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Jamb day3 Questions and Answers For 2022. If you are among the Jamb candidate who is writing the Jamb exam on the 9th  which is the Day3 exam date and you are asking about JAMB DAY1 or Jamb Day2 orJamb day 3 QUESTIONS AND ANSWER FOR 2022 then you can see some questions that depend on the subject selection of your exam.

Jamb exam date is categorized according to days, so is not only Jamb Day3 we have. There are other days if you are asking how many days Jamb finishes their exam? The answer is that Jamb uses five to six days to finish their exams so you can say we have Jamb Day1, Jamb Day2, Jamb Day3, Jamb Day 4, and Jamb Day 5

If you are asking how many hours or duration of time will be given to you on your Jamb exam day? have it in mind that the Jamb exam time duration is not up to 2 hours it is approximately 1:30minute or 1:45minute.

Jamb day3 questions and answers are categorized according to courses of Subjects. If you want to get the questions and answers for the Jamb Day3 have it in mind that you are writing your own exam on day4, you don’t really need the questions and answers because Jamb doesn’t give the same questions they set for day 1 to day 2 rather they shuffle it.

Jamb Economics Questions For Exam Day 3 Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

The privatization of public enterprises will lead to efficient management of resources in the economy. This statement can best be described as_____________

A) deductive reasoning

B) positive reasoning

C) normative reasoning

D) inductive reasoning

The type of business finance that entitles the holder to a fixed rate of dividend is______________–

A) bank load

B) debenture

C) preferred stock

D) semi-fixed

In the long run, all production factors are____________

A) variable

B) fixed

C) semi-variable

D) semi-fixed

Commercial bank reserves at the Central Bank____________

A) advancing trade, prospects

B) controlling credit and money supply

C) reducing bank fraud

D) discouraging banking operations

If the standard deviation of a given data is 8.2, find its variance_______________

A) 82.0

B) 91.8

C) 67.2

D) 4.1

The ultimate objectives of economics is to_________?

A) decide under what circumstances the government should intervene in the economy

B) Organize production at the lowest cost

C) Make the best use of scarce resources

D) make efforts to understand how the economy works

The savings deposit in a commercial bank is called____________?

A) near money

B) call money

C) capital

D) fund

A major determinant of the demand for a luxury good is____________?

A) the price of other goods

B) the price of the good

C) tastes and fashion

D) the income of consumers

When a variable is associated with time period, it is_____________

A) circular

B) a flow

C) static

D) a stock

The factor of production that has the highest degree of mobility is__________?

A) entrepreneurship

B) land

C) labour

D) capital

The minimum number of share holders for joint stock companies is_______________

A) 4

B) 2

C) 7

D) 3

If a demand curve that intersects a perfectly inelastic supply curve shift is rightward, then____________

A) only the quantity will increase

B) The prices will remain constant

C) the equilibrium price and quantity will increase

D) only the price will increase

The basic economic problems of society include___________

A) scarcity, for whom to produce and where

B) what to produce, how, and for whom

C) how to produce and sell

D) how to produce and sell

In an open economy, the GNP is measured as_____________?

A) C + 1 + G(X-M)

B) C + 1 + G

C) C + 1 + G + X

D) C + 1 + G + M

In a developing economy, productivity is measured by the____________

A) output – labour ratio

B) capital – output ratio

C) output growth rate

D) Output per capital

The need to construct a scale of preference is necessitated by____________

A) scarcity and the need for choice

B) The need to satisfy wants

C) Non – availability of factors of production

D) Scarcity of resources

The privatization exercise in Nigeria is a move towards a____________

A) command economy

B) mixed economy

C) subsistence economy

D) market economy

The mean is the best measure of central tendency because it__________

A) can be calculated from incomplete data

B) is a balancing point in an observation

C) is a midpoint value in an array of data

D) is not affected by extreme values in a data

The current stage of the economy is depicted in curve I. The movement of curve I to II suggests___________

A) an Improvement in capital goods technology but not In consumer goods technology

B) a movement from unemployment to full employment

C) that the output for the society has declined

D) a gain in consumer goods technique and not in capital goods technique

When elasticity is zero, the demand curve is_____________

A) circular

B) downward sloping

C) perfectly inelastic

D) concave

Which of the following is not a direct tax?

