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How To Earn Money on JUMBOEARN
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How To Earn Money on JUMBOEARN: Are you a student? Are you a graduate? Are you good at writing? Do you have experience or no experience with blogging? if you can answer the question then get ready to make money without much stress and much hard work.

Have you ever think of making money online? by just posting online, answering of quiz and many more you can earn a good income. Then let get started I will tell you about this website called JUmboearn.com. On this website, you can make a lot of money by just blogging as part-time. All the information you need will be listed below here.

How To Earn Money on JUMBOEARN

In this platform, you don’t really need a Qualification or Credential to guarantee you earning, as far as you can read and write couple with you been creative then you can earn big. we are going to review everything you need to know about jumboearn

How to Becoming A Member

For you to be a member you will need to register on our platform and instantly you earn a registration bonus of ₦100. This is a welcome bonus, more points are to be added when you start other activities on the platform.

You need to Start Creating Post

After becoming a member what to do next is to be creating a good post and you earn ₦100 per each post you create! i.e. if you create 5 posts in a day you earn ₦500. That’s not all, You also earn ₦20 for each comment you get on your post i.e. if you get 10 comments on your post you earn ₦200.

Do you know that you can also earn ₦40 for every one thousand views on your post if you are a blogger and have organic traffic to the post? Every day you post on the daily keyword list, you earn a higher amount up to ₦1000

Do you know that Every publisher/participant earns money via activities, by login into their Jumboearn account daily and sharing a sponsored post to Facebook and other social media?

Affiliate Commission Bonus

The moment you register as a member, you become an affiliate after a successful registration. Now the sweetness about this affiliate commission is that you get a commission payment of ₦1,000 per each person you refer that joins the forum through your referral link or username.

Just imaging,  that you refer or bring about 10 people in a day to register under you using your referral link, the good part is that you have automatically gotten ₦10,000 in earnings in a day,  so you see how Jumboearn Income opportunity daily look good, The more people you refer, the more you earn so I will advise you work on that mostly.


How To Earn Money on JUMBOEARN

How To Earn Money on JUMBOEARN

In total review about all this will Summarize it by outline it for you again

The registration membership fee is ₦1,600
Affiliate commission is ₦1,000
Daily Login is ₦50
Creating post: ₦100
Getting a comment on your content: ₦20
Daily viral share on your Facebook timeline: ₦100
For every 1k daily views on your content: ₦40
Withdrawal Threshold is ₦5,000 for Referral and ₦3,000 for activities
Referral is absolutely optional!


  • For you to join Jumboearn Forum, you need to register and fill a form or kindly click Registration form. 
  • You will be asked to add an activation code. Once you complete the form and add your activation code your account will be created.


There are two ways in which you can get an activation code, which are:

Method 1

  • You will be asked to make payment with your debit card or better still you can buy our activation code with your ATM card. Once you make payment and email will be sent to your email, the email contains your activation code in which only you can use. Then you copy the code and use it to register. Very simple!!

Method 2

  • You can also buy from our distributors. You can buy from our distributors, all you have to do is chat them up on WhatsApp. When you chat them go straight to the point and request an activation code. They will now provide you with their account number to make payment in which if they confirm your payment they will send you an activation code for you to register. Note that the activation code is sold N1,600.

How To Cash Out / Earning Withdrawal

On Jumboearn Publisher Project, they have come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or ending up getting frustrated. You can make a withdrawal from the wallet menu on your dashboard.

If you have any issues in this article published here, drop us a comment below via the comment session below. we promise to reply you back within 24hours

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