Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress In My Jamb Portal 2022/2023

Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress: Many applicants are worried about some kind of changes they are seeing in their Jamb Portal such as admission in progress, how long does admission in progress last? does admission in progress guarantee admission?…kindly check below to see it.

If you one of the applicants who is also facing one of these issues in  Admission Status on the CAPS Portal, you will need to know the meaning of admission in progress in Jamb, let get started with the topics we are covering.

  1. Meaning of Admission in Progress in Jamb
  2. How Long Does admission In Progress last
  3. Caps Admission In Progress
  4. My Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress
  5. Does Admission In Progress Guarantee Admission

Meaning of Admission in progress in Jamb

Jamb defined Admission in Progress as you been choosing on the proposed admission list of JAMB and the school. The two parties are checking you and several other candidates to know if you meet up the admission criteria and requirements. It’s as simple as saying “admission is in process”.

Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress

Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress

How Long Does Admission In Progress Last

The truth is there is no specific date or month given base on how long does admission in progress last. The moment you saw admission in progress or caps admission in progress in your jamb portal just kindly be checking back later because you can tell when it will change to admitted.

Note that: Admission into any university in Nigeria, comes out batch by batch, sometimes your Jamb caps showing admission in progress can change base on the starting of letter courses.

For Instance, if I applied for Engineering course and someone else applied for Computer Science course the person admission in progress cap will change before mine because of the “C” Computer. So no specific date for when admission in progress will change.

My Jamb Caps Showing Admission In Progress

In full explanation, you will believe me that every candidate who applied for Jamb, choose 4 Jamb subject, Upload his/her WAEC RESULT on JAMB PORTAL, and Wrote Post Utme. With all this Jamb will be cross checking your document, to see if you had the right JAMB score for the school, the required mark in the post UTME/screening, and complete O’level subjects and grades for your proposed course.

So If you are an applicants who saw Admission in progress in Jamb Portal, kindly be happy and have hope because it is likely that you have met the requirements by Jamb and awaiting your school to admit you based on the recommendation data jamb have send to your Universities or Polytechnics.

Does Admission In Progress Guarantee Admission

Uhmm… Just imaging a situation whereby you gave a student all the key tutorial ranging from textbook, past questions paper to study, at the end will you expect the students to fail? that is the picture here.

So if you are asking Does admission in progress guarante admission? The answer is NO it does not really guarantee admission but you must check your jamb portal to know when your Jamb Caps Admission In Progress changes.

Jamb work with Univeristies, that is why some times you hear candidate saying why have Jamb giving me admission but school has not? it is because Jamb await your University to approved your admission because they believe you deserve it.

It all depends on the school you have chosen. Less competitive universities might give you admission immediately, but high competitive Universities might take weeks or months before changing to admitted or might not even change.

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  • My jamb caps just changed to AIP today and jamb is closing on the 15th of June for admission giving,will my caps change to Admission offered before jamb closes,or is it possible that they will offer me the admission after closing.

  • My jamb caps is showing me sorry you have not been been given admission yet. But my school portal is showing me admission still in progress check back later. Please what do I do ?

    • Because Jamb is working with your data so is 40/60 that your admission can be given to you or not… Which University did you apply to?

    • Jamb why na? now is almost 3month my admission status still in progress Pls you people should offer us admission pls and pls thank you so much

  • My has been on aip for close to 3weeks now. And I’m so much peaced off abt it…
    What is the solution pls. Wat fit I have to do?

  • My jamb caps is showing me your admission is being processed is it the same thing as your admission is in process
    And is getting to two months now since is still showing your admission is being processed

  • My own is that my admission is in progress for 1 month now, it just change to not admitted.. 😥 but my unical portal is showing this reg number is yet to be admitted. So what can i do.

  • Mine i showing admission in process since and we are in august i applied to unilag it changed to aip through transfer approval am i safe

  • School has admitted me but my jama caps is showing me ‘admission is being proceed for over three month now

  • I check my jamb caps on transfer approver then I saw accept for your school to be able to give you admission,I accepted does it mean that the school must surely give me or not

  • My admission status is still showing admission is being processed but the school has given me through text messages do I still need to write another jamb for the jamb caps to give me admission ?

    • As Time goes on within two to three weeks your admission portal should change and if didn’t change you will need to visit your school to check if you are giving admission.

    • Mine was from the transfer approval and then i accepted it, for a while the course the gave me changed on the jamb calps and started showing admission in progress check back later, one week later it still changed back to not admited.so does it mean they are not going ti offeme admission?

  • I scored 184 in jamb, and I applied for education and chemistry university of uyo, since they don’t offer me admission I applied for supplementary with Geology, now education and chemistry is still on my jamb cap and my Cap is showing “admission in progress” which course am I admitted to? am confused

  • my admission have been showing in progress, check by later for a week now after i was transferred from my first course to the one which was given to me by the institution which i have already accepted is this a problem?

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