A) capital gains tax

B) purchase tax

C) personal income tax

D) capital tax

A limited liability company is owned by________________

A) a bank

B) an individual

C) two or more partners

D) shareholders

If the price elasticity of demand for a good is 0.43 an increase in the price of the goodwill result in____________

A) a decrease in profit by 43%

B) an increase in profit by 43%

C) a net loss

D) a net gain

The money paid per hour for work done is_________

A) cost

B) salary

C) bonus

D) wage rate

From the graph above the consumer will attain equilibrium at point_______________

A) J

B) K

C) M

D) L

By utility we mean____________

A) beneficial

B) power of satisfying a want

C) advantageous

D) consumable

Concentrating industries in one place is advantageous because there are gains in terms of_____________

A) cost economies

B) economies of scale

C) internal economies

D) external economies

The effects on the demand for product A caused by a change in the price of product B is Called____________

A) Joint demand

B) cross-elasticity of demand

C) elasticity of supply

D) competitive demand

An upward movement along the same supply curve result is_____________

A) a decrease in price

B) an increase

C) an increase in quantity supplied

D) a decrease In quantity supplied


Jamb English Language Questions For Exam Day3 Morning, Afternoon, and Evening


Business executives selling industrial and high price-tag customer goods have come to the……16…..[A. realization B. conclusion C. level D. point] that there should be a better approach to buyer-seller……17……[A. relationship B. existence C. agreement D. friendship]. In Nigeria, a new brand of salesmanship is emerging. Today, such……18….[A. concepts B. words C. clauses D. definitions] as consultative selling, relationship marketing, and value-added selling have become common catchphrases with professional salespeople. Salespeople are now….19….[A. emerging B. reversing C. dangling D. shifting] from pushy, hard-selling to consultations, playing a business advisory and problem-solving roles for their customers. Customers ….20….[A. interest B. awareness C. view D. service] has assumed a higher dimension. Salespeople and their companies are beginning to realize that they only want to stay in business and possibly be ahead of….21….[A. distribution B. competition C. consumption D. production] is to give adequate attention to the needs of customers. Salespeople and business executives beginning to understand that customer….22….[A. respect B. dignity C. loyalty D. obedience] is what ensures a robust bottom line. The only way to do this is to give special attention to the needs of customers. First-time purchase is the beginning of a relationship. We now have a very…..23…..[A. tangible B. rowdy C. sensitive D. desirable] marketplace in which people feel a need for personal intimacy and excellent service. In fact, some customers want to be pampered. They want customized service. They want a salesperson who comes to them with a…..24….[A. prior B. full C. biased D. simple] knowledge of their needs and has a ready-made solution to their problems. The ability to….25….[A. analyse B. present C. organize D. discuss] the needs of the customer and provide adequate information that helps the customer to make informed purchase decision are attributes that the modern customer respects and appreciates a good professional sales people.

Passage I

Millons of people today are in serious ‘debt’. This can be a major factor in wrecking their cars, damaging their careers and even ruining their marriages. It can adversely affect their health and lifespan. It is a deficit that contributes to immune suppression, creating susceptibility to various infections. Conditions as different as diabetes, heart diseases, and extreme obesity, as well as other health problems have been linked to it. Yet, most victims are oblivious of this debt. The debtor is the one who does not have enough sleep needed for well-being. This can be caused by voluntary sleep deprivation resulting from a person’s life-style or by involuntary sleep deprivation because of illness and other causes. Medical researchers estimate that the earth’s population is now getting on the average an hour less sleep per into both the variety of sleep-related illnesses and their impact on the quality of life.

The medical world once viewed the chronic inability to sleep as just one disorder, commonly called insomnia. However, a commission created by the U.S. Congress recognized 17 distinct sleep disorders. At any rate, insomnia has so many causes that it is often considered to be a symptom of other problems, much as fever suggests some sort of infection. Even occasional deprivation of sleep can be disastrous. Consider the case of Tom, although an experienced truck driver, he plunged his 18-wheel vehicle over an embankment, spilling 400 litres of sulphuric acid onto a major highway. Tom admits: ‘I fell asleep.’ Students of two U.S. highways estimated that drowsy drivers caused some 50 per cent of the fatal crashes.

With hundreds of thousands of sleep-related auto and other accidents happening annually, the worldwide coast to productivity and family is enormous. What factors may contribute to lack of sleep? ‘One is the social phenomenon often called 24/7- operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The newspaper, USA Today, described this as a cultural earthquake that is changing the way we live, noting that a new wave of round-the-clock retailers and services is profiting by mocking the clock. In many lands, people watch all-night television programmes and access the internet when they should be sleeping. Then there is the toll taken by emotional disorders, often involving anxieties heightened by stress occasioned by the pace of life. Also, there are a variety of physical diseases that can contribute to lack of sleep.

