Check Out: Why Jamb has given me admission but school has not?

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So many students are even scared about this Jamb admission list. kindly check it out here of why Jamb has given me admission but School has not.

Many students have been misled and confuse about this admission by JAMB and no admission by the school of choice, that is a problem. On the other hand, if your school of choice offers you admission and JAMB has not offered you one, something is wrong.

Nevertheless, on this page, we’ll be clarifying all doubts about various forms of admission and most importantly the difference between jamb admission and school admission. let get started.

Why Jamb has given me admission but school has not?: Differences Between Jamb Admission and School Admission

Questions has been running through so many students mind such as,

  • Is there really a difference between being Admitted by your School of Choice or being Admitted by JAMB.
  • Jamb has given me admission but school has not.
  • School gave me admission but jamb did not.

Clarifications will be made with ease now and all concerned parties will have a perfect knowledge of what it means.

JAMB Admission Policy:

Jamb Dashboard

Jamb Dashboard

JAMB as a body has the power to grant admission to any student in any institution within Nigeria whether or not the candidate meets the school requirements.

This means that JAMB cannot offer any candidates admission without the school approving it. The same way, no school can offer any candidate admission unless JAMB confirms and approves that the candidate has met the requirements.

Jamb is responsible for over 4% of admission to Nigeria’s institution and it’s one of the reasons while it’s important to check your jamb admission status regularly. JAMB has the names and scores of all UTME candidates and few who meet the admission requirements will be selected and will be given admission without permission or approval from the Nigerian institution.

School admission Policy:

Jamb has given me admission but school has not

Jamb has given me admission but school has not

Jamb has implemented the new policy of school submitting the list of qualified names of students who deserve admission, since then schools don’t really have the power to give admission. Upon conclusion of all necessary Exam – Post UTME, Schools are meant to collect and submit the names of qualified candidates to jamb by following the admission quota has stated by jamb.

Any school that fails to abide by the rules set by JAMB may find themselves in a situation whereby their admission list will be rejected by jamb and new names will have to be drafted and resubmitted to jamb for final approval.

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Reasons Why Jamb give Admission and Not School So (vise Visa)

  • The problem could be that JAMB has not uploaded the list on its portal
  • Maybe you have not uploaded your O’level results on JAMB CAPS.
  • School have not upload your name in admission school portal
  • Network Server

Nkedugists Advise to All Candidates

1. The truth, there is really no difference between JAMB Admission and School admission. However, a candidate must be offered admission by both JAMB and the school for such a candidate to be able to print Admission letter, Pay acceptance fee, and register as a bonafide student of any school.

2. If you see your name in the Jamb admission portal and not in your school admission portal kindly print out your jamb admission letter, and visit the school you choose and show them the admission letter jamb gave you, by so doing definitely the school we reflect your name in their admission list.

3. If you are given admission by School and not in Jamb, that is a little problem but don’t be scared. What you have to do is to Accept and print out your admission list, after that, wait for Jamb to shortlist your name in their admission portal. Please don’t be too fast to pay the acceptance fee if your name have not been reflected yet in the Jamb portal.

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  • If one should score 172 and jamb has released their cut off mark to be 160,and your prefered school is one of the 51 institution that has refused to accept cut off mark below 180. Is there hope for the person,or at point,what is the person’s faith on gainning admission.

    • The truth is that most Universities are really strict to bring down their high standard for students who have low marks.

      So if you notice that the university you applied for did not accept the jamb given cut off mark which is 160 the best thing is that you should look out for other universities that accept your low mark you score during Jamb. please don’t waste that mark even thou is low but it can still go long way.

  • The jamb course combination for environmental resouces management is English, geography,economic and chemistry at UTME But the one i write in my UTME are English,Chemistry,Physic and Biology can i change a course or i should keep on prying for admission in (UDUSOK).

    • Actually, if it is the school that changes your subjects of Jamb to UTME English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology then don’t worry just relax and pray you will be given admission. Just have a good jamb score and pass your post Utme. We have an issue like that before.

