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If you have not still covered the 2023 Jamb Literature syllabus kindly do because Jamb we set questions from the syllabus. You only need to read using the JAMB Literature syllabus as a guide to know the JAMB topics to cover before the Jamb exam day.

Jamb Literature Exam Questions and Answers For All Jamb Candidates

1. A struggle between opposing forces in a story/play is

A Denouement
B Conflict
C Comedy
D Tragedy

Correct Answer: B

2. The second stanza of Awonoor’s Anvil and the Hammer

A deals with the conflict between African traditions and westernization
B deals with the disregard for African tradition
C offers a solution to the conflict between African traditions and westernization
D advocates for a radical change in the perception of Africans about their culture

Correct Answer: C

3. The dominant mood in Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar is that of___________

A. Acceptance
B Anxiety
C Uncertainty
D Readiness

Correct Answer: D

4. Lago’s hatred for Othello is deep-rooted because__________

A. he accused Othello of stealing
B he loves Desdemona who is married to Othello
C Othello is a better warrior than he is
D Othello didn’t make him the Lieutenant

Correct Answer: D

5. The narrative technique adopted in Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days is that of_________

A. a second person narrator
B a first person narrator
C an omniscient narrator
D none

Correct Answer: C

6. The specie of conflict exemplified in the Native Son is that of_______

A man against society
B man against nature
C man against culture
D man against man

Correct Answer: A

7. Amma Darko’s Faceless may be best described as a___________

A Travelogue
B Satire
C Lampoon
D Tragedy

Correct Answer: B

8. “You can call me a rebel, but I need a job. That’s what matters to me.” The repercussion of this statement by Aloho is a pointer to the theme ____

A. Of Corruption
B That patience is a virtue
C On Unemployment
D Of Retributive Justice

Correct Answer: B

9. A short poem that expresses an idea in a clever way is called _____

A. An Epigram
B A Limerick
C An Ode
D A Lyric

Correct Answer: A

10. Adeoti’s Ambush may be best described as

A Prosaic
B Lyrical
C Analogical
D Metaphorical

Correct Answer: D


“A time to sow,
A time to reap,
A time to born,
A time to die”
This exemplies the use of …

A. anadiplosis
B. chiasmus
C. anaphora
D. hendiadys

Correct Answer: C

12. Asides from being a satire, Ogodo’s “Harvest of Corruption” may also be regarded as a

A. parody
B. travelogue
C. tragedy
D. tragicomedy

Correct Answer: C

13. Chief Ade Amaka portrays

A. betrayal of public trust
B. fraud and misfortune
C. lust and deceitfulness
D. the evils of capitalism

Correct Answer: A

14. ‘poisonous pleasure of wine’ illustrates the use of

A. antithesis
B. metaphor
C. oxymoron
D. synecdoche

Correct Answer: C

15. Fatalism is crucial element in

A. melodrama
B. tragi-comedy
C. tragedy
D. comedy

Correct Answer: C

16. Okara’s reminiscence in the “Piano and Drums” as to how he walks to the farm with no shoes, marching thorns and dangerous leafs, and still finds this enjoyable creates a feeling of

A. nostalgia
B. neglect of African culture for civilized styles
C. clash of culture
D. confusion

Correct Answer: A

17. Analogy is the arrangement of two ideas that are

A. opposite
B. similar
C. symbolic
D. repetitive

Correct Answer: B

18. … a didactic poem, especially such with animals as characters may be distinctively described as a/an

A. Romance
B. gothic poem
C. limerick
D. apologue

Correct Answer: D

19. One of the following is not significant to Morris’ “The Proud King”

A. didacticism
B. allusion
C. parable
D. allegory

Correct Answer: D

20. ‘The dun dun of a drum’ is an example of an

A. euphemism
B. onomatopoeia
C. assonance
D. oxymoron

Correct Answer: B

21. Which one of the following is most influential to the substance of Hallowell’s “The Dinning Table”?

A the structure of the poem
B the atmosphere of the poem
C the poetic style
D the setting of the poem

