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Jamb Expo Runz: JAMB Examination has been the doom of so many students which has been the major problem trend and search query currently. After all, the threat that JAMB is very difficult to pass is enough to push students into seeking cheap ways to pass the 2023 JAMB examination once and for all.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB might have to cancel some exam websites that have already been involved in some sort of Exam Expo which is ongoing in the jamb centre because some websites are allegedly selling answers to candidates.

Actually, Nkedugists are trying to make sure we render our audience who bookmark our website the best service, that is why we bring this quest of candidates on how to pass Jamb, by all means, you would have sought so many alternates to study. Especially in Nigeria, most questions have been frequently asked by candidates who search for Jamb expo. In summary, we draft them out which are:

    • How do I get Jamb Expo Runz to pass and get As in all my subjects?
    • How do I get Jamb Expo Runz for all Jamb subjects?
    • I want Jamb answers sent to my phone. How much is it to get the expo for Jamb?
    • I need Jamb runs and free answers for mathematics, English, Physics, Biology and all other subjects.
    • Do we offer Jamb Expo Runz in CBT Exam Centre?


Actually, many candidates call it Jamb Runs or Jamb Cbt Expo, but we call it Assistance; We assist you by sending correct and verified jamb answers to you via any convenient medium chosen by you. This will hit you with nothing less than a 200-300 Jamb Score or Aggregate.

Scoring high in jamb CBT is not as hard as you might be thinking. It takes hard work and consistency to meet your desired cut-off mark. But trust me, no matter how proficient you are, you can’t cover all the jamb syllabus in one head, but you can still pass it.

This is why we create this portal to help you extricate and defeat JAMB completely. We will send you complete, correct, and verified jamb answers a day before your exam date, this will definitely hit you with nothing less than a 230-300 score depending on how you use the answers.


(1) One-Student-One-Computer:

This testing system is based on one person per computer system at a particular time. As always expected of a good student, you are advised to enter the examination hall only with the approved examination materials. The candidate will sit close to the computer system, maybe a laptop computer or a desktop computer.

The candidate will face the computer screen awaiting the invigilator’s command. Some Exams like the ones mostly administered by PEARSON are strictly computer-based while some others may be dual, i.e both computer and paper.

In the latter, the students or examinee is given an examination question paper and they will be required to answer their questions on the computer unlike the former, the students or the examinee are not given any question paper. Here the questions are on the computer screen while the examinee chooses their seemingly correct answers by right-clicking the radio button.

(2) Computer-Based Test Desktop, How does it look like? All computer desktops contain icons for simple computer user interaction with the computer system. It uses the WYSIWYG theory.

That means what you see is what you get. Depending on the type of test, the computer screen might be preset to the START page where the examinee will just have to fill in their personal details which are sometimes part of the exams itself.

No matter what exam it is, the basic icons that will be found on the screen will not be very far from what I will explain below in point number three.


(3) What are the notable desktop icons for Computer Based Test (CBT)? (a) The START Button: the time that every exam commences is the тАЬSTARTтАЭ period and the time that the exam ends is the тАЬSTOPтАЭ button. Examinees should be very watchful of this button as it is paramount to all.

(b) Time and Progress: Immediately when you click start, the clock timer begins to count, which indicates the progress of the exams. This also indicates the time that is remaining for the exams. At any point in the exams, at least you should be able to see how much time remains for you.

(c) Question Counter: just like the time counter, there is also a question timer. This indicates how many questions you have answered and how to get them.

Note that if the question should get changed, we will not assist candidates further on CBT. Evidently, candidates who have not written before the change date will be affected.

TERMS: (i) Answers will be sent to you 6hrs before exam, so there is no need to worry.

(ii) Please NOTE THAT Any SITE THAT Collects Little Amount from you may be trying to dupe you because HE CAN’T COLLECT THAT IF HE IS REALLY OUT FOR THIS 2020 JAMB WHICH WILL BE VERY TOUGH BUT NOT FOR US.

(iii) If you are a SITE OWNER/ WAPMASTER/SCHOOL HEAD, and you need the whole Subject, you can show interest by identifying by dropping a comment.

(iv) We prefer you text us in our Gmail other than call. We’ll always reply to your text.

Nkedugists is here to help you with any of the information you are not clear with or may need an assistant during your Jamb stuff. Just be free to write to us in the comment box below in other not to make the wrong mistake but achieve success in the end. Thanks for reading.

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