How Do I Change My Name on My Waec Result Online For 2022/2023

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How to change waec date of birth online: If you are a Waec candidate who is in search of How can I change my Name on Waec Result or date of birth then kindly see the procedure below to make your correction.

Every registration is always accomplished with some mistakes which The West Africa Examination Council WAEC Board knows, every year almost 5million candidates register for WAEC certificates which means typographical errors can not be completely ruled out.

On this page we will be looking at some questions such as How to change Waec date of birth online? Can I change my name on my Waec result? How can I change my Name on my Waec result? Waec correction of names or date of birth on your WAEC certificates, step by step procedure is given for the questions.

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How Can I Change My Name or Date of Birth on My Waec Result

According to WAEC new law starting from 2017 Amendments/Correction of Date of Birth has stopped the correction due to the rising cases of candidates falsifying their ages for some reasons to suit their interest which was released on their Waec Twitter page has been stopped.

Please Note that WAEC would not entertain any request for amendment of date of birth after Results had been released.


This Notice affects all candidates or students whose results have been released and certificates printed or gotten, so if you didn’t notice the mistakes until you have written your waec then have it in mind that you can no longer affect changes to your Date of Birth or change of Birth.

So for you to change either the wrong name of your waec result or  the wrong date of birth in Waec certificate, you need to go to a Waec office around you with the following documents required which are:

  1. Your birth certificate ( not age declaration)
  2. Stamped affidavit of correction of name or Date Of Birth from High Court
  3. The Waec Certificate to be corrected
  4. Copy of Passport photograph on the registration form (if still available)
  5. Application letter to Waec for correction of details.

If you are still having issues with this procedure on How to change waec date of birth online you can kindly drop us a comment below, Nkedugists team is already present to help you out.

How much is Waec Charges for Correction of My Name or Date of Birth on My Waec Result?

If you are a candidate who is searching for how much is the cost for changing or correcting my name or date of birth on my waec result then kindly know that the sum range from ten thousand Naira (#10,000) to Fifteen thousand (#15,000) this effect correction of date of birth or change of name in Waec certificate.

Zonal Waec Head Offices in Nigeria are Listed Below

In case you want to visit any Zonal Waec office Centre to change the waec correction of your name and date of birth on your waec result then you need to check the list of some Zonal Waec Centre in Nigeria below which are;

Abuja Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
Secretariat Road, Gwagwalada.
P.M.B 67, Garki, Abuja-FCT.
Tel: 08131622534
Email: zcabuja@waec.org.ng, waecabuja@yahoo.co.uk

Port-Harcourt Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
Plot F/26 Diobu, No. 2, Sam Wobo Street,
Off Sanni Abacha Road GRA Phase 3.
P.M.B. 5326, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.
Tel: 084-901205-9
Email: zcportharcourt@waec.org.ng, bcportharcourt@yahoo.com

Benin Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
Exams Council Avenue,Off Benin-Auchi Road (Opposite Water Reservoir)
P.M.B 1234,Benin City, Edo State.
Tel: 052-875481; 876483; 875484, 08025383319
Email: zcbenin@waec.org.ng, waecbenin@yahoo.com,

Ikeja, Lagos Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
Plot 16,18 & 20, Ijaye Road, Ogba Estate,
P.M.B 21582, Ikeja, Lagos State.
Tel:01-7731743, 8939438, 8939460
Email: zcikeja@waec.org.ng, zcwaecikeja@yahoo.com

Owerri, Imo Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
11/13, Isiukwuato Street, Aladinma Housing Estate,
P.M.B. 1478, Owerri, Imo State.
Tel: 083-230879; 233325; 234355, 08135788384, 08118918951
Email: zcowerri@waec.org.ng, zcowerri@yahoo.co.uk

Uyo Waec Head of Centre

The West African Examinations Council
Ikot Ayan Ikono, off Abak Road
P.M.B. 1099, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.
Tel: 08169364425, 08169364458, 08169364479
Email: zcuyo@waec.org.ng, uyobc@yahoo.com

How long does it take for Waec to correct wrong date of birth or name in Waec certificate?

Are you asking how long will it take the correction of date of birth on my waec result to be collected? If so kindly know that it takes about 6 to 12 months for WAEC to change your name or date of birth in your WAEC result.

The duration of time is not that much but if you can’t wait for 6 months or above, then apply for attestation of result. It is faster and you can correct your name and date of birth in the process.

