How To Choose First, Second and Third Choice Institution In Jamb 2024/2025

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For the upcoming or ongoing JAMB Registration candidates will be required to fill out the Jamb Form and the choice of Institution is also required from you. Now you are faced with the choice of Institution or how to choose the first, second, and third choice in jamb.

It is a simple process how to choose the first, second, and third choice in Jamb, if you want to make a better selection of institution during your Jamb registration make sure your institution is less competitive, has cheaper school fees, is less demanding of sorting, and accurate in regulating admission.

Method To Use In Selecting Your First, Second, and Third Choice Institution in Jamb

  • Know Your Goals
  • Research Institutions
  • Check Institution Requirements
  • Think About Your Location
  • Institution Accreditation Matters
  • Know the Institution Cut-off Marks
  • Consider Your Budget
  • Pick your top choice first, then have alternatives in case.
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Which University Accepts Second Choice In Jamb

Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State University, Novena University Ogume, Delta State University, Federal University Ndifu-Alike, and Ebonyi State University all accept second choice for direct entry.

So many universities do not accept second-choice candidates anymore unlike before. Do you know that is very easy for candidates to select a popular university as their second Choice without knowing about the lists of Universities that accept second choice for admission?

Check here for the full list of Top Universities That Accepts Second Choice For 2024/2025

Can I Choose Two Federal Universities in Jamb?

The answer is No, during your Jamb registration, you will be asked to choose a first, second, third, and fourth institution, what it means is that you are to select only one federal university, followed by the State University, then Polytechnic and institute management school.

If you filled in a federal university as a second choice, the university won’t give you admission. Make sure that your school of choice of university should be your first choice be it state or federal because so many universities don’t accept second choice anymore.

Can I Choose Two State Universities in Jamb?

Yes, you can select two state universities. Many Nigerian universities prefer being listed as the first choice in your JAMB application since first-choice candidates often have a higher chance of admission priority. Then the second choice can come in which is a state university.

How Many Hours Is Jamb Exam and Does Jamb Dash Mark or Scores

If you are asking if Jamb adds 40 marks to candidates who wrote Exam Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 or Day 4? The answer is that sometimes Jamb adds marks to some candidates’ scores which are mainly Day 1 and Day 2.

Why does Jamb add marks or scores to some Jamb candidates and not add to all Jamb candidates? Let me explain, if you have been following Jamb lately you will notice that Jamb mostly added marks to Day 1 and Day 2 candidates who wrote the first and second stages of the Jamb exam.

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