Many doctors note how difficult it is to get their patients to take sleep seriously. One doctor complained that chronic fatigue is even considered ‘a status symbol’ by some. And because their condition often worsens very gradually, victims of sleep deprivation may not recognize that they suffer from a serious sleep disorder. Many of them reason, ‘I’m just getting old’ or I’ can’t cope with life, so I tend to shut down’ or ‘I’m tired all the time because I can never get the long rest I need.’ Reversing this sleep debt is a complex challenge. But understanding how a healthful sleep cycle works and learning to identify the signs of sleep debt can provide the motivation to change. Recognizing the symptoms of a serious sleep disorder can save lives and this should be a warning to many Nigerians, particularly those who engage in long night journeys.

The expression ‘mocking the clock’ as used in the passage, captures the.
A) phenomenon of retailers making a lot of profit because they operate at night

B) fact that retail business is a waste of time

C) total disregard of time by retailers and services

D) fact that the time available to retailers and services is not enough to do good business

In the first sentence of the passage, the word ‘debt’ is quoted because
A) it has been used for a special effect

B) it has been used in the first sentence

C) of the seriousness of the matter it addresses

D) it is capable of destroying people

From the passage, doctors find it hard to convince their patients of the gravity of lack of sleep because

A) it is caused by a variety of reasons

B) the patients are often tired and cannot get enough sleep

C) people believe that it enhances one’s personality

D) its impact on the patient is slow

The word in capital letters has emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates.

LAM called Uche a pilot?

A) What did Lam call Uche?

B) Did Okoro call Uche a pilot?

C) Did Lam call Uche a driver

D) Did Lam wish Uche to be a pilot?

Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options. The syllables are written in capital letters.

The girl DANCED in the village square.

A) Who danced in the village square?

B) Is this the village square where the girls dance?

C) Did the girl dance in the village square

D) Did the girl sing in the village square

Choose the option that rhymes with the given word.


A) brown

B) frown

C) gown

D) phone

Choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options. The syllables are written in capital letters.


A) CEremoniously

B) CeREmoniously

C) CereMOniously

D) CeremoNIously

Jamb Government Questions For Exam Day3 Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

In 1979, the non-aligned member states were
A) 21

B) 27

C) 37

D) 19

E) none of the above

Which of the following was the secretary general of OPEC?

A) Jibril Aminu

B) Aret Adams

C) Dalhatu Bayero

D) Rilwan Lukwan

Which of the following countries pioneered the idea of ECOWAS alongside Nigeria?

A) Liberia

B) Togo

C) Cote d’Ivoire

D) Mali

Which of the following international organizations were in existence before the Second World War?

A) The UNO

B) The OAU

C) The League of Nations


A) Secretariate

B) Security Council

C) General Assembly

D) Economic and Social Council

Following the reform of the Native Authority system in Northern Nigeria ,traditional rulers became

A) Council

B) Chief-and-Council

C) Prefects

D) Chief-in-Council

Under whose regime were Akwa Ibom and Katsina States created?

A) Gen Murtala Muhammed

B) Gen Ibrahim Babangida

C) Gen Sani Abacha

D) Gen Yakubu Gowon

A) Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission

B) President of Nigeria

C) Chief Justice of Nigeria

D) President, Court of Appeal

Rhodesia was the former name of

A) Zimbabwe

B) Swaziland

C) Zambia

D) Namibia

A) promoting Nigeria’s leadership aspiration in Africa

B) attaining equal status with the world powers

C) fulfilling a basic requirement for acceptance in the UN Security Council

D) insulating Nigeria against having to take side in the Cold War

The structures of the African Union includes

A) the court of justice, pan African congress and peolpe’s Assembly

B) pan African parliament, the court of justice and the peace and security conucil

C) sepcialized Technical commission, the court of justice and humanitarian board

D) people’s Assembly, Humanitarian Board and the peace and security council

The African leader mostly credited for spearheading the formation of the African Union is