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  • Pls..how do I correct my waec result since it hasn’t been released yet and wev not written d exam ,we just registered… So how can I correct my errors

    • I went to WAEC office yesterday after i collected my Original result from school and then discovered they misspelled my name
      My name was spelled as “Maruelues” instead of “Marvelous” i told them but they said i should go and come back while one of them encourage me not to waste My time as they is nothing thier can do.
      I’m 2021 candidate i don’t know if there’s anyway you can help me!!🙏🙏

    • Please sir/ma I want to add one name with my son name register with you and yet to do the exam. The old name is SALAUDEEN ABDULMOJEED AND CORRECTED NAMES is SALAUDEEN ABDULMOJEED FERANMI

  • I went to WAEC office at Ogba office today to do a change of name.The woman said WAEC is not changing name

  • I have just registered for the 2021 WAEC exam and I would like to correct my DOB, I hope It can be changed since neither have I sitted for the exam nor the result has been released, kindly help me.

  • I had registered for WAEC 2021,i made my thumbprint months ago, with the wrong date of birth, I hope I can made the correction now before the exam begins.
    Yours sincerely.
    Musa Abdulkarim.

    • Pls I did my WAEC 2005 and I just went to collect certificate view days ago and it come with wrong date of birth. Pls is there any way to correct this.


    • In a birth certificate, there is always a tendency of writing all your names except you choose to ignore them. If so just write only the name on your birth certificate to avoid going to court to sue an affidavit.

    • What you have to do is to go and sue an Affidavit of change of Name correction to that printout and then use it.

  • I wrote mine 2013 I had wrong date of birth and never had time for education but now I want to use it and apply for school, it’s affecting me. I need help

  • Pls sir i have incorrect year in my weac resuilt and the resuilt is been realsed before i see it
    sir wat can i do

  • Pls sir on my waec result my middle name is different from my national identity card and I want to register for jamb this year so I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about that

  • One of my students name is Akorede Robiu but on the print out it was written Akorede Robin and is 2022 registration. Can we correct it before their exam and will that cost us?

  • Please I just registered my waec and am using 2002 since I was born but my aunty now wrote 2000 please help me out

    • is not an issue what you have to do is to kindly get your date of birth certificate and get an affidavit statement to back up your date of birth.

  • How can I change my waec date of birth through online. Because I am living in Bauchi State an also, Bauchi is not among state’s list on top of your comments. I want to correct it on line.

  • Please I want to change my name I wrote wace 2019 how can I change my name
    My name is iheanacho joy mmesomachi but the wrote it ihemacho joy mmesomachi

  • Good day please I want to change my date of birth of my certificate and went to weac office at yaba and they said there is nothing they can do please help

  • I want to change my name from Adeniyi Abass Francis to Adeniyi Abass Oluwatimileyin
    Please WAEC people should help on this
    I have been to your office the staff are just sending me from one office to another.

  • Please I just resigter for wace and I want to change my wace name the wrote Anyanwu Lucy iheoma instead of Anyanwu Lucy ihuoma please help me change my name

  • Please i wrote my waec in 2006 but they make mistake instead of writing female they wrote male how i correct it is urgent please help me and Stephnie has been in all my documents but they wrote Stephine

  • Sir please how can u help we are going to start the exam on tuesday and my name is written like this adabale adijat olajumoke instead of “adabale adijat olajumoke”

  • I sat for waec in year 2017 when I saw my name on my and date of birth on my answered sheet book let the spell of my surname and date birth was wrong I complain to the principal and he did nothing about it can I still able to amend my waec certificate

  • Good evening, it seems with everything I read I cannot change my date of birth on my waec certificate anymore … but incase one need it for international reasons and the don does not align with your passport what am I suppose to do?someone said international bodies don’t respect our court affidavit …

    And please I have another question please, is transcript from one’s school or jamb , I want to know which dob will be on it

  • Pls I’m a candidate of the passed 2023 waec examination and during my first paper I discovered that my name was wrongly spelt instead of ‘Foloki alaba it was Foloki alabi,and have been to the waec office twice now to correct the error but the waec officials said the correction of name has closed when the result is not yet out.please I need help and advice.

  • I want to change date of birth and I wrote waec in 2014. Instead of 07/07/1994 they wrote 03/03/1992 Please help me out

  • I am a candidate of 2023 waec examination. I want to change my other names in my waec results. Please I need help and advice

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