Jim Ovia Scholarship Test Past Questions and Answers PDF 2024/2025

JIM Ovia Scholarship Past Questions and Answers
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Looking for a reliable study aid to help you prepare for the upcoming Jim Ovia Scholarship Exam? The Jim Ovia Scholarship Past Questions and Answers are now available for free.

The past question PDFs are just what you need! We understand that exams can be daunting, which is why we’ve created comprehensive past-question PDFs that provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date questions and answers.

The Jim Ovia Scholarship is a philanthropic initiative of the Jim Ovia Foundation, established in 2010 to provide financial support to talented and innovative young Africans who lack the resources to pursue their tertiary education.

The scholarship is available to Nigerian citizens who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at any Nigerian tertiary institution.

The Jim Ovia Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers are composed of four sections, namely

  • Quantitative Reasoning,
  • Verbal Reasoning,
  • Logical Questions
  • General Knowledge.

JIM OVIA Scholarship Exam Past Question and Answer

If the radius of a cylinder is doubled, but the height remains the same, what is the new volume of the cylinder?
a. Four times the original volume
b. Three times the original volume
c. Two times the original volume
d. The volume remains the same

The sum of the first n odd numbers is given by the formula n^2. What is the sum of the first 10 odd numbers?
a. 25
b. 100
c. 250
d. 500

A company produces x units of a product at a cost of $c per unit. If the company increases its production by 20%, and the cost per unit decreases by 10%, what is the new cost per unit?
a. 0.9c
b. 0.95c
c. c
d. 1.05c

If the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic sequence is 2n^2 + 3n, what is the first term of the sequence?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

The length of a rectangle is twice its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 24 inches, what is the area of the rectangle in square inches?
a. 18 square inches
b. 24 square inches
c. 36 square inches
d. 48 square inches

If a right circular cylinder has a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 6 cm, what is its volume in cubic centimeters?
a. 113.1 cm^3
b. 169.6 cm^3
c. 226.2 cm^3
d. 282.7 cm^3

If a car travels at an average speed of 45 miles per hour, how long will it take to travel 225 miles?
a. 3 hours
b. 4 hours
c. 5 hours
d. 6 hours

The sum of the first n terms of a geometric sequence is given by the formula (a(1-r^n))/(1-r), where a is the first term and r is the common ratio. If the sum of the first 5 terms of the sequence is 31, and the common ratio is 2, what is the first term of the sequence?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 2:3. If there are 24 students in the class, how many girls are there?
a. 8
b. 12
c. 16
d. 18

A ladder is leaning against a wall. If the ladder makes an angle of 60 degrees with the ground and the bottom of the ladder is 6 feet from the wall, how long is the ladder?
a. 6 feet
b. 12 feet
c. 18 feet
d. 24 feet

General Knowledge

Who is the only Nigerian to have won the Nobel Prize in Literature?
a. Chinua Achebe
b. Wole Soyinka
c. Ben Okri
d. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Which Nigerian leader served as both military ruler and democratically elected president?
a. Olusegun Obasanjo
b. Muhammadu Buhari
c. Goodluck Jonathan
d. Ibrahim Babangida

What is the name of Nigeria’s highest peak, located in Taraba State?
a. Mount Everest
b. Mount Kilimanjaro
c. Chappal Waddi
d. Mount Cameroon

Which Nigerian city is known as the “Centre of Excellence”?
a. Lagos
b. Abuja
c. Kano
d. Port Harcourt

What is the name of the Nigerian author who wrote the critically acclaimed novel “Half of a Yellow Sun”?
a. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
b. Buchi Emecheta
c. Elechi Amadi
d. Chinua Achebe

Which Nigerian professor is known for his contributions to the study of African oral literature and cultural history?
a. Chinua Achebe
b. Wole Soyinka
c. Biodun Jeyifo
d. Isidore Okpewho

Which of the following Nigerian universities is the oldest?
a. University of Lagos
b. Ahmadu Bello University
c. University of Ibadan
d. Obafemi Awolowo University

Which Nigerian university is named after a former Nigerian military ruler?
a. University of Abuja
b. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
c. Nigerian Defence Academy
d. Federal University of Technology Minna

What is the name of the organization responsible for conducting examinations in Nigeria?
a. Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council
b. West African Examinations Council
c. National Universities Commission
d. Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board

What is the minimum score required to pass the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in Nigeria?
a. 30%
b. 40%
c. 50%
d. 60%

Which Nigerian university is known for its distance learning program?
a. National Open University of Nigeria
b. University of Nigeria, Nsukka
c. Covenant University
d. University of Lagos

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