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Today ASUP STRIKE 2021 Updates:  If you asking If is true that the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) has declared a nationwide strike? The answer is YES,  which is scheduled to commence from April 6, 2021, over “culture of neglect by the Nigerian government on issues affecting the technological education sub-sector.’’ As stated by ASUP President, Anderson Ezeibe.

ASUP President, Anderson Ezeibe, accused the Federal Government of insensitivity, saying despite receiving the union’s notice of strike, the government has failed to reach out to members with a view to resolving the controversial issues.

The Polytechnic lecturers have made their minds open to the public and the Government by threatening to embark on strike from April 6, if their demand over what they described as unresolved issues with the Federal Government.

ASUP STRIKE 2021 Updates. MR. Ezeibe has bewailed and stated some issues facing polytechnics in the country that had lingered for too long and required urgent attention which has not been giving.

He said: “Because of the general lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 last year, we could not go on strike again. When we resumed around October last year, our national executive council resolved to press for these demands. However, aside from the issues that prompted us to want to go on strike, other matters have cropped up. Yet none of the original issues have been resolved conclusively. It is obvious government is not serious. Ordinarily, they will tell you that there is no money, but what about issues that do not require financial intervention?

“Federal Polytechnics in the country have no governing councils since May last year. So, what it means is that approval of staff appraisal activities cannot be carried out. Principal officers cannot be appointed because such requires the approval of governing councils,” he added.


Today News on AASUP STRIKE 2021

  • The country have no governing councils in the Federal Polytechnics ever since 2021 May last year. So, what it means is that approval of staff appraisal activities cannot be carried out. Principal officers cannot be appointed because such requires the approval of governing councils,” he added.
  • Workers are being owned 10 months arrears of minimum wage since 2019, while promotion arrears for 2017 are still being owed.
  • Government failing to inaugurate National Commission for Polytechnics. He said polytechnic is the only arm of tertiary education sub-sector that does not have a commission.
  • ASUP STRIKE 2021: Issue of Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS). The issue of the third-party deduction is still there unresolved. They deduct money for cooperative societies, which are not remitted.

All this are the reasons why ASUP are going on Strike which are unresolved and the government is just paying lip service,” Ezeibe added recently, the Accountant General of the Federation wrote 19 federal polytechnics, alleging that they have tax liabilities of N19 billion, which they plan to recover from members. This was done without any form of verification or reconciliation”

Is ASUP going on strike? Today’s news on ASUP Strike is that the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) has insisted that there is no going back on its strike action billed to commence on Tuesday, April 6.

He said: “Universities and Colleges of Education have one, Basic and Nomadic Education has as well. It is the only polytechnic that does not have a commission regulating it. It is very important because it means we are not properly regulated. Assuming we have a commission, some of these problems would have been addressed.”

Ezeibe advised the government to commence productive and purposeful negotiation with the union, saying that is the only way out of the impending strike.

He said: “Government should commence productive negotiations with ASUP so that we can start solving these problems. We would like to see a government that is serious about restoring polytechnics to its pride of place.

What is your in take base on this Issue of ASUP going on strike? Do you think is the best decison to take? If you are a student in any of the federal Polytechnics can you give us a feed back on this issue?

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    • Pls we’re tied of all this kind of things that’s happened covid have spoil about everything especially part of education, aspirant who supposes leaves schools last year in now on the school again.. jus take look into this kin of situation person who have two years program is getting to four years program in poly… all these because those people that are a head of the situation if you view their histories none of them have a students inside poly in fact even in the universities, they all carry their children to abroad for studies , so tell me why they’ll no go on strike…. God help us in this niga we’re no thing without you…

  • It is a qood act as asup will, becuz dat is de only wey FG can look to dere case.
    but wat pains me most is whr re dose pple children schlin? u can see any of dem in a public schl, we dat re in public schl will surfer 4 it

    • Jande, you are right is the poor masses that suffer all this strike, the pain is much on many students. Imagine finishing Polytechnic within 4year or University four years but because of the strike, the student might finish 6years… I just wish that Asup and Assu get Justice.

  • We’ve been home for months due to the pandemic…Resumed only a few months back…now strike!this is so unfair….for how long will this be???

    • Actually, the governments are making it difficult. Do you even know that the Federal Government has not still fulfilled the ASSU promise they made as of last three-month aga? Now is ASUP.

  • Nigeria government at large does not value our worth, imagine spending five years in school, after graduating your result is meaningful in some organization. This discrimination should be stop once all for all.

  • It’s our earnest prayer that the federal government should give a listening ear to our cry, very painful, during pendamic we are at home for a year returning to school just a few months now asup strike.were are we going? When will this stop? What is the hope of polytechnic students? After finishing the program the polytechnic students will also face discrimination.we will not be tired to pray for better Nigeria. polytechnic students that are theoritically oriented and practically nurtured.

  • Hmmmmm sometimes I even feel like crying we are in polytechnic and we are hoping to apply for DE immediately after polytechnic,but the question is when is that going to happen with all this strike of a thing?we are praying to finish school and find a job at least to be dependent but to no avail.come to look at this we the ladies,we are getting older and yet not married all in the name of going to school but it’s not it bcos our ministers, Governors and Allah the polyticians and rich people’s children are not attending any of the public schools that they do not give a damn to our educational background?.to me this is not fair at all.they did not offer free education to us and still they are trying to snatch our happiness from us.but God is watching over.

    • Actually Maryam you are really making a good view opinion… No matter how hard we try to meet up to the government rules and leadership even when is not favourable to us, thinking it will end someday that moment is when it becomes so difficult. Government don’t really have the people’s interest in mind. God is watching as you said. The truth is that we don’t need to depend on what the government offer but what we can offer ourselves in this country…

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