Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) Exam Past Questions and Answers

ICPC Recruitment Exam Past Questions
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Get Your ICPC recruitment exam past question PDF Compilation of Frequently Repeated Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) Recruitment Exam and Aptitude Test Questions with Answers:

Before progressing to the next stage of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) recruitment, all applicants are required to successfully complete and pass the ICPC exam. Please note this important requirement.

The ICPC exam is an online-based test that encompasses four key knowledge areas, all administered in a single sitting. These subject areas include

English language
General mathematics
General studies relevant to ICPC job roles
Current affairs.

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ICPC Recruitment Aptitude Test Study Guide

Which section of the ICPC Act is concerned with the offenses of corruption and related matters?
a) Section 9
b) Section 26
c) Section 47
d) Section 63

Which branch of the Nigerian government oversees the ICPC?
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Civil Society

What is the primary function of the ICPC in Nigeria?
a) Regulating the stock market
b) Investigating and prosecuting corruption cases
c) Promoting tourism
d) Providing healthcare services

Which section of the ICPC Act deals specifically with the penalty for public officers who accept gratifications, and what is the maximum penalty stated in that section?
a) Section 10 – Maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment
b) Section 8 – Maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment
c) Section 25 – Maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment
d) Section 18 – Maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment

In the ICPC Act, what is the key provision that outlines the protection and reward mechanisms for whistleblowers?
a) Section 18
b) Section 31
c) Section 39
d) Section 47

Which of the following is NOT within the jurisdiction of the ICPC in terms of investigating corrupt practices?
a) Cases involving federal government agencies
b) Cases involving state government agencies
c) Cases involving local government authorities
d) Cases involving private sector organizations

Under the ICPC Act, what is the primary duty of public officers regarding their assets and liabilities?
a) To declare their assets and liabilities annually
b) To hide their assets from public scrutiny
c) To declare assets only upon request from the ICPC
d) To disclose assets and liabilities only to their immediate superiors

Which section of the ICPC Act empowers the Commission to investigate financial crimes and related offenses?
a) Section 13
b) Section 32
c) Section 44
d) Section 58

According to the ICPC Act, which of the following is NOT a duty of the Commission?
a) To prosecute cases of corruption
b) To prevent corrupt practices
c) To recover proceeds of corrupt practices
d) To issue passports to public officers

In the context of the ICPC, what is the purpose of the “Corruption Risk Assessment” process?
a) To identify opportunities for corruption within government agencies
b) To rank public officials based on their corruption risk
c) To assess the economic impact of corruption
d) To promote transparency in public procurement

What is the maximum duration for which an individual can be banned from holding public office under the ICPC Act for corrupt practices?
a) 5 years
b) 10 years
c) 15 years
d) 20 years

Which section of the ICPC Act specifically addresses the powers of the Commission to investigate and prosecute corrupt practices?
a) Section 11
b) Section 20
c) Section 30
d) Section 40

According to the ICPC Act, what is the maximum penalty for obstructing an ICPC investigation?
a) Maximum penalty of 3 years imprisonment
b) Maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment
c) Maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment
d) Maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment

Are The ICPC Recruitment Exam Past Questions and Answers Accurate and Up-to-date?

The accuracy and currency ICPC of  Exam Past Questions and Answers can differ depending on the source and the year of the exam. Nkedugists update their materials frequently to ensure that they align with the latest changes and trends in the exam format, while others may not.

Before using the material for exam preparation, it’s essential to authenticate and confirm its accuracy. You can do this by verifying the questions and answers with other trustworthy sources, such as official textbooks and study guides, or consulting with a qualified instructor or tutor.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that past questions and answers PDFs do not guarantee exam success. Although they can be helpful study aids, it’s critical to develop a comprehensive understanding of the exam content and to practice critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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