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NIN CODE For Airtel and How To Link Airtel SIM with Your NIN

Airtel NIN registration code
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Airtel NIN registration code: Actually is no longer news that all Sim users are expected to link their NIN to their SIM card, there have been so many issues with linking their sim with NIN which is why Nkedugist decided to share some tips on how to link the NIN.

So many questions you are asking such as a code to link NIN to airtel, an airtel NIN registration link, and how to link NIN to the airtel line. The network service has different patterns of linking, here are the easy steps to take in linking your sim with your NIN.

How To Link Airtel Sim With NIN

The way to link your Airtel Sim with your NIN is by dialing *121# on the Airtel line you wish to link. kindly Type 1 for “NIN Capture” and send. Enter your 11-digit NIN and send.

Do you know that for you to link your sim with your NIN or search for the NIN code for airtel? you must make sure that you have National Id Card that bears the NIN number for you to link it.

Easy way how to Link your NIN To Airtel Phone Number kindly Dial the USSD code, *121*1# on your phone and send it, it is applicable for all users who are using airtel sim numbers.

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your phone number. Just dial *121*1# now to link, and *346# to know your NIN.

The NIN registration code for the airtel network is *121*1#.  The short new airtel code is *121*1# and If you are in search of an airtel NIN registration link then kindly see it here.

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How to Unlink NIN Number From Airtel?

If you are searching for how to unlink your NIN Number for Airtel kindly dial 121 with your airtel line and follow the procedure.  You can follow these simple steps by steps on how to unlink your NIN number from the AIRTEL SIM CARD.

  • Kindly Dial the USSD code 121 with your Airtel Line to connect to airtel service care
  • Speak with the agent that receives your call, don’t be scared to speak with them and your location.
  • The purpose of calling should be told. If you want to unlink your NIN from Airtel, pls don’t be rude when talking with the customer service care
  • Customer service will unlink your NIN from your airtel after you have discussed the reasons why you want to unlink your NIN from your airtel sim card.

Shortcode For Airtel NIN Registration

  • Kindly Dial USSD code *121# on the Airtel line you wish to link.
  • Type 1 for “NIN Capture” and send.
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN and send.

How to check NIN on Airtel

If you want to check if your NIN linking was successful on your Aitel Simcard kindly Dial *346#, then on the options displayed, Select “NIN Retrieval” by typing 1 (Follow other steps required to check your National Identification Number, NIN). The charge cost fee is 20naira for the transaction 


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