pls I was told to go to jos to get it but am living in Abuja pls how can I go about it please

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