Today Latest 2022 UTME News, JAMB Exam News For Saturday, 7th May 2022

jamb latest news Today
jamb latest news Today
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Jamb latest news Today on exam and result, Are you a Jamb candidate who has written his/her Jamb exam on the 6th or 7th of May which is Day and Day2? If so this platform is made available. You can share ideas, experiences, and suggestions you believe will help others scale through the exam successfully.

Jamb latest news Today May 2022, This article is made special for all candidates who are writing this 2022 Jamb. In this platform, Nkedugists will be getting reports from candidates be it good or bad reports.

If you have any complaints to make about the 2022 Jamb Exam which started on the 6th of May 2022 and do not know how to reach out to JAMB, kindly know that JAMB has provided a means for candidates who have issues with their Jamb exam day.

On Jamb latest news Today May 2022

The Jamb complaints and inquiries relating to the Board’s Examinations and Services to now contact them directly online by creating and submitting a support ticket online via the JAMB Central Online Support System (COSS).

Jamb latest news Today May 2022 For Easy Method on How to Get Your JAMB Complain To Jamb Is via the Central Online Support System

  • Kindly Visit the JAMB Support portal via http://jamb.gov.ng/support.aspx
  • Click on “Create Support Ticket”.
  • You will be asked if you’re a JAMB candidate or want to complain on behalf of someone. select appropriately!
  • Fill out the form and click send. Please take note of your transaction ID and use a correct email address.
  • JAMB will mail you when a reply has been made to the ticket submitted.
  • You can also check if your complaint has been answered via support.jamb.gov.ng/candidate-support/my-tickets.

This post is dedicated to candidates who had already taken the JAMB 2022 exam on May 6, 2022, and ending on the 16th May 2022.

You are also welcome to monitor the nationwide progress of the first and second day of JAMB 2022 UTME from here. This is for you to interact with one another regarding the exam. You can share ideas, experiences, and suggestions you believe will help you scale through the exam successfully.

Why do You need To Give Us a Report Help Using this Report?

The reason for this report is that Nkedugists want to help many candidates who have issues on their Jamb exam day such as Jamb Network failure, malfunctioning of Jamb computer systems, lateness to Jamb exam center, asking for payment of any kind e.t.c.

After getting the Report, Nkedugists will take measures by alerting Jamb Official Media which will later clarify the situation with immediate action.

All your reports we are properly taken care of with good measures. Please make sure you are one of the 2022 Jamb candidates who is reporting. When providing your update, indicate the state and the exam centre in order to help JAMB officials and other candidates identify the centres with issues.

Instructions Guide For All 2022 Jamb Exam Candidates

    • To avoid missing your exams, please be there 20 minutes before. You should also prepare for the exam including a copy of the exam slip and pencils in case you need them.
    • Be careful with your belongings! Watch out for thieves and only keep what you need at the hall.

Candidates are excited to talk about their experience at the exam. Live updates will be shared from when they get to the exam center until when they go into the examination hall.

If you have not sit  for your own  Jamb exam You need to download the JAMB CBT Mobile App or Jamb Computer Software in order to prepare for your exams and find out important information related to the 2022 Admission Process. Or Get this for yourself…

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How Many Days Does Jamb finish their Exam Result 2022: Jamb has modernized their facilities to something amazing during the past years it has been mainly paper and pencil but because of the insecurity and high cost of producing writing materials hitherto used for the Paper Pencil Test, as well as transporting the materials across the country, CBT was then Introduced says Mr. Ojerinde

During the days of the Paper and Pencil Test results are not released immediately it takes one to two full weeks before the concluded Jamb result can be released to the candidates before Jamb CBT was introduced.

Jamb CBT is a fast process used to conduct examinations that are really capital intensive, and beneficial to everyone both the candidate and the Jamb Board. Jamb CBT makes it faster for every Jamb candidate to have easy access to their Jamb result or score in their comfort home before reprinting.

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If you are asking for How many days does Jamb finish exam result? How many days does Jamb finish its exam result in 2022? kindly check here to see How many days does Jamb finish exam result

Today Jamb Candidates Comment Section That Wrote on Friday 6th May


This morning’s chemistry was mostly calculation.Under electrolysis,mass and volume relationship,general gas equation and questions under gas laws. The questions also included colour of gases especially after headed.

Then the physics was mostly theory questions.Like conductivity, radioactivity,neutrons,protons and electrons, semiconductors,they asked about the formula of refractive index and you’re to choose the correct option from the options provided.

My english comprehension was about the ear and the mosquito 😂.The comprehension was easier than expected.Then the register was about speaking,writing,reading and listening.

By Jessica

Now you may not get to seat on your actual seat number because the the number of available systems.
biology was very random there was no pattern to it and it was more of common knowledge, things you know and probably did’nt even learn from school.

Like one of the questions said THE BEAK OF A HERON IS USED FOR? you will se different options there but the correct answer is HUNTING FISH AND OTHER SMALL ANIMALS THAT LIVE AROUND WATER.{i figured it out after i left the exam hall☺} that is all i can remeber for now i will keep you posted.

Concerning english number 1 to 5 there was no passage to answer the question so we were asked to leave it. but as for me i took permission from one of the invigilators to do random and contextual answers and they gave me go ahead.now they was actually more calculations in physics than chemistry. i remember one of the question and the answer was to use the formula phg to find depth. that is all i have for now thank you
Then questions from the novel was about Salma and Tomiwa.How much that man gave Tomiwa and how much he told her to share among her roomates. Another question was why Ummi likes to enter her kids room unexpectedly and how many her son scored in his Jamb….

That’s all i can remember now….


If you have any questions you want to ask us kindly be free to ask by dropping the question in our comment box below and we promise to reply to you immediately we see it. At the end of your exam, share your thoughts and experiences online, it will go a long way to help many candidates. You can Join our Forum For Post Utme Updates and live chat with nkedugists

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