A) Muammar Ghaddafi

B) Abdelaziz Bouteflika

C) Abdoulaye Wade

D) Thabo Mbeki

The founding members of OPEC are

A) Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

B) Nigeria, Libya, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia

C) Venezuela, Nigeria, Libya, Iran, and Iraq

D) Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Venezuela


In a federal state, power is shared

A) between the central government and the local authorities

B) among the major regions of the federation

C) among the major regions of the country

D) between the central government and other co-ordinate units

In a federal system of government, the central is

A) superior to the other components

B) inferior to the other components

C) equal to the other cmponents

D) of unlimited jurisdiction


A major objective of the Public Complaints Commission is

A) Training and promotion of public servants

B) Settlement of disputes among individuals

C) Addressing the grievances of individuals and groups

D) Fighting corruption and indiscipline

The country that championed decolonization in Africa was
A) Nigeria

B) South Africa

C) Ghana

D) Kenya

One of the programmes binding members of the Commonwealth is the

A) Food and aid programme

B) Cultural programme

C) Agenda for peace

D) Scholarship scheme

ECOMOG at the initial stage of its intervention in Liberia was perceived as

A) Central

B) Incompetent

C) Partisan

D) Invaders

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A major drawback to the NEPAD initiative is its

A) Articulation by few African leaders

B) Affiliation by few African unions

C) Inability to empower the youth

D) Reliance on Western donors for funds

Quota system and federal character principles were entrenched in the 1979 constitution to ensure

A) loyalty

B) Economic empowerment

C) Equity

D) Even development

In Nigeria, the agency mainly responsible for the maintenance of internal peace and security is the

A) army

B) navy

C) civil defence corps

D) police

The National Assembly in Nigeria is primarily responsible for

A) Executing laws

B) interpreting laws

C) Ratifying appointments

D) Making laws

The major factor militating against the efficient operation of electoral commissions in Nigeria is

A) Inadequate public support

B) Population size

C) Inadequate skilled manpower

D) Excessive political interference

The Sharia legal system was first introduced in the Fourth Republic in

A) Kano State

B) Katsina State

C) Zamfara State

D) Sokoto State

The main focus of Nigeria’s foreign policy since independence centers on

A) South- south cooperation

B) Sub-regionalism

C) Globalism

D) Afrocentrism

Military intervention in Nigeria arose from

A) perceived incapability of civilians to govern

B) international pressure for change

C) the desire for a military government

D) civilian’s desire to relinquish power

The first institution introduced by the military to exercise legislative power was the

A) supreme military council

B) armed forces ruling council

C) federal executive council

D) provisional ruling council

The central objective of privatization in Nigeria is to

A) Reduce the retrenchment of workers

B) Encourage prompt payment of salaries

C) Improve standard of living

D) Improve the efficiency of enterprises

Jamb Literature Questions For Exam Day3 Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

This question is based on Ferdinand Oyono’s The Old Man and the Medal ”We are here to die of rage! say die of rage because this time the uncircumcised have gone too far….”
The word uncircumcised in the statement above by Nti refers to

A) Nua and Mvondo

B) the whites

C) the people of Doum

D) the white farmers

This question is based on Ferdinand Oyono’s The Old Man and the Medal.

The only two sons of Meka die fighting for

A) independence

B) the colonialists

C) the church

D) their people

This question is based on Ferdinand Oyono’s The Old Man and the Medal.

In the novel, Africanness is achieved in both

A) setting and characterization

B) narration and style

C) diction and syntax

D) pun and style

This question is based on Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood.

What prompts Nnu Ego to run to the effigy of her Chi is that

A) she is worried and sick

B) she is pregnant

C) the Chi asks her to come

D) For Protection

This question is based on Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood.

In the society of Nwokocha Agbadi, a man’s social rating is determined by his

A) oratorical power

B) physical prowess

C) gentle mien

D) altruistic actions

This question is based on Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood”look at me jubilant for being given another opportunity to live longer, and see this foolish woman eager to end her own life when her maker is not yet ready for her…”

The opportunity referred to in the extract above is

A) the misunderstanding between Nnaife and his wife

B) narrowly escaping being knocked down

C) the driver’s encounter with Nnu Ego

D) ominous visit of Agunwa

This question is based on a selected poems from Ker, D. et al (eds.):New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, W. (ed.):Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K.E. and Vincent, T. (eds):A selection of African poetry; Umukoro, M. et al (eds.): Exam Focus Literature in English; Eruvbetine, A.E. et al (eds.); Longman Examination Guides; Nwoga, D.I.(ed.); West Africa Verse and Adeoti G.: Naked Soles.