Correct Answer: D

22. ‘Nightfall! Nightfall!
You are my mortal enemy’

The figurative name for the manner in which Nightfall is directly addressed is

A. allusion
B an ode
C metaphor
D apostrophe

Correct Answer: D

23. The mood of Diop’s ‘Vanity’ is

A. expressed through rhetorical questions
B condemnation
C expressed through the use of innuendos
D concern

Correct Answer: B

24… is the illustration which serves to persuasively sustain the interest of the readers in a literary piece

A storyline
B narrative hook
C plot
D suspense

Correct Answer: A

25. In literary criticism, a casual reference to a figure or an event is regarded as a/an

A personification
B metonymy
C metaphor
D allusion

Correct Answer: B

26. A transferred epithet is popularly known as a/an

A. Epistrophe
B Ellipsis
C Hypallage
D Hendiady

Correct Answer: D

27. A dramatic type directed against an individual or a private institute with the intent to severely ridicule is called

A satire
B burlesque
C caricature
D lampoon

Correct Answer: C

28. A novel written in form of a letter is said to be
A gothic
B biographical
C epistolary
D autobiographical

Correct Answer: D

29. Adeoti’s “Ambush” ends on a note of

A despair
B bright aspirations
C courage
D uncertainty

Correct Answer: A


Use excerpt below to answer questions

“Now, by yond marble
In the due reverence of a sacred vow
I here enrage my words.” (Shakespeare’s Othello)

That incident ignited the excerpt above.

A. the taking of a vow of revenge
B Othello’s rage about Desdemona’s betrayal
C Lago’s conspiracy with Brabantio to kill Othello
D Desdemona and Emilia’s discussion on the lost handkerchief

Correct Answer: B

31. Richard Wright’s ” Native Son” may be described to a/an

A. parody
B. picaresque
C. bildungsroman
D. travelogue

Correct Answer: C

Use the content below to answer some questions

“Now, by yond marble
In the due reverence of a sacred vow
I here enrage my words.” (Shakespeare’s Othello)

32. The prevailing activity in the extract is

A the vow of revenge and pledge of loyalty by Lago to Othello
B evident of the conspiracy between Lago and Othello
C the vow by Lago to revenge upon Othello
D reflective of Othello’s rage

Correct Answer: A

Use excerpt below to answer questions

“Now, by yond marble
In the due reverence of a sacred vow
I here enrage my words.” (Shakespeare’s Othello)

Consequent upon the act in the excerpt, …

A Desdemona reconfessed her love for Othello
B Othello became Lago’s sworn enemy
C Lago successfully executed Othello
D Othello changed from being the hero to a villain

Correct Answer: D

34. The bar in Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar” is a symbol for the

A presence of God’s and his guiding force
B world
C boundary between life and death
D grave

Correct Answer: C

35. A story that explains a natural phenomenon is

A parable
B legend
C myth
D fiction

Correct Answer: A

36. … may be said to be a critical subject of concern in Blake’s “School Boy”

A. adventurism
B futility of life and time
C moral rectitude
D academic development

Correct Answer: A

37. Amma Darko’s “Faceless” ended with

A. an inclination of tragi-comedy
B an epilogue narrating how Baby T’s spirit revenged her death
C an epilogue narrating how Fofo started her early childhood
D an inclination of indecisiveness

Correct Answer: B

38. Richard Wright’s ” Native Son” may be described to a/an

A parody
B picaresque
C bildungsroman
D travelogue

Correct Answer: C

39. “The sudden throb of pain” in Lenrie’s ‘The Panic of Growing Old’ signifies the

A negative impacts of aging
B difficulties of life
C youthful age
D uncertainties of life

Correct Answer: A

40. A character whose action or qualities serve to heighten those of the hero through contrast is

A. an antagonist
B a foil
C an adversary
D a protagonist

Correct Answer: B

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