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Jamb Marketing Exam Questions and Answers for free for all Jamb candidates are now available. The Jamb Marketing exam questions are now trending online, you can use them for guidelines to study.

Jamb exam questions are logical in the sense that all the answers option look alike or exactly which made it so confusing and make many candidates fail.

Jamb Marketing exam questions are not hard or difficult, if you can use a sample of our Jamb Marketing exam questions and answers available here for guides you will pass.

If you have not still covered the 2023 Jamb Marketing syllabus kindly do because Jamb we set questions from the syllabus. You only need to read using the JAMB Marketing syllabus as a guide to know the JAMB topics to cover before the Jamb exam day.

Having said that, let’s quickly go to Jamb Marketing questions and answers. Use them to prepare for the JAMB mock and examination.

Jamb Marketing Exam Questions and Answers For All Jamb Candidates

1. Which of the following is not an economic influencing factor in international marketing?

A. inflation
B. consumer’s
C. currency exchange rates
D. political stability

Correct Answer: D

2. Which of the following is not an activity carried out o in a warehouse?

A. Packaging of goods
B. Grading of goods
C. Display of products
D. Inventory record keeping

Correct Answer: C

3. Which of the following factors would influence the type of channel of distribution to be used by a company?

A. Nature of products
B. Competition
C. Negotiation
D. Government policies

Correct Answer: A

4. The physical presentation of a product to attract buyers is

A. packaging
B. branding
C. merchandising
D. stocking

Correct Answer: A

5. The systematic design, collection and analysis of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services is marketing

A. insight
B. planning
C. research
D. intelligence

Correct Answer: C

6. All activities involved in planning, designing, and producing the container of a product is

A. branding
B. packaging
C. merchandising
D. promotion

Correct Answer: B

7. The element of the marketing mix that involves creating awareness for goods is

A. price
B. place
C. product
D. promotion

Correct Answer: D

8. The market where goods are purchased for the purpose of selling it to consumers is

A. institutional market
B. industrial market
C. reseller market
D. government market

Correct Answer: B

9. A pricing method that involves negotiation between the seller and potential buyer in determining the price for a product is

A. target pricing
B. cost-plus pricing
C. haggling pricing
D. dynamic pricing

Correct Answer: C

10. The combination of product, price, and promotion place utilized by a marketer to address a target market is

A. marketing research
B. marketing mix
C. uncontrollable variables
D. product mix

Correct Answer: B

11. The desire for specific products which are backed by the ability to pay is

A. need
B. exchange
C. transaction
D. demand

Correct Answer: B

12. Which of the following sales promotional tools is aimed at the middleman?

A. coupon
B. sampling
C. premium offers
D. sales contests

Correct Answer: B

13. Place’ as an element of the marketing mix can also be referred to as

A. distribution
B. product pricing
C. advertising
D. product design

Correct Answer: A

14. Which of the following terms is not an alternative name for middlemen?

A. channel members
B. marketing intermediaries
C. resellers
D. merchandisers

Correct Answer: D

15. A toothbrush attached to toothpaste is an example of

A. premium offer
B. price off
C. loyalty scheme
C. merchandising incentive

Correct Answer: C

16. The pricing method that consists of production cost and mark-up is

A. cost-plus
B. loss-leader
C. target pricing
D. imitational pricing

Correct Answer: C

17. The study of how individuals and organizations select and buy products to satisfy their needs is

A. consumerism
B. consumer behavior
C. consumption management
D. group behavior

Correct Answer: B

18. The source of finance available to a young school leaver who wants to start a small retail outlet is

A. bank overdraft
B. equipment leasing
C. debenture shares
D. personal savings

Correct Answer: D

19. The reason a producer of beverages would sell internationally is to

A. increase the standard of living
B. create employment opportunities
C. access varieties of goods
D. access wider market