Thorn in Adeotiu’s Naked Soles symbolizes

A) victory

B) bleakness

C) destruction

D) suffering

This question is based on selected poem from Ker, D. et al (eds.):New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, W. (ed.):Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K.E. and Vincent, T. (eds):A selection of African poetry; Umukoro, M. et al (eds.): Exam Focus Literature in English; Eruvbetine, A.E. et al (eds.); Longman Examination Guides; Nwoga, D.I.(ed.); West Africa Verse and Adeoti G.: Naked Soles ‘Pregnant clouds ride Safely on its back’.

Pregnant clouds in Rubadiri’s An African Thunderstorm implies

A) uncertainty

B) calmness

C) disbelief

D) fertility

The phrase the sunset in Kunene’s A Heritage of Liberation refers to

A) old age

B) patience

C) caution

D) critical need

This question is based on a selected poem from Ker, D. et al (eds.):New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, W. (ed.):Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K.E. and Vincent, T. (eds):A selection of African poetry; Umukoro, M. et al (eds.): Exam Focus Literature in English; Eruvbetine, A.E. et al (eds.); Longman Examination Guides; Nwoga, D.I.(ed.); West Africa Verse and Adeoti G.: Naked Soles’The silence of the battlefield heralds the widow’s anguish.’

The widow in the lines above in Launko’s End of the War is in anguish because of the

A) confirmation of her husband’s death

B) uncertainty over husband returning alive

C) delay in the husband’s return from the battlefield

D) death of all the soldiers on the battlefield

Literary works are classified into

A) genres

B) eras

C) episodes

D) cantose

These questions are based on J.C De Graft’s Sons and Daughters

‘I simply don’t understand what’s the matter with everybody today. Everybody let me down, and…

The speaker above is referring to

A) Hannah and George

B) Aaron and Maanan

C) Lawyer B and Mrs B

D) Fosuwa and Maidservant

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Question 13
Read the extract and answer the question.

If thou hast any sound or use of voice,

Speak to me;

That may be any good thing to be gracious to me,

Speak to me;

If thou art privy to thy country’s fate,

Which, happily, foreknowing may avoid, O, speak!

Or if thou has uphoarded in thy life

Extorted treasure in the womb of earth,

For which, they say, you spirits oft walk in death

Speak of it: (Act 1 scene one, lines 129-139)

The character being addressed is:
A) the ghost

B) the queen

C) Bernado

D) Reynaldo

The protagonist is the

A) author

B) villian

C) hero

D) speaker

Characterization in a novel refers to the

A) way the characters are revealed to the reader
B) writer’s opinion of the characters

C) characters and the way they behave

D) reader’s opinion of the characters

This question is based on Ahmed Yerima’s Attahiru. Abbas the beggar is a symbol of

A) the end justifies the means

B) pride before perdition

C) courage amidst adversity

D) the rich also crying

This question is based on General Literacy Principles.

An inherent quality of the lyric is that it must

A) be sung to a musical instrument

B) be sung by the poet who composes it

C) express the poet’s subjective emotions

D) be simple and successful.

In the novel, the handing over of a baby boy in a dream to Nnu Ego by her personal god’s signifies

A) doom

B) idol worship

C) future blessing

D) reincarnation

‘Tired teachers wipe

The chalk dust

On their faces

The school dam bursts

Ans floods of hungry children

Melt into their mother’s bosoms’.

In this passage describing the end of the school day, children’s movements are made memorable through the use, in lines 4-5 of

A) simile

B) alliteration

C) metaphor

D) cadence

Read the passage below and answer the question:

The long column of misery tended continually to grow longer, as the more robust struggled to get as far as possible from the pursuing French, and as the weaker fell farther and farther behind. There were enough weaklings in all conscience; even in summer they had been badly clothed, and even in victory insufficiently fed, and now it was winter, and Espinosa had been fought and lost, and the route of the retreat lay away from the fertile plains and up into the inhospitable mountains. The rain had fallen upon them in deluges for days and now as they climbed higher it was turning into sleet. and a bitter cold wind blew. Ahead of them they could see the snow lying thick on the mountain passes through which they would have to climb, without food or fuel or rest, and with the terror of the French to urge them on. Disease had come inevitably to complete the work so well begun by hunger, exposure, and the sword

The mood is expressed through the use of

A) scenery

B) objects

C) syntax

D) diction

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