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BECE basic technology questions and answer
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BECE Basic Technology Questions and Answer: If you are a candidate who is in search of the 2023 Junior Waec basic technology question then you are at the right website because we try to make sure all our audience study hard to pass with proper information.

The basic technology questions you are seeing here are Basic Technology questions that are derived from Basic Technology Junior Waec questions for JSS3 with help of some scholars and examiners. It could also help students assess their level of exam preparation.

The following are likely questions you will come across in the 2023 BECE Basic Technology Questions And Answer so kindly study them and answer them yourself.

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_______is a line drawn such that it joins the two opposite  corners of a quadrilateral
A. Quadrant
B. Diagonal
C. Circumference
D. Plane

When metals do not break when pressed, hammered, or rolled into sheets they are called
A. Ductile
B. Tough
C. Brittle
D. Malleable

A plane figure bounded by three straight lines is called ________
A. Rhombus
B. Triangle
C. Hexagone
D. Quadrilateral

One quarter of a circle is a _________
A. Quadrant
B. Diameter
C. Sector
D. Radius

The Nigeria satellite is a type of __________satellite
A. Communication
B. Military
C. Scientific
D. Agricultural

Materials are usually identified through their __
A. strength
B. Heaviness
C. Odour
D. Properties

A _______ is an example of a domestic electrical consumer.
A. University
B. home
C. warehouse
D. hospital

Articles made from clay are called ______ .
A. blocks
B. glass
C. rubber
D. ceramics

Concave or convex curve along the length of a plank is a wood defect called ________
A. twist
B. bow
C. cup
D. check

______ method is a way of making thermoplastics.
A. Kiln
B. Pinch
C. Injection
D. Plunger

____is an open knowledge  or ideal skill  and procedures for making, doing  or using things specifiable and repeatable ways

A. Advancement
B. Technology
C. Mechanics
D. Electric

Product of high level technology include all except ______
A. Aircraft
B. Satellite
C.  Motor vehicle
D. Cutlass

The technology of rocket and satellite developed from the technology of
A. Compute
B. Airplane
C. Telephone
D. Automobile

A person who has a basic understanding of technology and skills is said to be _______
A. Technology alerted
B. Technologically cancerous
C. Technologically awake
D. Technologically inclined

Which people should study technology? (a) men only (b) women only (c) bots only (d) boys and girls only (e) everyone

The process of reducing the drawing of an object to fit into the paper is known as
A. Enlargement
B. Scaling down
C. Ruling
D. Sketching

Which of these is an essential tool for freehand sketching?
A. Divider
B. Compass
C. Protractor
D. Penci

The ability to do work is known as
A. Power<
B. Force
C. Work pull
D. Energy

The s.i unit of energy is _____
A.  Joule
B. Watt
C. Length
D.  Newton

The energy in motion is known as _____energy
A. Potential
B. Mechanical
C. Electrical
D. Kinetics

The temperature of a body rises due to ______energy
A. Light
B. Heat
C. Chemical
D. Electrical

Smallest part of an element is called a/an
A. Molecule
B. Atom
C. Protron
D. Neutron

The path along which the electron revolves around the atom is called _______
A. Nucleus
B. Orbit
C. Region
D. Circle

The electronic device that controls the flow of current in a circuit is called ___
A. Capacitor
B. Diode
C. Resistor
D. Integrated circuit
Lubricant are applied to machine to reduce  ______
A. speed
B. Friction
C. Efficiency
D. Break down

Buildings with only the ground floor is called ______

A. Bungalows
B. Skyscrapers
C. Windows
D. Hutlows

JSS 3 Basic Technology Essay Past Questions

No. 1

Define energy?  and List six forms of energy

State the unit of the following

i) resistance

(ii) capacitance

(iii) inductance

No. 2

A. Define the following

I. Scale Drawing ?  and II. Scaling Down?

III. What are metals and outline five properties of metals

B. Explain the term “maintenance” (b) list three advantages of maintenance to machines

No 3.

Define the term “ first aid” (b) list five things that can be found  inside a  first aid box

List two uses of the surface plate in the metal workshop (b) give four examples of measuring  tools

List four driving tools you have learned (b) define driving tools

Define a line (b) list six types of line

Give four examples of marking out tools (b) draw the following tools

(i)Try square  (ii)Surface table


Define rescue operation. (b) mention three steps involved in the rescue operation.
State three aspects of the rescue operation. (b) give three aims of the rescue operation.
To effectively carry out a rescue operation at an accident scene, give the seven steps the rescue team must take.


List three importance of timber treatments.
(b) explain the difference between natural and artificial defects.

Describe any two timber treatments and preservative methods.
(b) list and explain three common timber defects.

Give five techniques involved in decorating pottery.
(b) state at least two differences between plastic and rubber.
Describe the methods of processing plastics and rubber. (b) list at least three advantages and disadvantages of plastic and rubber.

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