  • Pls I did a change of course and institution…it has reflected on my jamb cap but I have not been able to fill the Peaceada23@gmail.com sch screening form…and now the school has closed registration for this yr ..pls advice me what do I do.

  • School has given me admission but jamb portal is saying admission in progress check back later
    What should I do ?

  • I’m an UI aspirant,I initially put in for medicine and surgery and I changed it to MLS after I have completed my UI post utme registration in which I put in medicine and surgery and I want MLS now it has not reflected on my profile on UI portal.It’s now a month, what will I do Sir

  • Please my jamb cap says”admission in progress” does that mean the school has given me admission while jamb hasn’t given me admission? And how can i know if school has given me admission while jamb hasn’t given me admission yet

  • Pls jamb gave me admission but school hasn’t give me can I still pay d acceptance fee or I should wait for d school admission

  • I uploaded my o level result late even though I scored 246 and the cut of is 180. What should I do? Do I sti have a chance?

  • Pls u said that one has to be given admission by both jamb and school in order to print admission letter and do some necessary things. What if I was just offered admission by jamb caps but not yet in school portal,can I still print admission letter as u sad earlier under differences b/w jamb and school admissions?

  • I received admission from the school,but from jamb no,and my email hacked didn’t allow me to login into the portal,what should I do please?

  • I have been offered admission by the school but I don’t know of jamb because I can’t access it…I Forgot my password please what should I do

  • I am a ui aspirant who has been granted admission on jamb portal but nothing it reflected on my school portal. How can I pay my acceptance fee if I don’t have my school admission letter? What do I do?

  • Jamb gave me admission, school also gave me admission. I went to cafe to print the admission but is telling me that; error invalid username or password. (Gsu)

  • Jamb has given me admission for over one month now, but but I has not reflected to school portals. What should I do pls

  • My school give me admission but up to now jamb not admitted.
    I saw my name on the school admission list.
    Can I print my school admission only to do my registration before jamb give me because the time is too closely

  • Jamb gave me admission for a four years course in Benue State University. But the school has not yet.
    So my problem is whether I should pay acceptance fee to the school before its too late. What should I do? What step do take?

    • Do not yet pay acceptance fee unless you see admission on the school portal:if the worse come to worse, print your jamb admission letter and submit to the school:another thing is that you must have accepted the admission before it becomes late

  • Pls I need guide lines jamb give me admission but school has not given me in the school Porter what will I do.
    Nekede has not given me but jamb as give since 2weeks ago

  • I have being given admitted by jamb … But d school portal says not yet admitted… Wat should I do sir

  • Is it possible that jamb gives me the course I applied but then my school gives me a different course on school portal though I have met the requirements? Some people are saying that jamb admission is useless, the main thing is school admission.

    • Yes, is possible for Jamb to give you the course you applied for and for your school to give you another course. Depending on the course you want, since you said Jamb gave you the course you want, definitely go to your school and tell them that you want to pay and do clearance for the Jamb course. The Jamb course is not useless because after studying when you want to go for your NYSC Jamb will need to regularise your registration before you can go for your NYSC.

  • Jamb gave me admission physical screening will be starting on Monday and the school have not yet shortlists my name in the portal

    • It’s crucial to visit your university or polytechnic to verify your admission status, especially if your name is listed on the JAMB admission portal but not found on your school’s admission portal. Physical confirmation at your institution is essential for ensuring the accuracy and certainty of your admission.

    • If you have been admitted by Jamb and your school have not giving you admission or still pending your admission status, what you have to do is to Kindly visit your school/University in other for them to paste your name in their school portal. Make sure your name reflect on the school portal before you make payment of any kind be it clearance or school fees. You can even start lecture until they reflect it, it is normal.

  • I was admitted by jamb and since weeks now it haven’t reflected in school portal so Can I pay my acceptance fee while waiting for it to reflect later

    • If you have been admitted by Jamb and your school have not giving you admission, what you have to do is to Kindly visit your school/University in other for them to paste your name in their school portal. Make sure your name reflect on the school portal before you make payment of any kind be it clearance or school fees

  • My own is this jamb as given admission,but the school as not given me yet and when I went to the school they told me to go back home and wait that it will reflect there

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