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Huntingtower Scholarship
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Huntingtower Scholarship is an Australian scholarship. Huntingtower School is a co-educational, independent school located in Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia. The school offers a variety of scholarships to students, including academic, general excellence, and music scholarships.

Academic scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and potential. These scholarships are typically offered to students in Years 7, 9, and 10, and cover up to 50% of tuition fees.

General excellence scholarships are awarded to students who excel in a particular area, such as sports, visual arts, or performing arts. These scholarships are also typically offered to students in Years 7, 9, and 10, and cover up to 50% of tuition fees.

Music scholarships are awarded to students who show exceptional musical ability and potential. These scholarships are available to students at all year levels and cover up to 50% of tuition fees. Students who receive a music scholarship are expected to actively participate in the school’s music program and contribute to the musical life of the school.

To apply for a scholarship at Huntingtower School, students must sit an examination administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and provide an electronic portfolio for review. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited for an interview with the school’s principal or delegate. The scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the principal.

Huntingtower Fees

The tuition fees at Huntingtower School in Mount Waverley, Victoria, Australia, vary depending on the year level and the type of enrolment (full-time or part-time). As of 2021, the school’s tuition fees for full-time students are as follows:

Year Level Tuition Fees (per term) Tuition Fees (per annum) Resources Levy (per term) Resources Levy (per annum)
Early Learning Centre (3-year-old) $1,025 $4,100 $80 $320
Early Learning Centre (4-year-old) $2,050 $8,200 $80 $320
Foundation, Years 1 & 2 $2,955 $11,820 $240 $960
Years 3 & 4 $3,735 $14,940 $245 $980
Years 5 & 6 $4,430 $17,720 $245 $980
Years 7 & 8 $5,305 $21,220 $320 $1,280
Years 9 & 10 $5,630 $22,520 $350 $1,400
Year 11 $5,875 $23,500 $350 $1,400
Year 12 (3 terms only) $8,010 $24,030 $470 $1,410

Other compulsory fees for Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia

Fee Year Level Per Annum
Excursions, Incursions & Bus Charge ELC – Year 6 $100
Bus Charge (for compulsory excursions and sport) Year 7 – 12 $340
Urban, Middle School Programs & Duke of Ed Bronze Year 9 $880
Laptop device (subsidised cost incl. case and bag)* Year 7 $1000

In addition to tuition fees, there may be other costs associated with attending Huntingtower School, such as uniform expenses, textbooks, excursions, and co-curricular activities. It’s important to note that these costs can vary from year to year and are not included in the tuition fees.

Huntingtower Scholarship

Huntingtower Scholarship

Huntingtower Ranking

According to the Better Education website, Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, is ranked 15th out of all schools in Victoria, based on the academic results of its students.

This ranking includes both public and private schools in the state. While according to the Huntingtower website, they are said to rank 8th in Victoria.

Is Huntingtower a private school

Yes, Huntingtower School is a private co-educational school located in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded in 1927 and is affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia. As a private school, Huntingtower charges tuition fees and has its own independent governance structure.
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Huntingtower Swimming

Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, has a swimming program as part of its physical education curriculum. The school has an indoor 25-meter swimming pool which is used for swimming lessons, aquatic sports training, and recreational swimming.

The Huntingtower swimming pool is heated and has a modern filtration system, and students are supervised by qualified swimming instructors and lifeguards.

In addition to swimming lessons during the school day, Huntingtower also offers an after-school swimming program for students who want to further develop their swimming skills. The school also participates in swimming competitions and events organized by different sporting associations.

Huntingtower Parent Portal

Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, has an online parent portal called the “Parent Lounge”. The Parent Lounge is a secure platform where parents can access a range of information related to their child’s education and school life, including:

  • Attendance records
  • Academic reports
  • School calendar
  • Timetables and class schedules
  • Fees and billing information
  • School policies and procedures
  • News and announcements

Parents can also use the Huntingtower parent portal to communicate with teachers and other staff members, submit permission forms for school activities, and update their contact information. The school provides login details to parents at the start of each academic year.

Do Huntingtower offer Scholarship?

Yes, Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, offers a range of scholarships to students who demonstrate excellence in academics, sports, the arts, or leadership potential.

The Huntingtower scholarships aim to support and recognize outstanding students, and to provide financial assistance to families who may not otherwise be able to afford the full tuition fees.

The Huntingtower scholarship application process typically involves an assessment of academic records, references, and an interview with school officials.

Huntingtower Scholarship applications are usually open towards the end of the year for the following academic year. It’s important to note that scholarships are highly competitive and that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee the award of a scholarship.

Who is eligible for the Huntingtower scholarship?

Eligibility criteria for Huntingtower School scholarships may vary depending on the type of scholarship being offered. However, in general, eligibility for scholarships is based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic excellence: Students who have consistently achieved high academic results in their previous schooling and are predicted to continue to do so at Huntingtower School.
  2. Sporting excellence: Students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a particular sport at the state, national, or international level.
  3. Artistic excellence: Students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the visual or performing arts, such as music, drama, or visual arts.
  4. Leadership potential: Students who have demonstrated leadership skills and potential in their previous school, community, or extra-curricular activities.
  5. Financial need: Scholarships may also be available to students who have demonstrated financial need.

How Do I Apply For Huntingtower Scholarship?

To be considered for a Huntingtower Scholarship, all candidates (including current Huntingtower students) must take the ACER examination and submit their electronic portfolio for review. You can apply here. Or contact them at their official email

Shortlisted applicants and their families will be invited for an interview with the Principal or their delegate, and scholarships will be awarded based on the results of the examination, portfolio review, and interview at the Principal’s discretion.

It should be noted that scholarship results are not shared between schools, and candidates must take the Academic exam at Huntingtower on the specified date to be eligible

Portfolio Requirements

All applicants are asked to provide an electronic Scholarship Portfolio.

Please include the following documents in the Scholarship Portfolio:

  • Cover letter with a statement written by the student, explaining why they would like to be considered for the Scholarship and how they believe attending Huntingtower would impact their future and what they would bring to Huntingtower.
  • ACER online registration form
  • School Report – please provide the latest full year school report (Semester 1 and Semester 2)
  • A copy of the latest NAPLAN results
  • Copies of any certificates of achievement, Sporting ability/achievements, Music ability/achievements, Leadership achievements and Community Service.

If you would like to include a reference from a teacher, principal, sporting organisation, church group, community service organisation, etc. (this is not essential), please feel free to do so.

Current Huntingtower students are not required to provide written references from their teachers.

On the Day of the ACER Exam

All scholarship applicants (Academic, General Excellence and Music) must sit this Academic Scholarship Examination.

The Academic Scholarship Examination will be held at Huntingtower on:

Date – Academic Scholarship Examination – Saturday 11 February 2023
Venue – Huntingtower
Arrival Time – Please arrive no later than 8.30 am
Conclusion – Approximately 12.00 pm

What to bring on the day of the ACER EXAM?

  • Some form of identification of the candidate which indicates the full name.
  • Two HB or B pencils, a pencil eraser, and two blue or black pens.
    Please do not bring rulers, mathematical instruments of any kind, programmable watches, mobile phones, photographic or other image/data capturing devices, books or notepaper.

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