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The Jamb Questions and Answers 2023 and most likely Jamb questions for all candidates are now available. Every year, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by JAMB set the same Jamb questions but in a different format but with the same method and topics.

How do will Know this? Imagine a candidate who wrote Jamb for Five to Six years, a teacher who teaches Waec and Jamb students for over 8years, and is now a moderator in the Academics sector is talking with you.

Jamb Exam is simple just like every other external exam, but most new Jamb candidates see it, as something challenging and hard. Listen carefully, if you write your Waec by yourself, then the Jamb exam should be as easy as you think.

The only complication issue about the Jamb exam is that whatsoever you imagine as the answers are already there on your Jamb questions answers options which makes it complicated and easy to fail. So you will need to be sure of your answers before you select.

Is Jamb Malpractice Wrong? As an Experience Jamb candidate with 6 years of experience, as a teacher, and a moderator am telling you that Jamb malpractice is wrong.

Do you know why Jamb Malpractice Is Wrong? There is no 100 percent certainty of you passing the Jamb exam questions with malpractice or Jamb Expo, unlike WAEC.

In the year 2014 when I was writing my 3rd-time Jamb exam, that was when the Jamb CBT examination was implemented, so during the time we are entered the exam hall to write our Jamb exam before we know it, the moderator gave instructions that all the Jamb candidates should go out from the exam hall and wait outside which will do.

Before you knew it some candidates started entering the exam hall again while others are outside, that was when we started shouting and asking the moderators of the Jamb exam why are we outside and few of us are inside. Do you know what they answer us?

He said are you a special Jamb candidate? Do you think you can pass this 2014 Jamb CBT exam which is introduced this year? in fact, to make my story short, the moderator of the Jamb exam started billing so many candidates and getting them scared with their low tone manipulation words which make so many candidates who didn’t plan to sort started pulling out money, to be sincere with you my reader, Jamb candidates have money ooooh, in my own eyes some candidates paid 10, 000 for maths, 5,000 for English.

Your next question will be what did I do? did I pay for the Jamb malpractice? the answer is No because am not from the wealthy or richest family, so there is no money to even transport me to the Jamb exam hall, talk more of paying for Jamb malpractice.

The funniest part is that most of the rich Jamb candidates started calling their parent on the phone for money, telling them the new updates and you won’t believe it, some of the parents drove to pay the money for their children.

To summarize all this, after the exam and the huge sorting of 30,000, 15,000 some 25,000 e.t.c. that year ooh 2014,  they still fail their exam and some scored very low Jamb marks. In that Jamb exam, I score 214 using the newly introduced JAMB CBT.

If you want to engage in Jamb malpractice, kindly think twice before wasting your money.  Just be obedient and useful.

If you want to engage in Jamb malpractice, it might favor or fail you. Many have become yearly customers of JAMB. They have been writing and failing and writing again.

Some of the 2023 Jamb candidates, might be your 3rd, 4th, or 5th time writing the JAMB exam just like me. It is not sad, just know that it’s building you one way or the other.

As a team, we have come together and sorted out Jamb exam questions that are mostly asked and repeated during the Jamb exam which is going to be listed below, kindly study it and you will thank Nkedugists for success after the Jamb exam. let’s get started with the 2023 Jamb questions and answers.

Biology Jamb Questions and Answers 2023

1. The lowest level of organization in living organisms is
A. organ
B. cell
C. system
D. tissue

Correct Answer: B

2. Which of the following is the most complex according to their cellular level of organization?

A. Heart
B. Hair
C. Euglena
D. Hydra

Correct Answer: A

3. Which of the following characterizes a mature plant cell?

A the nucleus is pushed to the centre of the cell
B the cell wall is made up of cellulose
C the nucleus is small and irregular in shape
D the cytoplasm fills up the entire cell space

Correct Answer: B

4. Which of the following is NOT a function of the nucleus of a cell?

A it translates genetic information for the manufacture of proteins
B it stores and carries hereditary information
C it is reservoir of energy for the cell
D it controls the life processes of the cell

Correct Answer: C. Continue reading

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