Correct Answer: D

20. One of the functions of a warehouse is

A. grading of goods
B. buying of goods
C. merchandising of goods
D. advertising of goods

Correct Answer: C

21. The document used when a company’s vehicle delivers its goods to buyers is

A. waybill
B. consignment note
C. invoice
D. bill of lading

Correct Answer: C

22. Which of the following entities is a market facilitator?

A. retailer
B. wholesaler
C. bank
D. producer

Correct Answer: C

23. The function of a label on goods is to

A. provide information about the product
B. persuade Customers to buy the product
C. preserve the content of the product
D. provide protection for the product

Correct Answer: A

24. Which of the following is a form of sales promotion

A. Advertising on radio
B. Offering free sample
C. Distributing printed materials
D. Advertising on television

Correct Answer: B

25. One advantage of personal selling over all other elements of promotion is that

A. It can provide instant feedback
B. It is very cheap in terms of cost per contact
C. It does not need to use mass media
D. Salespeople are well-trained

Correct Answer: A

26. A manufacturer can make his product distinguishable from those of other competitors by

A. Providing catalogues for his wholesalers
B. Aggressive sale promotion
C. Branding and packaging the product
D. Selling the product at a much lower price

Correct Answer: B

27. Which of the following are forms of sales promotion?

A. Advertising, personal selling, and publicity
B. Advertising, market skimming, and publicity
C. Personal selling, packaging, and publicity
D. Advertising, packaging, and publicity

28. A disadvantage of personal selling is that it

A. Increase a company’s operating cost
B. Decreases a company’s operating cost
C. Increase a company’s number of customers
D. Reduces a company’s area of patronage

Correct Answer: B

29. Which of the following must be present in an agency by agreement?

A. intentions
B. will
C. consent
D. authority

Correct Answer: A

30. An agreement to sell is distinguishable from a sale because, in the former, the transfer of goods is

A. not anticipated
B. not discussed
C. deferred
D. immediate

Correct Answer: C

31. Mr Amusa says to Mr Bello ‘i will sell you this hat for N30’. And Mr Bello replied ‘i will pay N29’. The contract is

A. an offer and acceptance
B. an implied contract
C. a complete simple contract
D. an offer but no acceptance

Correct Answer: D

31. Nationalization of the industry means that its ownership becomes that of

A. government
B. shareholders
C. taxpayers
D. indigenes

Correct Answer: A

32. The comprehensive import supervision scheme was set up by the federal government in order to

A. reverse Nigeria’s unfavorable balance of trade
B. promote fair trade between Nigeria and other countries
C. counteract all fraudulent business deals of Nigeria with other nationals
D. ensure that imports into Nigeria are of the correct quality, value, and quantity

Correct Answer: D

33. Which of the following has the power to order the withdrawal of a particular food item from circulation?

A. Standard organization of Nigeria
B. Federal High courts in Nigeria
C. Food and Drug Department of the Federal Ministry of Health
D. Local government health inspector

Correct Answer: C

34. Which of the following maxims negates the principle of collective bargaining?

A. individual employees have a weak bargaining base
B. individual employees attain strength when they come together in a union
C. only members of the union can benefit from agreements negotiated by the union
D. collective bargaining covers the vast majority of employees, whether union members or not

Correct Answer: C

35. Which of the following activities is not a function of a merchandiser?

A. Displaying products in the best location
B. identifying potential new accounts
C. Maintaining and increasing shelf space
D. Cleaning and displaying of products

Correct Answer: C

36. The differentiation of a firm’s product from other competing goods is

A. Packaging
B. Labelling
C. Coding
D. Branding

Correct Answer: B

37. A disadvantage of warehousing is that it

A. Encourage hoarding of goods to create scarcity
B. Ensure the availability of goods when needed
C. Helps to protect goods from damages
D. Ensures availability of storage facility for goods

Correct Answer: B

38. An element of the external marketing environment is

A. Organizational policy
B. Company procedures
C. Corporate culture
D. Economic indices

Correct Answer: D

39. An element of the marketing mix is

A. Processes
B. Place
C. Packaging
D. Production

Correct Answer: B

40. The willingness and ability to identify a business opportunity, establish and operate it successfully is

A. Distribution
B. Wholesaling
C. Entrepreneurship
D. Purchasing

Correct Answer: C

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