How Many Days Will It Take Jamb to Mark and Released My Jamb Score?

Writing jamb before Waec
Writing jamb before Waec
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How Many Days Does Jamb finish their Exam Result 2021: Jamb has modernized their facilities to something amazing during the past years it has been mainly paper and pencil but because of the insecurity and high cost of producing writing materials hitherto used for the Paper Pencil Test, as well as transporting the materials across the country, CBT was then Introduced says Mr. Ojerinde

During the days of the Paper and Pencil Test results are not released immediately it takes one to two full weeks before the concluded Jamb result can be released to the candidates before Jamb CBT was introduced.

Jamb CBT is a fast process used to conduct examinations that are really capital intensive, and beneficial to everyone both the candidate and the Jamb Board. Jamb CBT makes it faster for every Jamb candidate to have easy access to their Jamb result or score in their comfort home before reprinting.

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If you are asking for How many days does Jamb finish exam result? How many days does Jamb finish its exam result in 2021? How many days does Jamb finish their exam result out? If you are asking for How many days does Jamb finish exam result? 2022? The answer is that Jamb finishes their result within two days and the result will be texted to you via SMS. and after three days you can then go and print it out.

If your Jamb score is not released to you within two days don’t get panic because all scores result will be released even thou is not sent to you via text message it might be uploaded online on the Jamb portal to check.

The only way you cannot access your Jamb result or see your result is when your centre is comprehended as a malpractice centre or maybe Jamb Board cancel the Jamb day exam result due to some reasons or maybe you didn’t submit your score.

How Long Will It Takes Jamb Result or Score to Come Out?

Do you know that it takes two days for Jamb to release your Jamb score or result?  If you are asking how does Jamb Mark each subject? The answer is Jamb total record is over 400 for the four subjects.

This means  each subject is 100 mark, for instance, this is the four subject

English 100

Mathematics 100

Chemistry 100

Biology 100 total is 400 marks. so you are expected to score from 180 and above till 400

This is how Jamb mark their Subject 1 question carries 2.5 marks let say

If you score 20 out of 40 questions in Chemistry is 20 x 2.5 = 50

If you score 23 out of 40 questions in Biology is 23 x 2.5 =  58

If you score 19 out of 40 questions In Physics is 19 x 2.5 = 48

If you score 40 out of 100 questions In English is 40 x 2 = 80

Note that:
 Jamb English Marking is different from other Jamb subjects because is 70 question that is in English while the rest of the subject questions are 40 this applies to both Science or Art Subjects

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