Trying To Get My Profile Code Why Is Jamb Not Sending My Profile Code?

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Why is Jamb not Sending My Profile Code? Many complain has been going on since past few months such as why has Jamb not send me my own Jamb Profile Code? Have not received my Jamb profile code since I send NIN to 55019 e.t.c.

Don’t be bothered because Nkedugists cover all the news surrounding jamb Profile code and sending of NIN to 50019. Actually, Jamb has introduced a method to candidates of linking their phone number to Jamb in other to get a Profile Code.

Now that National Identification Number (NIN) has been officially introduced, Jamb adapts it and makes it compulsory for all candidates to link their NIN NUMBER TO JAMB by sending NIN NUMBER to 55019 in other to get their Jamb profile code.

If you are asking how to receive Jamb Profile Code? kindly see the example below on how to get your Jamb profile code For Example NIN 73183234762 to 55019… Please use your own nin number to do yours.

Why Is Jamb Not Sending My Profile Code?

The reasons why some Jamb candidates have not receive their Jamb profile code is sometimes the fault of the candidates, or NIMC. For all the candidates that send NIN to 55019 in other to receive the JAMB profile code via text message but haven’t received it yet.

These are some reasons why Jamb have not send your Jamb profile code via text message to you which are


The Sim Card you are about to use to get your Jamb profile code should have enough Call Card (airtime) to send the SMS with – Minimum of 150 Naira. receiving the JAMB profile code is not free like the normal free SMS that you sometimes can send for free, Jamb charges N50 for a message you send.


If you are a candidate who is seeing this kind of text reply from Jamb NIMC ERROR OR NO RECORD FOUND, kindly no that your number has not been properly linked with NIN, and if you have linked your number with NIN and you are still seeing that Nimc error then have it in mind that your NIN registration was not properly done.

The fault is from your NIN registration, kindly go to your nearby NIN Office and recapture again and make sure your NIN registration/Recapturing is properly done, and link your number to it


Many candidates make so many mistakes when trying to get their jamb profile code, they input wrong data such as sending Card TRACKING NUMBER  to 55019 instead of your NIN NUMBER to 55019.

Check your input if they are all correct, some candidates even type 55109 instead of 55019. All these kinds of mistakes can make you not to get your Profile code.

If you are a Jamb candidate who has gotten his/her Jamb profile code, can you please tell us how many days it takes you to get yours? your tips will go a long way in help others not to panic.

Additional TIPS if your profile code has not been sent to you upon trying every means to send your NIN multiple times to 55019.

If you are asking after all the reason mention and yet you have not still received your profile code then see this procedure below on

Easiest Solution on What To Do To Receive Your Jamb Profile Code

JAMB profile code usually becomes something of a challenge due to the regular system upgrade of a database. Thousands of candidates are trying to send their NIN to 55019 for receiving their profile code, thus, network or system clashes, can you imagine?

Now, I want to show you how or what you should do, step by step to get your JAMB profile code. If your profile code for 2021 is delaying to get or delivered to your sim card while you have sent your NIN to 55019, please follow the guides below and contact JAMB directly.

  • Candidates are to proceed to the online payment platform or click this link here

how to receive Jamb Profile Code

      • how to receive Jamb Profile Code
  • Click on the green colour button which says  “Create Support Ticket”how to get my profile code for Jambhow to get my profile code for Jamb
  • Click On No and a page below will display
Why is jamb not sending my profile code

Why is jamb not sending my profile code

  • Fill the form above

Email address

Name as it is on your national ID card

Valid telephone number

Select nature of your complaint from the dropdown


If your case is too deep which requires images for clearer understanding, you can also upload a screenshot but make sure that it should not be above 5mb

Finally your message(s) and click send

If you have any questions base on this post you can kindly drop your comment below in our comment box and we promise to get back to you within 24hours Time.

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