Jamb Physics Questions and Answers For All Candidates For 2023/2024

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Jamb Physics Exam Questions and Answers for free for all Jamb candidates are now available. The Jamb Physics exam questions are now trending online, you can use them for guidelines to study.

Jamb exam questions are logical in the sense that all the answers option look alike or exactly which made it so confusing and make many candidates fail.

Jamb Physics exam questions are not hard or difficult, you can use a sample of our Jamb Physics exam questions and answers available here for guides.

If you have not still covered the 2023 Jamb Physics syllabus kindly do because Jamb we set questions from the syllabus. You only need to read using the JAMB Physics syllabus as a guide to know the JAMB topics to cover before the Jamb exam day.

Jamb Physics Exam Questions and Answers For All Jamb Candidates

1. The direction of the path taken by light is called

A Locus
B Lines
C Ray
D Beam

Correct Answer: C

2. What is the inductance (L) of an inductor whose reactance is 1Ω at 50/ π hertz (H)?

A 100 H
B 0.01H
C 10H
D 1H

Correct Answer: B

3. A stroboscope can be used to make the ware appear …………..

A Stationary
B In motion
C Dipper
D Ripple

Correct Answer: A

4. In an elastic collision

I. Energy is conversed
II. Energy is decreased
III. Energy is increased
IV. Linear momentum conversed

A I only
B II and IV only
C II only
D III only

Correct Answer: B

5. Body floats in fluid when its …………………

A Displaces its own volume of the liquid (fluid)
B Displaces its own mass of the fluid
C Displace its own density of the fluid
D Is no longer subjected to gravity

Correct Answer: B

6. The general gas law can be written as

A PV ÷ T = a constant
B PV = a constant
C v/t = a constant
D p/T = a constant

Correct Answer: A

7. A motor boy of a driver saw what seem to appear to be a pool of water ahead of him, while his driver drives a new truck on a sunny day. Which of the following explains his observation?

A He saw flying objects
B He must be thinking of water and food
C He was seeing the shadow of the car
D The sun ray from the sky were passing from a hot air (layer) to cold layer

Correct Answer: D

8. Which of the following is not a luminous object?

A The sun
B The moon
C light candle
D Star

Correct Answer: B

9. The resultant force of a couple is ………?

A Infinity
B Zero
C One
D Half

Correct Answer: B

10. A vector quantity can only be completely described when ……… and …………are mentioned.

A Magnitude and motion
B Magnitude and direction
C Distance and specified displacement
D Moment and momentum

Correct Answer: B

11. In which of the following device in the expansion of solid is a disadvantage?

I. Simple pendulum
II. Fire alarms
III. Thermostat
IV. Bimetallic thermometer

A III only
B II & III only
C I only
D II, III & IV only

Correct Answer: C

12. If an object is placed at a height of them above the ground at a stationary point. It posses what types of energy?

A Mechanical energy
B Stationary energy
C Potential energy
D Vibrational energy

Correct Answer: C

13. Calculate the gravitation force of attraction between two planets of 1024kg and 1027kg separated by a distance of 102meters.

A 6.67N
B 6.56N
C 7.5N
D 8.6N

Correct Answer: A

14. Mr. F. Abioye observed his image though a plane mirror, kept a distance way from him at 4.7m in his room at what distance is the image found from Abioye eye?

A 9.4m
B 7.5m
C 5.7m
D 6.9m

Correct Answer: A

15. Primary colours of light are

A Red, blue and green
B Cyan, magneta and yellow
C Black, blue and green
D None of these colours

Correct Answer: A

16. Electrons were discovered by

A James Chadwick B.
B J.J Thompson
C Sir Isaac Newton
D Charles Newton

Correct Answer: B

17. What is the relationship mechanical advantage (MA) velocity Ratio (V.R) and efficiency with percentage?

A e = M.A/V.R × 100 %
B M.A = E.V.R
C V.R = 1 ÷ sin θ M.A
D M.A = 1/E × 100%

Correct Answer: A

18. The external parts of an object can be measure accurately through the use of which scientific instrument?

A Micrometer screw gauge
B Vernier Caliper
C Meter rule
D None of the instrument

Correct Answer: A

19. Convert 45°C to kelvin

A 318K
B 250K
C 184K
D 120K

Correct Answer: A

20. A member of the crew of a SPACESHIP experiences weightlessness in a space when they

A Fall freely from the earth’s gravitational field
B Is walking on the planet
C In between the sun and the earth
D Holding anything in space is negative

Correct Answer: C

21. Radio waves belong to the class of waves whose velocity is about

A 34m/s
B 3 ×106m/s
C 3 ×108m/s
D 3 × 10-8m/s

Correct Answer: C

22. At 35°C and 5 atmospheres pressure the density of a gas is 0. 600g per liter. What is the density at 7 atmospheric pressure and 350°C.

