Jamb Civic Education Questions and Answers For 2023/2024

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Jamb Civic Education Exam Questions and Answers for free for all Jamb candidates are now available. The Jamb biology exam questions are now trending online, you can use them for guidelines to study.

Jamb exam questions are logical in the sense that all the answers option look alike or exactly which made it so confusing and make many candidates fail

Jamb Civic education exam questions are not hard or difficult, if you can use a sample of our Jamb Civic education exam questions and answers available here for guides you will pass.

If you have not still covered the 2023 Jamb Civic Education syllabus kindly do because Jamb we set questions from the syllabus. You only need to read using the JAMB Biology syllabus as a guide to know the JAMB topics to cover before the Jamb exam day.

Having said that, let’s quickly go to Jamb Civic Education questions and answers. Use them to prepare for the JAMB mock and examination.

Jamb Civic Education Exam Questions and Answers For All Jamb Candidates

1. Members of a society are expected to adhere to societal values for the following reasons?

A. enhancement of development
B. Improvement of self-dignity
C. reduction of social vices
D. relegation of morality

Correct Answer: B

2. Discipline is described as the

A. ability to show hospitality
B. state or quality of being brave
C. tendency to fight
D. ability to behave in a controlled manner

Correct Answer: D

3. The saying ”ask for what you can do for your own country and not what your country can do for you” denotes that

A. The country owes you no obligation as a citizen
B. citizens have both constitutional rights and obligation
C. fundamental rights are to be safeguarded by the citizens
D. service and reward do not go together

Correct Answer: B

4. In contemporary society, youths can display a nationalistic role by showing the following attitudes except

A. discouraging corrupt practices
B. exploiting the environment for the betterment of the people
C. contributing to the development of the society
D. showing indifference to national issues

Correct Answer: D

5. The defense of the territorial integrity of a country by her people is part of?

A. political participation
B. political culture
C. self-determination
D. duties and obligation

Correct Answer: D

6. An agency established by the federal government of Nigeria to protect rights of citizens is

A. center for human rights and development
B. human rights watch
C. legal aid council
D. human rights monitor

Correct Answer: A

7. The universal declaration of human rights (UDHR) was adopted by?

A. Economic Communities of West African states (ECOWAS)
B. United Nations Organisation (UNO)
C. African Union (AU)
D. European Union (EU)

Correct Answer: B

8. The best means through which individual rights can be safeguarded is

A. knowledge acquisition
B. judicial independence
C. press censorship
D. improved standard of living

Correct Answer: B

9. The effect of queuing up in public places is?

A. orderliness
B. transparency
C. honesty
D. humility

Correct Answer: A

10. A father that effectively discharge his duty towards children could be described as?

A. philanthropist
B. celebrity
C. responsible parent
D. permissive father

Correct Answer: C

11. Nation-state is synonymous with

A self-actualization
B liberation
C sovereignty
D nationalism

Correct Answer: C

12. A fundamental component of political culture is

A social values
B community structure
C family values
D economic values

Correct Answer: A

13. A form of oligarchy in which gifted people are at the helm of affairs is

A aristocracy
B plutocracy
C theocracy
D gerentocracy

Correct Answer: A

14. A state that is ruled by an elected citizen is

A a monarchy
B a republic
C a plutocracy
D an empire

Correct Answer: B

15. A true democracy in the modern sense exists where the

A elected representatives rule
B majority of the people vote
C majority of the people rule
D elite rule

Correct Answer: A

16. In a parliamentary system, when the legislature passes a vote of no confidence on the executive.it means that the

A executive is expected to go on suspension
B executive is required to resign
C legislature ceases to trust the executive
D legislature commences legal proceeding against the executive

Correct Answer: B

17. The legislative body of the United States of America is the

A Parliament
B Congress
C National Assembly
D Council

Correct Answer: B

18. Unicameralism is a feature of the legislature in

A Israel
B the United Kingdom
C the United States
D Ghana

Correct Answer: A

19. The upper house in most federal systems is created to

A ensure equality of federating units
B oversee and check the lower house
C prevent excesses of the executive
D enable experienced elders make inputs to governance

Correct Answer: C

20. In which of the following systems is the power of the component units more than that of the central government?

A Monarchical
B Unitary
C Federal
D Confederal

Correct Answer: D

21. One of the general tenets of fascists doctrine is that a leader is

A supreme relative to the constitution
B surbodinate to the laws of the state
C weak relative to the constitution
D surbodinate to the norms of the society

Correct Answer: A

22. In a cabinet system of government, executive power is exercised by the

A head of government
B president
C monarch
D dorminant party

Correct Answer: A

23. The principle of separation of powers is best practiced in the

A presidential system
B monarchical system
C parliamentary system
D feudal system

Correct Answer: A

24. A typical form of delegated legislation is

A an act
B a decree
C a bill
D a bye-law

Correct Answer: D

25. The rights of a citizen can be withdrawn by the state if the person

A opposes the government violently
B is convicted of a serious crime
C leaves the country permanently
D is pronounced dead

Correct Answer: B

26. An electoral process in which candidates are selected for elective offices by party members is

A primary election
B bye election
C electoral college
D general election

Correct Answer: A

27. In theory, one major advantage of the one-party system is that it

A eliminates intra-party conflict
B promotes greater mass participation in government
C serves as an instrument of national integration
D guarantees social justice

Correct Answer: C

28. A tactic employed by pressure groups to achieve their objectives is

A memorandum
B propaganda
C electioneering campaign
D lobbying

Correct Answer: D

29. Public opinion can be measured through

A negotiation
B strike action
C referendum
D rumour

Correct Answer: C

30. Which of the following is the main function of the civil service

A implementing government policies
B supporting the party in power
C Allocating resources to the fedearting units
D Mobilizing grass root support for government

Correct Answer: A

31. Which of the following is not a skill for settling inter-communal conflict?

A. war
B. dialogue
C. mediation
D. arbitration

Correct Answer: A

32. One of the advantages of inter-communal relationship is that it ensures the?

A. existence of totalitarianism
B. domination of the minority by the majority
C. domination of the majority by the minority
D. enhancement of security

Correct Answer: D

33. Which of the following skills negates the promotion of interpersonal relationships?

A. tolerance
B. selfishness
C. caring
D. kindness

Correct Answer: B

34. Which of the following is not a common way by which people abuse drugs?

A. ingestion
B. intrusion
C. inhalation
D. injection

Correct Answer: B

35. The establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) by the government was a measure to?

A. make drugs available to the masses
B. prevent drug abuse
C. encourage the use of drugs by the masses
D. support importation of drugs

Correct Answer: B

36. A common repercussion for drug abuse is?

A. medication
B. rehabilitation
C. brain drain
D. memory loss

Correct Answer: D

37. Which of the following is a way of preventing drug traficking?

A. foreign scholarship
B. employment
C. motivation
D. indulging offenders

Correct Answer: B

38. A major consequence of human trafficking is?

A. promotion of rural-urban drift
B. decline in literacy rate
C. increase rate of youth employment
D. increased exploitation of the ignorant

Correct Answer: D

39. Human trafficking results in all of the following except?

A. prostitution
B. Migration
C. criminality
D. welfare

40. The group of individuals in the society that are most prone to human trafficking are?

A. women and children
B. youths women and men
C. men and vulnerable children
D. old and weak individuals

Correct Answer: A

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