How To Check Jamb Caps Accept Admission Status For 2023/2024

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Jamb caps Accept admission status is what every student who participated in the jamb process needs and any student who also applies for the post-UTME to any university really needs this present information.

Nigerian University’s admission had been something else because sometimes you will be waiting for your admission name in the University school portal but you might not see it, in the end, you will lose focus because your name was not shortlisted. You can check your Jamb result checker portal here.

But let me surprise you that Jamb also gives admission if you can agree with me they also shortlist names, so the best thing to do is to log in to the jamb portal to quickly access your admission name.

Do you know that if Jamb gives you admission, you have automatically gotten admission even though the school didn’t shortlist your name, so why only wait for your university to shortlist your name whereby you can check it in the jamb portal to confirm if you are admitted?

Nkedugist, we not only provide you information only on How to check your Jamb Admission Status on Jamb Caps 2023 Portal we going also look at the way you will Accept or Reject Your Admission in the Jamb portal.

Are you ready for this information on how to use the jamb portal to check if you are admitted? let’s get started.

How To Check If You Are Admitted by Jamb

1. Enter your Jamb profile here or click https://www.jamb.org.ng/eFacility_/Login#

How To Check Jamb caps Accept admission status for 2020/2021

How To Check Jamb caps Accept admission status for 2023/2024

2. Enter your email and Password in provided space given.

3. Click on Check admission status 2023.

jamb caps

Jamb Caps

As you can see no admission is given yet to the owner of this Jamb profile.

jamb portal

jamb Caps.

Jamb caps 2023/2024 is easy to accept or reject the admission. kindly check the free method on how to check Jamb caps 2023/2024 which is Enter your Jamb profile here or click https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Efacility, Enter your email and Password in provided space given, and Click on Check admission status 2023.

Students that are admitted should accept their admission as soon as they can, so the process of their admission can be completed.

Can I Use My Phone To Check My Jamb caps 2023 and Accept Admission Status

Admission Status is usually hidden on smaller phones. If you are using a phone, it may not be possible to determine if Admission Status is on CAPS. Most phone users will only see the welcome message and not the option to check Admission Status.

So what you need to do when using Phone to check, is to kindly change the phone chrome to desktop mode on the Chrome browser, then the Jamb caps admission status page’s button changes and reflects the portal”

But If you are offered admission and you like the school then click on accept admission. If you have not been offered admission then keep checking back don’t give up.

Note that: Once you accept your admission status, your admission door is closed for that year.

If you are checking with your phone and see welcome while you click on CAPS, don’t be annoyed. Just use the desktop version to see the menu and then click on check admission status (Click on the three dots on Google Chrome Browser and scroll down to see the desktop site).

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Accept Admission Status

if you are given admission then what are you waiting for? To accept your admission on the Jamb caps portal, simply click on the accept button. There is a button to accept your admission on the admission status checking page. Accept the admission if you are okay with the school and course you are offered admission to study.

Reject Admission Status

Admission might be given to you and maybe the school or course given to you is not what you apply for, then you are opportune To Reject your admission on the Jamb caps portal, simply click on the Reject button. nkedugistadvise is that students should be careful when declining/rejecting admission because that might be the only admission they might have that year.

  • What Is Jamb Caps Portal Market Place?

In this place Jamb caps marketplace is where you are been made marketable by Jamb. Jamb advertises your Score to Various institutions. The schools now decide whether to admit you or not.

Most time, Jamb Market place is a result of you not meeting the requirements of the school you applied to (Low Jamb and Post Utme Score). So long as admission is still in progress, there is a high chance that you will gain admission.

This is where we are going to stop, so any other questions you have that we didn’t answer, kindly please drop them down in our comment box below and we promise to answer you immediately after we receive your message thanks for reading.

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