A 0.27g / liters
B 0.25g / liters
C 17g / liters
D 0.15g / liters

Correct Answer: C

23. The compressed regions and the space-out regions in longitude wave are referred to as

A Compression and Rarefaction
B Comparison and Explosion
C Reflection only
D Refraction only

Correct Answer: A

24. At what respective value of a, b, and c would the unit of work, the joule, be dimensionally similar to Ma Lb Tc?

A 1, – 2, 1
B 1, 2, – 2
C 1, 1, –2
D 2, 2, 1

Correct Answer: B

25. The device in which one circuit controls another, especially if the current in the second circuit is large or dangerous is known as

A. Electromagnetic devices
B Magnetic relay device
C None at all
D Sextant

Correct Answer: B

26. Heat losses to the surrounding is possible through the following except

A Conduction
B Convection
C Radiation
D Expansion

Correct Answer: D

27. Quantities of heat Q can be measured using a container called

A Thermometer
B Measuring cylinder
C Calorimeter
D Meter rule

Correct Answer: C

28. Lodestone is a natural magnet, it points at

A N – W when suspended freely
B N–S when suspended freely
C S – E when suspended freely
D S–W when suspended freely

Correct Answer: B

29. What type of electromagnetic radiation can be used to take photographs in a haze?

A Radio waves
B infrared rays
C Visible light
D Gamma rays

Correct Answer: B

30. If a mango fruit dropped at a height of 50 meters. How long does it reach the ground? (take g = 10m/s2)

A 2 sec
B 3 sec
C 4sec
D 3.2sec

Correct Answer: A

31. A zinc has a heat capacity of 40 J/K, what is the mass of the zinc, given that the specific heat of zinc is 380 J/kg k

A 0.11kg
B 0.12kg
C 0.13kg
D 0.14kg

Correct Answer: A

32. If a ball is released from a height of 20m, How long would it take the ball to reach the ground? (assures g = 10m/s)

A 2sec
B 3sec
C 35sec
D 2.4sec

Correct Answer: C

33. If the velocity ratio of a machine is 5. What is its ratio of x and y?

A 2 : 5
B 1 : 5
C 5 : 1
D 3 : 1

Correct Answer: A

34. If the mechanical advantage of a machine is 4. What is its ratio for LOAD to EFFORT?

A 4:01
B 1:04
C 5:01
D 2:01

Correct Answer: B

35. For the best result using temperature to achieve an accurate measurement, it is best to use

A Mercury thermometer
B gas thermometer
C clinical thermometer
D alcohol thermometer

Correct Answer: A

36. A structural engineer stood on a top of a building releasing a light and heavy object to the ground which of the following statement is true?(Neglect Air Resistance)

A Bothe light and heavy subject reach the ground at the same time
B he light object get to the ground first before the heavy object
C he heavy object to the ground first before the light object
D None get to the ground first

Correct Answer: C

37. If an object which mass is 3kg moves in a circular path of a radius 0.7m, record a speed at 2m/s what is the result of the angular velocity?

A 4 rads–1
B 1rads–1–1
C 3–1rads–1
D 4rads–1–1

Correct Answer: C

38. The optical instrument which is suitable for viewing a nearby objects is ………..?

A Telescope
B sextant
C microscope
D periscope

Correct Answer: C

39. The symbol −10X used to represent which of the particles?

A Proton
B Neutron
C Electrons
D Atoms

Correct Answer: C

40. A radioactive source emits X–rays of very short wavelength (10 -13m ) what is the frequently of these rays?

A 2 × 1018HZ
B 3 × 10 19HZ
C 3 × 1021HZ
D 3 × 10-19HZ

Correct Answer: C

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